“At this rate, you'll only be a girl like Komugi.”

And what awaits her is a cold prison life.

Miriella looked down while trembling.
Faced with Leon, he beckoned the maids who were about to fall down by the wall.

“Miriella, look at their faces.”

Miriella, whose complexion turned white, looked up at the two maids.
They are all pale and trembling together, their eyes fixed on their toes.

“They'll turn blue and tremble.
They are just as scared as you are now.
They are terrified of getting fired, just like Miriella is terrified of being thrown in jail.”

“The same…”

“Don't be a girl who willingly does things that people don't like or are scared of.

Miriella quietly stood up and stood in front of Leon's maid.
The maid hastily lowers her head, trembling.

“I-I deeply apologize, Ojou-sama!”

“Nee, you.
What's your name?”

“My name is Maille…”

Leon's maid Maille replied with a face that said it was the end of the world.
Miriella gently touched Maille's hand and looked up at her face.

“How old is Maille?”

“I-I'm seventeen.”

“What about Melisa?”

“I'm fifteen.”

Miriella's maid, Melisa, responded with an inside-out voice because she was suddenly spoken to.
Seeing the faces of her two maids, Miriella suddenly lowered her head with a look of helplessness on her face.

“Maille, have you ever read a romance novel?”

“I-I have.”

“What about Melisa?”

“I have too.
I'm a big fan.”

Miriella lowered her eyes to think for a while, then muttered.

“I'm going back to my room…”

Without Leon's reply, Miriella headed for the door, opened it by herself, and left.
Leon and the maids were stunned, but Melisa hurriedly bowed to Leon and left after Miriella.





After returning to her room, Miriella quietly sat down on the sofa and pursed her small shoulders even smaller.
Melisa, who caught up with her in a trot, began to prepare a tea set for Miriella while holding back her rough breathing.

“Nee, Melissa.”


Miriella let out a sigh while looking at Melisa who raised her shoulders.
Then she muttered like she was talking to herself.

“My maid always quits too soon.”


“I wonder how long Melissa has been with me.
You've been my maid the longest.”

Looking at her small-like master muttering dejectedly, for the first time, Melisa felt pity for this girl.

She has never seen a human being scolding Miriella for her outrageousness.
Miriella was fond of both her father and her mother, but it seemed hard to say that they are giving her affection properly.
She won't say Miriella isn't bad at all.
But it's not only her fault that she's turned into a little tyrant.

There were no adults around to look after her properly.

“Melisa, do you think you want to quit being my maid?”

Melissa swallowed.

If she affirm this question, others might be told that she's fired by a fury Miriella.

No matter how meek her master is right now, she might get yelled at if the angry energy reignites.
That's how capricious and scary Miriella is.

However, now that Leon has scolded her, isn't she in need of an elder or a senior, an adult who can reach out to Miriella? Isn't this the turning point for this little lady?

“I thought many times that I wanted to quit being a lady's maid.” [Tl note: a female version of Valet.]

Miriella dyes her white cheeks red in an instant.

“But! Isn't Ojou-sama trying to change?”


Kneeling at the feet of her master, who rounded her shoulders slightly, Melisa gently placed her hands on her master hands, both of which were trembling with anxiety.

“If you want to change, I will do my best to help you.
I will be on your side.”

I, I, I want to change.”

“Then let's talk with me a lot.
And let's aim to be a gentle and wonderful lady.”

Miriella, with tears in her scarlet eyes, nodded slightly.
Her unreliable master, Miriella was lovely, and even though such thinking was at a time like this, Melisa was fascinated for a while.

Starting today, I'm aiming to be a girl loved by everyone.”

“Yes, Ojou-sama.”

“So if I'm selfish or mean, please warn me?”

Melisa's face froze with a smile.

“Please, Melisa.”

The young lady whispering with wet eyes was beautiful like an angel, but to Melisa she looked like a creature that could not be distinguished between an angel and a devil.


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