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Because of that, there were many female employees in the office who had set their sights on him.
For example, one of the secretaries that had just left was from a wealthy family who owned a business.
She didn’t even need this job! She would dress up daily to work, hoping to draw his attention, but he was unmoved.
Eventually, she gave up and left.
As for the other secretary fired by Gu, He Zening had no idea what happened.

He Zening was not drop dead gorgeous, but she was still attractive.
She just needed to dress up a bit, but for practical reasons, she never did.
Her casual appearance must be the reason why her female colleagues are friendly to her, when they are naturally hostile to each other.
Was it because they perceived her as less of a threat?

Now that both secretaries had left, He Zening’s other female colleagues were eagerly attentive to her, perhaps because they would like the opportunity to fill these positions.
Little did they know, she had no say whatsoever in the hiring process.
The Human Resources department and Special Assistant Zheng made all the hiring decisions.
Thus, she played dumb to avoid discussing this subject in front of her colleagues.

After forty minutes in the office, she got a call from Special Assistant Zheng informing her that the meeting was almost over.
She immediately stood up, got the documents ready and headed downstairs.

Zheng Wen Ang was waiting for her outside the conference room.
He was around twenty-seven or twenty-eight years old and had graduated from a prestigious university.
Moreover, he was good looking, mature and dependable.
She thought he fits all the qualities of a male protagonist, but in this story, he was merely another employee like her.

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“Miss He, you are here.
The meeting is almost over,” he said.

He Zening nodded.

“You just started but we have already kept you quite busy.
It must be difficult for you.”

She was supposed to wait outside the conference room while the meeting was in progress.
But Zheng had let her take a break considering how busy she had been.

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“But President Gu is fair,” he continued.
“Since you have been so busy, I am sure he will reward you with a bonus.”

Hearing the word bonus, He Zening could not help but laugh.
Where else can you find such a good boss? “That would be wonderful!” she said.

Special Assistant Zheng also laughed.
He was fond of this young secretary; she was carefree, straightforward, and approachable.

“Don’t worry.
You won’t be busy for too long since there’s a new hire.
I heard she is well-qualified.”

“That’s very good news.”

Hearing this, He Zening immediately perked up.
Could this new secretary be the heroine?

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