Chapter 5.1 – Playing Matchmaker

After He Zening transmigrated, she investigated Zhen Feng and found out that it was a family business.
The legal representative of the company was Gu Siye’s father, but since Gu Siye himself held a certain amount of shares, he was traditionally made as president.
With such power, he could have almost everything he wanted in City A.

With such a boss, why would she still be afraid that others won’t repay their debts?


The next day came.
It was a Saturday; in theory, she was supposed to rest.
But Gu Siye’s driver hadn’t come back to work for some reason.
At noon, Gu Siye called her over and asked her to drive him to a private clinic.
This time, Gu Siye didn’t ask her to accompany him.
He asked her to wait for him in the car instead.

He Zening certainly wouldn’t treat herself badly.
After Gu Siye entered the clinic, she quickly turned on her phone and ordered milk tea.
She adjusted the position of the seat, laid down comfortably and started playing with her phone.
Snacks were out of the question because she was afraid the food would leave a smell in the car.
Gu Siye was more particular about this aspect.

While waiting for the milk tea, she opened the forum to check for comments.
This forum is currently the largest forum on the Internet, with more than 10 million user visits every day, and tens of thousands of new posts every day.
It had only been a day, yet her post was pushed to the back of more than a dozen pages.
Despite that, she still receives numerous comments.

There was all kinds of remarks: some netizens asked her if the heroine was herself, some felt sorry for her, some felt that the story was too fake.
They argued why would the heroine get herself drunk instead of fixing the problem, when her fiancé was having an affair with her own sister? Did she think she was filming a TV series?

It was also strange to say.
She would usually be furious when someone gave a backhanded comment, but her heart was extremely calm as she read through the many replies with different opinions.
It was probably because the story didn’t happen to her.
As a bystander, she couldn’t empathize.

When the milk tea arrived, the delivery boy gave her a weird look.
He probably never had a parking lot as a delivery address before.
He Zening smiled and accepted her order.
A short time passed while she was enjoying the milk tea when she received a call from an unknown number.

“Hello,” she said.

Bai Yinan’s voice came from the phone.
“Miss He, do you still remember me? I’m Bai Yinan,” the person on the other end replied.

As soon as He Zening heard it was the heroine, she immediately perked up and sat up straight.
“I do.
Are you home yet?”

“Not yet… I’m living at a friend’s house now.
Anyway, I’ll pay you back what you lent me and the dry-cleaning fee.
Please send me your account number.”

“I don’t know how much the dry-cleaning fee will cost.
I may not be able to tell you the amount for a while.”

“It’s okay.
I’ll just pay you back the money from yesterday first.” Bai Yinan’s tone was very sincere.
 “Thank you so much yesterday.
Without you, I really don’t know what to do,” she said.

“No worries! Girls should help each other.
It must be hard for you.”

After a moment of silence on the phone, Bai Yinan asked hesitantly, “Did I say something last night…?”

“A… bit…” He Zening mildly said, “I didn’t hear it very clearly, but I heard you mention ‘Feifei’.” After she finished speaking, she heard Bai Yinan’s distressed voice, and she quickly added.
“Don’t worry! I didn’t hear anything else.”

“It doesn’t matter, it’s reality… In fact, I went to the bar yesterday because something happened…” Bai Yinan just wanted to call to thank Miss He and pay back the money.
But since the other party’s voice sounded too warm, she couldn’t help but want to vent.

“Actually, when I came home last night, I witnessed my fiancé cheated on me, and worse… he was cheating with my sister.
So, I went to Isabella on a whim.
I have never even been there…” Bai Yinan sighed.
“I wish I didn’t go, then I wouldn’t have caused trouble.”

“When you experience such a thing, it’s only human to vent,” He Zening comforted her.
In her mind, she was thinking ‘Well, how could your story with the male protagonist begin if you hadn’t come?’

“I’m just so embarrassed that I needed you to take care of me yesterday.
If you’re free, can I treat you to a meal?” Bai Yinan suddenly offered.

He Zening thought about it before nodding unconsciously.
“Sure, but you currently have a lot of things to deal with, right?”

“That’s true.” Bai Yinan sighed, “I received a call from my father early this morning, saying that my fiancé was going to marry my sister instead.
He asked me what was going on, but I didn’t know how to answer him.

He Zening knew this was part of the plot, but hearing it still made her feel stunned.
“Wow… your fiancé is so brazen.”

“He… he wasn’t like this before.”

He Zening was willing to teach her a few tricks to vent her fury, but she felt that she shouldn’t interfere too much and influence the heroine’s character.
She had just met Bai Yinan, and she still can’t judge what type of heroine was.
Is she an innocent, little, white flower, or was she a domineering heroine.

“Then come to me after you’ve dealt with the matter, and then we’ll talk slowly, okay?” He Zening offered after thinking.

“Okay, Miss He, you’re so nice! Ermm…” Bai Yinan asked cautiously, “Can I call you Zening?”


“That’s great! You can also call me Nannan, that’s what my friends call me.”

“No problem, Nannan.”

“Then it’s set! Then I’ll stop disturbing you.
I’ll ask you out next time!”

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