A man dressed in casual wear walked inside.
Immediately, his scrunched up brows and serious look caught He Zening’s attention.
Besides that, he was a big, tall man, and was quite handsome.

He Zening calmly and politely greeted him.
“How are you, Fu Shao?”

He slightly nodded without even looking in her direction, and asked, “Is Gu here?”

She nodded.
“Yes, I have already informed President Gu you are here,” she replied.

Without another word, Fu Shao headed towards the door.
He skipped knocking and casually pushed the door open.
From his actions alone, He Zening confirmed that Fu Shao and Gu Siye did have a close relationship.

Now that the event was done, He Zening did not waste another minute; she started clearing the documents on her desk.
Although a secretary’s job does not require much technical knowledge, it is very detail-oriented.
She must familiarize herself with a lot of information, such as the company’s rules and regulations, and the organization’s structure.
She can’t absorb information in such a short time, so, from time to time, she reads the company’s system documentation.

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In novels, the plots usually utilize male secretaries.
Female secretaries would usually be written as antagonists to make the female lead jealous, or merely as a sort of aesthetic backdrop.
Only when He Zening became a secretary did she realize it wasn’t an easy job as novels portray it to be.
Fortunately, President Gu was a workaholic without much activity in his outside life.
Therefore, hasn’t been asked to do things outside her workplace.

After a while, the door opened and Fu Shao walked out of the office.

“Fu Shao, stay safe,” she courteously greeted him.

He responded by turning his head and looking at her.
Contrary to her expectation, his gaze was sharp like a knife, stabbing through her insides.
He Zening was flabbergasted.
She only said two words out of formality. ‘What’s this guy’s problem?’

Luckily, he only looked at her once, and after that, he turned his head and walked out the door.
He Zening could finally exhale a breath of relief.
He wasn’t a simple man, but someone who exuded danger.
It was better to give up thoughts of building a good relationship with him.

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The internal phone rang.
She saw it was President Gu and immediately picked up the phone.

“President Gu,” she said.

“Come in for a minute,” he replied.


After He Zening hung up the phone, she went straight into his office.
Other than his desk, President’s Gu office has a set of sofas, and even a bathroom.
But compared to other novels, this was already a kind of low-key set-up.
She walked to the front of his desk.

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