A Confident Woman

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Rosa requested to be alone with Lucrezia in her room because she needed to talk.

“Sis, I want to marry Ramilio-sama.”

‘I knew you’d say that someday.’

Rosa, not caring about Lucrezia, who was feeling unpleasant, rambled on.

“Sister has a lot of money, so you can survive without getting married, can’t you? But, I have nowhere else to go.
My title is gone, and it doesn’t look like I’ll be able to get a dowry from Dad either….”

Lucrezia asked sullenly.

“Where’s Falco-sama?”

“He’s missing along with his parents, you know that too, right? He’s a wanted man, so the engagement is no longer valid.”

Indeed, if Falco were to ask for an engagement in his current state, it wouldn’t be the only problem.

However, that wasn’t what Lucrezia wanted to hear.

“You, didn’t you like Falco-sama?”

“He played around with too many women, so my feelings already subsided.
I can’t believe he’s messing with someone else when I’m around.”

Lucrezia’s eyes narrowed.

You’re the one who put your hands on Falco-sama, who was engaged to me.
Have you forgotten that already?”

“It can’t be helped if we liked each other, can it? Sister is not even pretty.
I’m sure Ramilio-sama would rather have me than you.”

Lucrezia tried to recall Ramilio’s words and actions over the past few days.

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She asked him what type of girl he liked.

“I like a reliable girl, who can take care of the house.”

“I also like silver-haired girls.
I like girls who don’t show what they are thinking at first glance because it makes me want to try to know what’s inside them.”

Rosa answered without a second thought after hearing Lucrezia’s more applicable traits.

“I see.
Then I’ll try my best to be like that too.”

Lucrezia no longer understood what Rosa was thinking.

‘I wonder if that’s what cute words and actions meant.’

She didn’t know.
Is that cute?

It’s not cute to come between a man and woman who were engaged and acted as if to say ‘look at me’.
Was Lucrezia the only one who thought so?

“I don’t know what Ramilio-sama thinks about it, but…”

Lucrezia said, a bit angry.

“You think you’re better than me because I’m not pretty enough, don’t you?”

That’s right, isn’t it? Nobody likes you.”

Lucrezia bent her lips and decided.

“Then all I have to do is be cute, right?”


“If I become cute and Ramilio-sama likes me, you will be convinced and back down, won’t you?”

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Rosa was puzzled.

“No, um….
that’s not what I meant.”

“Well, what then? What makes you think you’re cuter than me? I, too.”

That’s right.
Rosa was mistaken.

Lucrezia turned her gloomy eyes to Rosa and said firmly.

“Even I could be cute if I wanted to be.”

Rosa’s eyes were wide open when she heard this, and immediately she started laughing hysterically.

“Ahahahaha! Yes, you can be cute! Good for you! Well then, why don’t you try it?”

Lucrezia said clearly to Rosa, who continued to laugh.

“In return, if you find out that Ramilio-sama thinks I’m cute, please don’t ever ask me to give up my fiancé again.”

“Okay? Try it if you can.”

Rosa and Lucrezia decided to visit Ramilio together.


Ramilio seemed to be in the middle of an audience with someone, and while gesturing that he was keeping someone waiting, he whispered to them, “What’s wrong?”

Rosa grinned and poked Lucrezia.

“My sister has an important business.

Lucrezia shook her head, still with her lightless eyes.

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‘I can’t help this gloomy look on my face.’

If not the face, then the words from the heart.

Lucrezia persisted through the end.

“I was going to do that, but if you’re too busy, this is sufficient enough for now.”

Lucrezia looked at Ramilio intently so that her words would convey her feelings.

“I’ll be waiting for you in the study.”

I’ll go there as soon as I’m done.”

Lucrezia quickly took Ramilio’s hand.

Lucrezia hadn’t forgotten that he had held her hand like this the other day when he proposed to her.

“What’s wrong―?”

“I will always be waiting for you.”


Ramilio was startled.

‘Oh no, I’ve scared you.’

She was trying to be cute.

Lucrezia tried to make up for it and opened her mouth further.

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“I’m dying to talk to you, Ramilio-sama.”

‘It sounded like I’m just eager to chat.’

Lucrezia was like a chatterbox in this way.
She wanted to express her affection by saying that she wanted to speak with him, but was this really enough?

Lucrezia began to break out in a cold sweat.

“I enjoy being with my husband the most.”

After that, Lucrezia ran out of words.

There was no longer anything she could do but stare.

“Uh, ah, um, yes… I understand.”

Ramilio’s eyes were swimming, but then he pulled Lucrezia’s hand and kissed her there.

“I’ll finish up in ten minutes.
I’ll be right there.”

‘Don’t be in such a hurry.’

Before Lucrezia could speak, Ramilio quickly returned to the audience chamber.

Rosa looked at Lucrezia as if she were aghast.

Lucrezia was a little proud, and glanced at her sister as if to say, “How was it?”

“Come on, let’s go.”

She waited in the study for Ramilio to come and show off again.

Lucrezia was a confident woman.

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