Chapter 3.2 – Bar Encounters

“Okay,” He Zening replied, trying to mask the disappointment in her voice.
  She had already gone to a bar with her friends once.
Her impression of it was that it was too noisy, and it gave her a headache.
After that, she preferred quiet cafes to meet and chat with her friends.

Gu Siye was obviously familiar with Isabella’s layout.
He took He Zening directly inside through the side door of the parking lot.
The staff guarding the door saw him and greeted him warmly.

Before He Zening had the time to clearly see the layout of the first floor, she was already on the second floor, following Gu Siye.
The second floor was made up of private rooms built with sound insulation materials.
Once they were there, the noise from downstairs disappeared almost instantly.

Gu Siye took her to one of the rooms.
The furnishings inside were similar to a karaoke room, but it was larger and more refined.
A man was sitting on the sofa with his hands laid on the back of the chair.
It was Fu Shao, whom she met two days ago.
He waved his hand leisurely after seeing Gu Siye.
“Here,” he motioned them to sit.

Gu Siye sat on the single sofa beside Fu Shao.
He Zening followed, but she was thinking hard on whether she should be standing or sitting.
When she saw Fu Shao’s gaze turn to her, she immediately greeted him.
“Nice to meet you, Fu Shao.”

Fu Shao looked at her as if he had completely forgotten that they had met.
“She doesn’t look familiar to me, is she new?” he said.

“Yes, I’ve only been here for two weeks,” He Zening replied, not minding his earlier comment.
Apparently, amnesia is common in high-profile people.

“She looks more reliable than the previous one,” Fu Shao suddenly said to Gu Siye.

He Zening became still.
This man ignored  the fact that the person he was talking about was standing right in front of him; he didn’t regard He Zening’s existence at all.
She felt so furious that her teeth were gnashing, but naturally, she had to pretend she didn’t care.
If Shelly was here now, she’d understand what it meant to be truly disrespectful.
Compared with him, Gu Siye was simply amiable.

Gu Siye had no comment about this and said to He Zening, “You may go out and eat first.”

As soon as Fu Shao heard it, he rang the bell by his hand, and a uniformed waiter immediately came in from outside.
“Fu Shao,” he greeted.

Fu Shao pointed at He Zening, and instructed the waiter.
“Take her…” halfway through he got stuck and asked, “What’s your name?”

“My name is He Zening,” she replied as calmly as she could.

Take Miss He to the VIP room next door to rest and arrange for her dinner.”

Miss He, this way, please.”

Witnessing this scene, her anger was momentarily forgotten.
She realized that this bar was owned by Fu Shao.
If so, it all made sense.
She followed the waiter to the next room.
After a while, four or five dishes were brought in and placed on the table.

“Enjoy, Miss He.
Call me if you need anything.
I’ll be at the door,” the waiter said.

“Okay, I’m sorry to trouble you,” she replied.

She had already prepared herself to starve, but didn’t expect to get a free dinner.
She felt that Mr.
Gu was still pretty considerate.
In the past, everyone could only see the good side of the male protagonist towards the female protagonist, and he would either be indifferent or cold to other people.
Sometimes, shallow and exaggerated writing made the male protagonist callous.

After working for him for a while now, He Zening felt that Gu Siye was not such a rigid character.
He did fit some of the characteristics of the male protagonist, such being unsmiling and sometimes unreasonable.
But as a boss, he was fine.
Perhaps it was so because the workplace was different from home.

Or could it be that she was too new to the workplace and was seeing everything through rose-coloured glasses? She had yet to know.

He Zening focused on the food laid in front of her.
The chefs in the bar had pretty good cooking skills.
The dishes were not bad, and since she was really hungry, she immediately started eating.
When she was done, she notified the waiter outside to clean the place.
Only after, was she able to afford a moment of relaxation.
She comfortably leaned on the sofa and browsed a forum on her mobile phone.

The technological development here was obviously lagging behind her original world.
Currently, the most popular thing on the Internet is to visit the forum.
She often went to the gossip and anecdotes section where she often found good posts to read.
After looking for a while, the waiter knocked on the door and came in.
He said that Mr.
Gu was looking for her.

He Zening checked the time and saw that an hour had elapsed.
The people must have finished discussing.
She went to the next room.
When Gu Siye saw her, he stood up and said, “Let’s go.”

Before leaving, she did not forget to say goodbye to Fu shao.
“Goodbye, Fu Shao,” she said.

She followed Gu Siye downstairs when they bumped into a girl in a white dress, who was unsteadily holding a wine glass.
He Zening watched as Gu Siye subconsciously stopped to avoid her, which made her bump into his backside and for the girl in the white dress to plunge into Gu Siye’s arms.

Gu!” He Zening exclaimed.
She had a worried expression on her face, but she was wildly laughing inside.
She knew something was going to happen, and here it was!

‘But wait… I won’t be fired for bumping into him, right?’ When she thought of this, her worried expression became genuine.

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