rding to it is a good child.

“More than that, I was surprised!”

“What is it?”

“The way you and Oji-sama have changed! I was sure the time when I left this house, I remember you were a very mean and uncontrollable selfish child!”

It's an unbelievable offense to the main character of the birthday party.

However, the commotion in the venue was restored and the performance of the invited band had started, so the surroundings did not freeze.

Isn't that disrespectful to today's protagonist?”

“Oji-sama!” (Edmont)

Where did he come from, Leon suddenly appeared and stood between the two.

He usually wears the usual white shirt and navy blue vest, but today he's wearing a red coat with gold embroidery over it, and culottes and long boots.
Seeing him for the first time, Miriella couldn't help but be in high spirits.

“Oji-sama, what a nice dress.” (Miriella)

“I asked Bert that your tenth birthday was special.
So he made me a new one.”

“It suits you very well.” (Miriella)

A crimson coat goes well with red hair.
The slender and tall Leon was very attractive with the combination of a long coat and boots.

Above all, it's a color that matches today's Miriella's red dress.
This made Miriella more happy than anything else, to the extent that she forgot Edmont's existence for a bit.

“Oji-sama! You've changed a lot too, haven't you! I heard that you were cured of your shut-in syndrome after I entered the dormitory!”

“Onii-sama, your voice is too loud.”

“Is that so?”

Edmont looked at Miriella and Leon with a look of self-respect in the innocence of a twelve-year-old.
Then he smiled and put his hand on Miriella's shoulder.

“I see! You and Oji-sama were both influenced by each other! I'm happy that you've recovered from your shut-in syndrome, and I'm also happy that you've recovered from your terrible personality!” [TL note: the last sentence meant for Miriella.]

“Let's shut up for a second, Edmont.”

He's not a bad boy.
His only flaws are that his voice is too loud and he's too honest.
Leon persuaded himself so, and managed to get through this place with a smile on his face.

Speaking of Miriella, the main character, she felt like her brother said, “You're close with Leon,” and she felt great.

Edmont who was parried, began to be spoken to by the nobles of the invited guests.
Luckily, the two quietly left the place.
He couldn't do it when his “memories of the previous era” was strong, but now Leon can put one arm out in front of Miriella to escort her.
Miriella, who happily put her hand on it, went to the edge of the hall together with Leon.

“Oji-sama, have you found yourself used to the party?”

I don't think it's suitable for me.
Well, I can't stay here forever, so this is also a good experience.”


“There is brother-in-law (The Duke), and there is also Edmont, the heir.
I'm already 21 years old, and I have to think about leaving this house and getting a job soon.”

Miriella pulled back the white-gloved hand that was on Leon's arm.
A step later, Leon notices and peers at Miriella's face below.

Miriella's scarlet eyes moistened and stared at Leon while receiving the light.

“Why are you saying that on my birthday?”

With a *fwoosh* flipping the hem of her red dress, Miriella left Leon.
She soon immediately disappeared in the circle of people who were waiting for the right timing to call out.

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