Noel looks behind her, leaving Miriella alone who begins to blush and become impatient.
The maid Melisa, who had a wry smile on her face, nodded lightly.

When she turn her gaze back from Melisa to Miriella, she makes a troubled face and puts her index finger to her mouth.

“Keep it a secret…”






After that, Miriella went to the circus several times accompanied by Melisa and her escort. 

There were times when she was able to go inside and there were days when there were no tickets on the day, but she was always able to meet Noel.

When Miriella came, Noel treated her with castella and sweet fruit water from the stall.
Melisa suddenly feared that the old Miriella would show up and say something like, “I am tired of cheap castella.” but her fears turned out to be groundless.

“You know, Miriella.
Our circus is about to go to the next town.”

Miriella silently opened her eyes wide.

“Next week's performance in the royal palace square will be the last in the royal capital.”

“Where are you going next?”

“I heard that it was the Duchy of Fowders.”

The Duchy of Fowders is a territory governed by Miriella's father, but since ancient times, the head of the family has always lived in the capital in order to hold an important position in the royal palace.
The territory in question is located in the northern part of the royal capital, and speaking of a town where a circus could be held, it would be Desnia, which is quite far from here.

Miriella who realize it sank at once.

“Ne, that's why.
Be sure to come to the performance next week.”


“I'll dance for Miriella, so definitely come see me.”

Unlike Miriella, who still had a sad face, Noel showed a powerful smile.
She's sure Noel is also sad to say goodbye.
But when she smiles, she's sure Noel is trying to cheer her up.

“Yeah, I'll definitely go.





Immediately after returning home that day, Miriella went to ask her father to let her go to the event at the royal palace next week.
His daughter, who had recently stopped being selfish, had a rare and strong request, and her father gave permission in two replies.


“Oji-sama! Take me to an event at the royal palace next week.”

Now, with those little feet, is currently entering Leon's room.

Leon and his attendant exchanged glances at Miriella who boarded without waiting for reply to her knockings.
Melisa and Maille, who couldn't stop her from behind, apologized deeply.

Compared to when she was seven years old, Miriella has lost her selfishness and tyranny, but she still can't see her surroundings from time to time.

With that momentum, she started telling Leon about today's events.

“Your friend is going far away”

As usual, the two of them hang side by side on the sofa and talk about the circumstances.
Miriella was surprised by Leon's leaked words after hearing that.

“Noel is, my friend?”

“Am I wrong?”

You often go to see each other, and it's hard to say goodbye because you two are friends, right? asks Leon while tilting his head.
After staring at Leon's blue eyes for a while, Miriella slowly moved her open mouth.

“This is the first time I've made friends.”

Miriella still has a dazed face.
Leon laughed because her expression was so cute and funny.

But I still don't know if she's my friend! Even if I think she's my friend, Noel may not think the same as me.”

“Well then, why don’t you ask her during the performance at the royal palace?”

“I will.”

Miriella nodded and her scarlet eyes were filled with strong determination.
Unlike her earlier color that contained sadness, it seems that she is uplifted by the sound of having Noel as a friend.

The two maids secretly shroud their tongues at Leon's ability to instantly revive the depressed Miriella.

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