Chapter 5.2 – Playing Matchmaker

He Zening hung up the phone.
Her current impression of Bai Yinan wasn’t bad.
She was actually quite afraid that the heroine would be someone with a pure and naive character.
Well, she was not afraid if the heroine was someone pure, but she would be worried if the heroine was too naive, to the point of being stupid.
There was nothing more miserable than a side character acting as the protagonist’s nanny.

She still vaguely remembered a CEO- themed novel before, and the heroine in it was a full-fledged foodie.
Except for her talent in eating, she almost had zero other talents.
And since the male protagonist liked the female protagonist’s laziness, the secretary had to follow them all day… It was funny to her back when she was a reader, but now when she imagined herself as the secretary, her scalp suddenly felt numb…

After another half hour, Gu Siye finally walked out of the clinic.
No matter where he went, he could always attract people’s attention.
As he walked to the car, the pedestrians on the road couldn’t help but cast their eyes on him.

He Zening got out of the car and opened the door for Gu Siye.
Gu, where are we going next?” she dutifully said.

“Back to the office.”

After Gu Siye got into the car, he immediately caught a glimpse of the empty milk tea cup He Zening put on the cup holder, and he ruthlessly said, “Throw away the garbage.”

He Zening felt embarrassed that she was caught snacking, and her face instantly became hot.
“I’m sorry, Mr.

She quickly took out the cup and threw it away.
When she came back, Gu Siye was already leaning in the back row with his eyes closed.
He Zening started the car and set off towards Zhen Feng Group.

After arriving at the parking lot, Gu Siye had already opened his eyes without waiting for He Zening’s reminder.
Before getting out of the car, he suddenly asked her, “Have you gotten ready for tomorrow’s party?”

“Ah… I…” He Zening was totally unprepared.
She said to him with a troubled face, “Mr.
Gu, I really don’t have time to prepare.”

She was telling the truth.
She worked by Gu Siye’s side for long hours these past few days.
By the time she got off work, those shops were already closed.

But Gu Siye looked at her with the same callous expression.
“So?” he said.

For a moment, she actually thought that Gu Siye would be considerate of his subordinates.
Her brain must have been flooded with water.
Was the CEO’s gentleness something she couldn’t anticipate as a background character?

Something suddenly clicked in her mind.
She seemed to remember a bit of the plot! She tentatively tried, “..
.How about I find you a female companion?”

Gu Siye immediately replied when he heard it.
“You can make the arrangements.
Just make sure things don’t go wrong tomorrow,” he said.

He Zening breathed a sigh of relief and nodded hastily.
“Don’t worry, it’ll go absolutely decent.
You won’t be embarrassed!”

After Gu Siye left, she immediately called Bai Yinan.
In one novel she had read before, the heroine had soiled the male protagonist’s clothes in a bar.
It happened that the hero was also missing a female companion to attend a banquet at that time.
So, he asked the heroine to accompany him to the banquet.
The heroine later stunned the audience at the banquet, and she also attracted the heart of the male protagonist.

When she saw this plot back then, she complained that it was too easy and cliche for a CEO to instantly find a new female companion.
It was also ridiculous that he had to go to a bar to meet one.
Nevertheless, no matter how cliche and common it was, she could fasten the plot with it! The only problem was, even after remembering, she still couldn’t tell which novel this was.

Bai Yinan was surprised when she received He Zening’s call, and astonished after hearing He Zening’s request.
Although she wanted to refuse at first, she couldn’t reject He Zening’s request after all she had done for her.
So, she finally agreed in the end.
As Bai Yinan’s family also owned a small company, she was still a little familiar with such occasions, even though she may not attend those very frequently.

He Zening was in great joy after hearing her agree.
She immediately said that she would rent the best dress in the city for her.
However, Bai Yinan declined, saying she already had a dress at home.
He Zening thought that this was probably the halo of the heroine, where she would still be the brightest star despite wearing the most ordinary dress.
Thinking of this, she stopped insisting.

After hanging up the phone, He Zening couldn’t help but do a little cheer on the side of the road.
The plot was finally on the right track, and then she could watch the drama unfold to the fullest.

Her voice was so loud that it even attracted the attention of some passers-by.
When she was about to run away, she suddenly found that the passer-by looked quite handsome, with the aura of a gentle, big brother next door.
She couldn’t help but steal a few more glances.

The other party was wearing a khaki apron, and he just walked out of an office building.
He Zening recognized the logo on the apron; it was the name of the cafe opposite the company.
This cafe was also quite famous in this business district, and people often ordered takeaways from there.

Since she didn’t drink coffee, she had never ordered one.
Still, she didn’t expect their waiter to be so handsome.

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