Chapter 5 : Oji-sama's Advice



 Miriella, who was quick to recover from her emotional ups and downs, quickly visited Leon's room after dinner.
This is her second visit today.

Leon's maid Maille, who was summoned by the bell, immediately retreats without seeing Miriella's face.
But her position as his servant did not allow her to escape, and she stood still.
Miriella, who approached her like that, opened her strong-willed eyes and glared at Maille.

“Maille! I'm sorry!”


“I have done a terrible thing to you.
Will you forgive me?”

After Melisa declared that she would be on her side, Miriella wondered how she could get Leon to forgive her.
As a result of discussing it with Melisa, she decided to start by apologizing to his maid Maille.

The stunned time was short, and Maille bowed deeply in a hurry.

“Such an absurd thing as servant! I ought to be the one, I deeply apologize for being so rude!”

Did this fix it? And, Leon's face, which Miriella timidly looked up at, was kinder than Miriella had thought.

Miriella's cheeks suddenly cheered up.

“You did well to apologize, Miriella.”


A large hand was slowly put out and gently caressed Miriella's small strawberry-blonde head.
As she stroked her slowly two or three times, Miriella's face grew redder and redder.

Leon, who didn't notice her bright red cheeks, continued in a good mood.

“If you do something wrong, apologize properly like you did now, Miriella.”

“Yes, Oji-sama!”

I'm glad.

It was her first time apologizing to a servant, so she was reluctant, but she's glad it went well.
Thanks to Melisa for her forward.

Miriella happily sat down on the sofa that was recommended to her and began to talk to Leon in front of her.

“I should aim to be a lovely lady who is loved by everyone.
If I do that, I'm sure I won't have to go to jail, right?”

“That's right.
The Miriella I know was so mean and hated by those around her that she ended up in prison.”

Miriella strained her face, but she held her mouth shut when she was about to yell and endured it.
Leon smiled kindly as if that message had been conveyed.

In order to become a wonderful lady who is loved by everyone, first try talking to various people and becoming friends.”

Melisa also said, “Let's talk a lot.”

When Miriella turned around and saw Melisa standing behind her, she nodded slightly.

“First, say hello.
Then ask them to tell you the name of the other party.
Miriella wouldn't like it if the person you are talking to didn't even know your name, right?”

“I'm from the Fowders family, so there's no rude person who would not know of my name.”

It doesn't matter if your status is high or low.”

Leon scratched his dry red hair and smiled wryly.
Miriella doesn't know him very well yet, but somehow he lacks aristocratic qualities.
But for Milliera, who was about to change, that seemed more reliable.

“Talk to anyone without looking down on them.
If you do that, the other person will surely like Miriella.
And when the other person does something for you, thank them properly.”

Miriella opened her small hands like autumn leaves, and she began to mutter as she folded her fingers one by one.

Ask for their name.
Don't be condescending.
and thank them properly.”

“And if you do something wrong, apologize like before.”

“If I do something wrong, apologize.”

Leon narrowed his blue eyes and smiled at Miriella who had folded her little finger and finished counting to five.

“Do your best to become a wonderful lady, Miriella.”



Two years have passed since that selfish and uncontrollable young lady suddenly changed into a different person.

Even though she looked like a different person, it was clear to everyone that she was willing to change.
Because of that, the servants got to know her and deepened their relationship, and it was Leon who helped her out behind the scenes.

“Maille! Today is the day I go to town with my Oji-sama!”

“That's right, Ojou-sama.”

Maille smiled wryly as she combed Miriella's lustrous hair.

Two years ago, the duke house was shaken by Miriella's change, and Leon's shut-in life was quietly coming to an end.
At first, Duke Fowders was wary of that, but Leon insisted that he had zero interest in the status of a duke, so perhaps he was convinced, he stopped saying anything.

The only thing Leon asked the Duke was, “Because I'm of a good age, it's embarrassing to be taken care of by a woman of my age.
Please change the person who takes care of me.” Leon was a boy who was afraid of men from the beginning when he was brought into the mansion, and women have been taking care of him.

With that being the case, the Duke prepared a close attendant for Leon.

Maille, the maid who was left over, became Miriella's maid.

At first, Maille was nervous about the previous issue, but thanks to Melisa's help, they have built a good relationship now, and it has been so for two good years.

“What do you think I should do? Last time we went out, I wore a blue dress, didn't I? I wonder if it will be fine to wear a red dress like Oji-sama's hair today.”

“Ojou-sama, the red dress wore last time is meant for a party.
it cannot be used for going out.”

“Then bring out the most beautiful dress I can use for going out!”

Miriella raises her voice in front of Melisa in the dressing room.

At the age of nine, Miriella surprisingly stopped saying selfishness, but only at time like this she was swing the two maids around from the morning.
However, the maids, who knew the cause, just thought it was funny and obeyed their master's selfishness.

“Ojou-sama, which place is it today?”

Maille asked while combing her hair.
There's no way her maids don't know about today's schedule, but when she asks her like this, Miriella explains it very happily.
She was so cute that the people who worked for the Fowders family began to talk to her often.

Today, my Oji-sama is taking me to the circus! A circus hut has been built in town, and traveling performers are coming.”

The Duke of Fowders family is located in the east of the royal capital, in a safe area.
Therefore, the location where the circus hut can be built is also less dangerous, and it seems that Duke Fowders has given permission.

“Girls my age are going to do a nice dance! I'm really looking forward to it.”

“Ah, Ojou-sama!”

Miriella stood up and began to spin round and round.
Maille, holding her brush, panicked, but coming out of the closet room, Melisa gently caught her small body.

“Lady, let's change clothes soon.”


“Let's become cute and surprise Leon-sama.”

The two maids looked at Miriella, whose face was flushed red immediately, and quickly changed her clothes.





Miriella and Leon, their respective maids, close attendants, and escorts.
A total of seven people rode in two carriages, and the party came to a circus hut on the outskirts of town.

Even though it's called a hut, the circus hut with a huge circular tent is very big and wide.
Around the hut, small stalls sell castella and meat skewers.

Everywhere there were entertainers performing street performances to attract people, and the people around them were enjoying themselves.

“Look, Oji-sama! So many beanbags!” [TL note: juggling bags game.]

Even in my previous era, I had never seen a live circus.”

Leon sometimes described memories of his previous life as “previous era.” However, this was only in front of Miriella, and Leon tried to hide this fact as much as possible.
If the adopted son, the younger brother of the current family head, said something like this, it could become a scandal for the Duke family.
Even the young Miriella knew about it, and that's why Leon only confided to Miriella.

Miriella has cooperated with Leon for the past two years so that he can act as a noble, and secretly feels joy that only she knows Leon's secret.

“Oji-sama, it's fortune-telling! Do you mind if we go and take a look?”

Sitting at a table covered with velvet cloth was a fortune teller who was completely covered in black cloth.
He hid his face with the cloth that covered his mouth, and he looked like a man or a woman.
There is a long line in front of the table.
The fortune teller held his hand over a large crystal ball on the table and seemed to be reading the person at the front of the line.

“It's almost time for the performance to start.
Let's do the fortune-telling next time.”

After saying that, Leon took Miriella's small hand and urged her towards the circus hut.
The warmth of his hand and his voice saying, “Today's dress is cute too,” made Miriella completely forget about the fortune teller.

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