person came out of the building.

It was a young man.
He had dark hair, dark eyes, and a turban that identified him at first glance as a Rai national.

The man recognized him clearly.
Our gazes entwined and tension filled the air.

A sharp voice in a foreign language sounded, and all the guards’ attention turned to Antonio.

Instinctively sensing danger, Antonio started to run and heard yelling from behind him.

Even though he couldn’t understand what they were saying, he could sense that he was in danger.

As Antonio ran around, he was filled with the thought that he had almost made it.

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‘No way, there was someone who knew me at this end!’

When he entered the alleyway, he loudly cursed and was hit badly from behind.

Rai’s soldiers were waiting for him there as well.

Resistance was futile.
Antonio suffered the humiliation of being poked and prodded like a slave for no reason.

‘Am I going to be detained?’

Aristocrats were respected as prisoners of war because of the ransom.
If it were known that Prince Antonio didn’t have that much wealth, he would surely be treated like trash.

Antonio desperately tried to think of a way to escape.
If the deed he was holding onto for dear life was worth no more than a scrap of paper, he would have to offer something else.

The only person who might be willing to pay him a ransom was his daughter, Lucrezia.

“W-wait! Let me go! If you set me free, I’ll pay you a decent reward later!”

He screamed frantically, but Rai’s soldiers just said something in their native language and ignored him.

“Is there anyone who understands the language of the Illuminati?! I am of great nobility! And I have royal blood in my veins! Anybody!”

Rai’s soldiers jeered at the screaming Antonio.
The nuance of “What’s wrong with his head?” was conveyed, even though the words were different.

Therefore, when Antonio learned that the place they were taking him to was the Royal Castle, his mood lifted, thinking that he might be saved.

‘That’s right, I’m royalty.
I’m not going to be left to die a dog’s death in a place like this.’

Surrounded by rough Rai soldiers, he desperately tried to suppress his anger.
In all his decades of living, this is the first time he was humiliated by being forced to sit on the floor.

Soon after, the young man who he met at the bank came.

“Former Duke of Serravalle, now Prince Antonio.”

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When the young man spoke fluent Illuminati words and offered him a chair, Antonio really thought he going to be saved.

“I’m sorry for my subordinates.
It seems they’ve done a pretty rough job.”

“Not at all.
There must have been a mistake.
By the way, who are you?”

His eyes widened a little.

Hahaha! No way, you don’t remember my face?! This pair of father and daughter, how funny!”

When the young man laughed at him, Antonio instinctively felt that he had done something wrong.

‘Just now, did he say “father and daughter”?’

It was still fresh in his mind that his daughter’s disrespect to the Crown Prince of Rai caused a big problem.

Memories connected in a chain of events, and Antonio discovered a faint sense of déjà vu from the young man in front of him.

Are you possibly the Crown Prince Reisch….”

“Did you finally remember? I had many dinners with you and your daughter, Lucrezia.
We must have met at court more than five or ten times.”

He put a cynical smile on his exotic face.

“However, it seems that a crown prince of Rai wasn’t worth remembering for the royalty of the Illuminati.”

“S-sorry….! I’m sorry! I was in shock and astonished…! How could I forget about you?!”

“Hmm, really? Well, there’s one more thing I want to remind you of, you can take your time, but… it’s important, so I’d like you not to make any mistake.”

His eyes narrowed slightly, increasing the pressure on Antonio.

“Where is the deed to the safe deposit box you took from Lucrezia?”

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