here; her taxi fares would be reimbursed.

“Okay, President Gu.
Drive safe,” He Zening responded perfunctorily.
After Gu Siye left, she started to wonder what he meant by “take care of matters here.”

In other stories, the protagonists do not usually show up at the beginning.
He would let his secretary take care of things.
In this story, the secretary would be her.
He Zening felt a rush of excitement; it looks like her transmigration was not without purpose.
There was nothing thrilling in her day-to-day activities, but at this moment, she felt instantly motivated!

What will she do with the heroine now? She thought about it, caught a glimpse of the passing waitress, and stopped her.
“Please help!” she said.

The waitress stopped, asking politely, “How can I be of service?”


He Zening had a straightforward idea.
This was Fu Shao’s bar; Fu Shao is Gu Siye’s best friend.
She just needed to convince Fu Shao to let her use one of the rooms so the girl could get some rest.
The plan was simple, but she needed to work out a few issues.
First, the waitress didn’t know her or Gu Siye.
Second, how can she approach Fu Shao?

“Can you do me a favor?” He Zening pointed towards the girl she was struggling to hold onto.
“Can you give me a hand? I need to talk to Fu Shao,” she said, using his name casually.

Upon hearing Fu Shao’s name, the waitress’s expression changed.
She respectfully said, “All right! where do you want to take her?”

“Let’s bring her upstairs.”

The girl was skinny, so the two of them were able to carry her upstairs without much trouble.
Once they were upstairs, the waiter He Zening had previously encountered arrived to assist them.
He Zening clarified the circumstances, and they collaborated to bring the girl to a private room.
Now, all she had to do was to knock on Fu Shao’s door and speak to him.

Fu Shao was surprised upon seeing her.
“Has Gu not left yet?” he asked.

He Zening quickly explained the situation.
Fu Shao raised his eyebrows after she was finished.
“Did you just say Gu made you stay to take care of this girl?”

Fu Shao’s ‘take care of the girl’ and Gu Siye’s ‘take care of the matter’ appear to be similar to He Zening, so she cautiously nodded.
“Kind of,” she said.

Fu Shao looked amused.
He waved his hand and said, “Use the room as you wish.”

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