on, and moreover, we're from a duke's house and she's from a marquis' house.
She's not even a wife yet, so it might have been difficult to refuse on the spot.”

Edmont stopped eating with a genuinely surprised look on his face.
And he asks, “Then what should I do…” with a volume reduced by 30%.

When asked, Miriella grinned and raised her index finger.

“Talking a lot should do just fine.”

Right? said Miriella Looking at Melisa and the others, the servants all nodded.

This is what Miriella, who was scolded by Leon and asked for advice, did in order to improve her relationship with the servants.

“It's not enough to just talk.
Listen to what the other person has to say.
After that, if you properly say thank you and apologize, I'm sure you'll be able to get along better.”

“So that's what it is!”

“Onii-sama, you are listening to my story right now.
Please listen to Anessa-sama’s story as well.”

“I got it!”

The servants who are listening to the exchange chuckle and laugh.
they don't know which one is older.
When the adults were healed by the lovely exchanges, Edmont stood up after finishing his meal.

“Let's ask Miss Anessa what she wants to do tomorrow!”

“That's good.
Good luck, Onii-sama.”


Afterwards, Edmont picked flowers and chased butterflies as gifts for Miss Anessa, and got into the carriage on the way home with a satisfied face.
Miriella picked additional blue flowers to make her pressed flowers to make bookmarks for the book Leon gave her.





When she was entrusting her body to the comfortable fatigue in the carriage, Edmont poked Miriella's knee.
Miriella, who was about to fall asleep, opened her eyes and turned to face her brother.

“It's about Oji-sama.”


“Oji-sama, as you probably know, he is an adopted son and has no blood ties.”

her brother suddenly started talking about Leon, and Miriella tilted her head.

“Father has no intention of giving Oji-sama a position in our Duke of Fowders household or in our territory.
I too have the same idea!”


“I don’t know what kind of fire Oji-sama will cause to our family, even though we are not related by blood.
In that case, he should take advantage of his family status and get a job outside.”

With a voice that is as good as the rattling sound of the carriage, her brother continues.

“Since Oji-sama has quit being a shut-in, looks like Father told Oji-sama about it.
So Oji-sama will eventually get a job and leave the house.”

“Why do you tell me this talk?”

“Because when I saw it yesterday, Miriella seemed to be attached to Oji-sama.
Should remember it well that we can't be together forever.”

Miriella's face distorts at once.

The story Leon told at yesterday's party overlaps with her brother's advice now.
It's nothing strange, and Leon must be convinced.
However, it was a story that Miriella did not want to accept.

“Onii-sama, you are mean.”

“My younger sister, whose face and personality have become prettier than before, misses Oji-sama more than she misses me.
So of course it makes me want to say something mean!”

Edmont, who had returned to his usual tone, let out a loud voice as if to change the atmosphere.
This should be the end of the story.
Miriella puffed her cheeks and glared at Edmont, but he just closed his eyes.





The day after her brother returned to the academy, Miriella received her first letter from her brother.
There were beautiful and methodical characters that didn't match his strong personality.

ーーWhen I did as you said, my fiancé-dono smiled happily for the first time.
From now on I will talk to her a lot.

After reading the letter from her brother, Miriella quietly put it away in the letterbox.





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