Exile and Departure

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Peering into the newspaper from behind the pondering Lucrezia, the Duke of Serravalle says maliciously.

“Rotten as you are, you’re still a daughter of a duke’s family after all, and the other party has given their blessing! You can’t run away now! You will be the bride of the Ugly Duke!”

Lucrezia felt strange because her father seemed so lively and happy.

The Duke of Serravalle is always pleased whenever Lucrezia looks sad or pained.

She had always believed that he put her through trials because of parental love, but she wondered if it was really so.

Little by little, Lucrezia began to distrust her father.

“What’s the matter, Lucrezia, are you sad? No one will help you even if you cry!”

The Duke of Serravalle laughed while holding his stomach.

He was right, Lucrezia should have been crying and telling her father, “Please don’t marry me to the Ugly Duke.”

But perhaps because she has been mistreated so much since she was a small child, Lucrezia has recently become so accustomed to it that no matter what is done to her, she feels nothing more than a gentle breeze.

Lucrezia, who had never been treated kindly, was able to maintain a strangely dismissive attitude toward her own unhappiness, saying that it was good that her father was happy, whatever the reason.

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“I won’t cry.
If father wants me to marry him, I’ll go.”

The younger sister burst out laughing.

“Oh my God, sister, are you trying to be tough? You actually don’t like the idea of being married off to someone so ugly that it’s written about in the newspapers, right? You’re so pathetic!”

Lucrezia brushed off her sister’s taunts with a dull look.

Her father joined in on her sister’s merriment.

“Listen, I won’t allow you to come back! You’ll never be allowed back in your parents’ house ever again!”

Lucrezia suddenly laughed.

“Of course, I will do that.
As long as that person needs me.”

Lucrezia’s boldness wasn’t what her father had expected.
He was furious, as if his amusement had been severely dampened.

“How foolish of you! Can’t you even imagine that if you marry him, you will be ridiculed and live miserably?!”

“People like sister seem to have a carefree life, don’t they?”

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“I don’t know.
I think we’re a good match.”

“I’m sure it’s a good match for you.
You’ll be damned to hell in no time!”

“Sister is crazyー!”

Father and sister made fun of Lucrezia for a while, but since she hardly seemed to hear them, they finally got tired of it and stopped saying anything.

Lucrezia looked again at the newspaper she had been given.

‘This exaggerated picture, I still doubt if it’s true.’

It is impossible for a human being to grow donkey ears or a bird’s beak.
The splitting of the tongue is also an exaggeration, perhaps inspired by the fact that snakes are disliked or unpopular.

In the first place, the Ugly Duke’s domain is far away.
It is hard to believe that a local newspaper reporter would have any acquaintance with him.
The press would write any lie as long as it would sell and make money, so there was no credibility to it.

Lucrezia had already guessed that he would have an almost normal human face.

‘I’ll just have to see what he looks like.’

For Lucrezia, it was nothing to her if he had a scarred face or if he was unkempt in appearance.

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All you need in marriage is love.

And Lucrezia had overcome many trials of love in her life.

Lucrezia was confident that she would come to love the Ugly Duke, too.


Due to the arrangements of the Duke of Serravalle, Lucrezia was allowed to pack a few personal belongings in her room.

“Dresses? Jewelry? Did you buy it? What are you talking about? Of course, everything you own belongs to the duke!”

However, the items that could be taken out were limited to documents, a diary, and a small hand mirror, and the luxuries that Lucrezia had collected with her personal funds were to be confiscated by her father.

This pleased her sister.

“What, I can have all of my sister’s jewelry? Yay!”

Lucrezia let out a quiet laugh at her sister’s smile.

“By all means.
Please take good care of them.”

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Then, the younger sister’s mood suddenly turned sour.

“I’m not going to let you feel good just because you gave me secondhand items, okay? You’re so patronizing, it pisses me off!”

“That’s not it…..
I’m only happy if you’re happy.”

“Why aren’t you angry? It’s really unpleasant! You’re so boring!”

Lucrezia was unable to say goodbye because Rosa had quickly gone away.

‘I’ll have to write you a letter later.’

She felt a little sad, but by the time she got into the carriage, Lucrezia was already excited.

After all, Lucrezia was going to get married.

A new place, a new family, and a new fiancée.

Just imagining all of this was enough to make her happy.

She would be able to fill him with love, too.
Lucrezia thought so.

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