My Prince through the reflection

Chapter No 5 The painful Past

He took another bite. ”Why is your mother so bad to you? ” he asked. She took a deep breath. ”I will tell you this someday I had so much on my plate today, she said.

”So whats the plan? ” he chuckled. ”Yeah of course the plan ” she said while taking a deep breath. ”We are going to tell school principal that you have been homeschooled since childhood and you parents had left you on the street, you don know who they are, you have been adopted by some poor woman, who happened to be a bit educated so he home schooled you and now you want to take admission in school ” she said calmly.

”Are you serious, I am a prince, I am the upcoming king and you are going to tell people that I am a homeless orphan? ” he said, annoyed.

”Can you put your prince ego aside for a while man? she said while crossing her arms angrily. He took a deep breath.

”Listen we have to find out what happened to your mother and I can leave you here at home alone like this, so I want you to go with me to school ” she said calmly.

”Okay fine ” he said shortly and took another bite from his apple. ”And now I want you to sleep over here? ” she said pointing at the sofa.

He gave a sigh to the sofa and then to her. He grabbed a pillow from her bed and went to the sofa ”How unfortunate prince I am, I should be male version of snow white ” he muttered and she smiled.

”Don worry I will arrange a home for you in a month ” she said. He rolled his eyes and lay on the sofa.

”By the way, What about…. ” She was about to ask something when she heard him snore. She looked back at the sofa and he was fast asleep. She went towards him; he looked even more handsome while asleep calmly. She smiled and put a blanket over him ”Sleep well princes manly ego ” she whispered and went towards her bed. Julius was sleeping over the window.


It was 8 O clock, when she was sleeping, she got up when she heard a loud scream from down the stairs.

”Oh no not again, Andy is not home. How will I make them stop ” she thought and got up.

”Whats happening? ” asked John who came out of the bathroom. He was not wearing his shirt and he was looking so hot. Kylie started looking away.

”John put some clothes on, she said. He smiled and put a grey hood on.

”Now will you tell whats happening? ” he asked. Just then they heard a loud bang like something broke ”Oh no its getting physical ” she said and went down. He followed her.

Her parents are fighting and throwing things at each other. ”What is happening mom dad? ” she screamed. They stopped by for a while and then they started fighting again.

”You, I hate you, this marriage was a mistake ” said Paul.

”Mistakes now you gonna tell me about mistakes Paul? What about your little mistake, I raised? ” she said angrily.

Kylie was feeling her legs numb. Her mother had used such words before, but today she was feeling hurt. Maybe it is because John was there to hear this nasty truth. They were fighting and screaming and she was sitting on the stairs because she does not have anything to say anymore.

He was standing up on the stairs where he could not be seen. He snapped his finger and both Paul and Linda started laughing.

”Hello honey! Good morning ” said Paul to Linda and she laughed ”hi honey its a wonderful day ” said Linda.

”Oh Honey, Kylie come here ” said Paul.

Kylie was like she was having a dream. She got up and walked towards them ”What do you want to eat honey? ” asked Linda. If Kylie would be hungry for a few centuries so it must be the last woman who offers her food.

She remained quiet. John smiled and went upstairs. He came inside a room.

”Where she had put the clothes ” he thought and started looking for the clothes.

He opened the wardrobe, something beautiful, heavy and shining fell. She bent down to pick it up. It was a heart shaped golden locket with Martha written on it.

Julius who was standing next to his leg was looking at the lock in astonishment. ”Where have you got this? ” he said in shock. ”It was in this cupboard, why? ” he asked.

”Its Marthas locket, ” he said in a sad voice. ”Who is Martha? ” he asked. ”She was your mothers best friend, she used to come over in our house when I was five and your mother and she was 12 ” he said sadly.

”I am surprised what this locket is doing here? It is the most powerful heirloom; it changes names when it goes to the worthy owner, last time it had the name of Maria, she was Marthas ancestors, but after these centuries it did not change names which means, the owner is still Martha ” he said.

”What? You mean Martha is Alive? ” he asked. ”Yeah few witches and Wizards live long, few bloodlines have this ability, Martha was one of them and so do you and your mother, ” he said.

”You mean my mother could be alive? ” he asked.

”Maybe I can say anything if she survived that day, ” he said.

”We need to find this Martha ” he said but the door opened he put the locket back and stood straight.

”What happened? ” she asked. ”Nothing I was just looking for my clothes ” he said sheepishly, ”Oh those are there in the corner in the bag ” she said and went to the bathroom.

”I think I should ask her about the locket, ” he said to Julius. ”Oh all I need is the milk, ” said Julius. ”Hey Julius, I have put milk in your bowl since he bewitched my parents. I think it will not bother them, ” said Kylie while coming out of the bathroom. She was wearing black top and black leather jeans.

”Get ready John we have to go school ” she said to John who was staring at her. After a while he came out of bathroom.

He was wearing Black T-shirt with blue jeans. He was looking breathtaking in it. She noticed he had some golden hairs highlighted in his hair. This new haircut really suits him. She was breathlessly staring at him.

”Girl whats with the staring? he said.

”Nothing I was just looking for, this dress suits you ” she said while looking away, ”Lets go ” she said and went ahead.


”So he is home schooled ” said Marcs, Principal of school ”Yeah Principal he is said Kylie.

”Okay you have to clear an exam in order to take admission ” he said. John nodded.

”Here to solve it in 30 minutes he said.

”Miss Allen you can go he said to Kylie. She went outside of the office.

”How will he solve the 21st centurys exam? What am I going to do? She thought sadly.

”Look what we got here, a loser. Why are you outside the principal office? Another detention loser ” it was Emilia.

”After what happened to you that day I never thought youd come to school ever again ” Emilia said harshly.

”Emilia I don have anything to do with you ” she said angrily.

”Loser like you should rot like this outside the principal office ” said Emilia nastily. Kylie gave her sigh. The Principals door opened up and John came out with a smile over his face. Principal was with him too.

”Trust me I never did magic this time ” he whispered to Kylie. Emilia was looking at this handsome Greek god-like boy.

”Miss Allen, this friend of yours is a very talented and brilliant boy, he solved every question correctly, his languages are good too, he solved the French and Spanish papers, ” Principal said happily.

”We decided to take him as a student to our school, he said, patting over Johns shoulder and got inside the office.

”You did this John, but how? ” she asked. ”Told you my education was perfect, one of best, ” he said calmly.

”Hey Principal, you have put your name in as a scholarship holder which means you do not have to pay fees ” she said happily.

Emilia, who looked at both, was shocked. She called out ”Hello newbie ” she said.

John turned there were nasty expressions over his face ”So you are new here I am Emilia I am a cheerleader ” Emilia said while winking at him.

His expression turned cold. Kylie had never seen him doing something like that ”My name is John and you know what I hate most? When women throw themselves on me ” he said while crossing his arms, he turned and grabbed Kylies hand and took her away with him.

”Who is that? ” asked Emilia to Gena who was standing there with no expressions ”I don know but he is hot ” she said calmly.


”So you know French too? ” Kylie was still in shock. ”Yeah I can, a king has to know a lot of languages ” he said.

”What are they playing? ” he asked while looking at the field. ”Its football, ” she said. ”Its really cool, I want to play that too, ” he said.

”But you don know how to play this John ” she said calmly, he thought for a while and said ”I will learn this ”. Kylie smiled back at him.

`How did this work? ” he said looking at her phone. He was sitting over her couch.

”Its Phone let me tell you ” she said and grabbed the Phone. After teaching him everything he said ”Wow you are my angel I mean how I would survive if this was not for you ” he was very happy. ”Can I borrow this ? ” he said about her phone.

She went inside the bathroom to take shower. When she came out, he was watching a football match.

”Learning? ” she said with a smile. He smiled back. ”Yeah I really like this game ” he said. She picked up Julius who was sitting by the window.

”Hey girl, what are you doing? Julius said. ”Sometimes I found you so cute ” she said while hugging him ”Hey I am his uncle not a pet ” he said.

”Whatever for me you are a cat ” she said while patting. ”Diana you got to be kidding me you have to send me here in this crazy century ” he said annoyed.

”Hey one thing I did not understood why he only came out in this century? ” she said, curious. ”Because my sisters precious words were like that, ” said Julius.

She put Julius aside. She went to the window, John was watching the match.

”John, do you think your magic wears off after a day? ” she asked.

”What? ” he said and walked towards the window, it was Kylies mother, she was going with some man In the car.

”See I knew she and Tyler was having an affair, she said sadly.

”I did magic to stop them fighting. I am sorry Kylie, I can make them fall in love, he said.

”Its okay John its not about you its all you know things happens ” she said looking inside a mirror. He felt sad. It was like she was hiding something.

”Okay don be sad, let me show you something, he said.

”What? ” he grabbed a football. ”Where you get that from? ” she asked in shock. ”Your brothers room I wanted to practice in, he said calmly.

He lifted up the football and showed her new football moves. ”Wow you learned it John? ” she said, shocked. He nodded. ”You know I really love this game, so what is the way to get a chance to play for school as you said? he asked.

”They will take a test and you have to play in front of them, ” she said. ”I definitely will try, ” he said while watching the video again.

”Amm John can I ask you a thing? ” she asked. ”Yeah sure? ” he said while eyes were still on Phone.

”Today at school you were too cold for Emilia, ” she asked. ”Emilia, that shameless yellow head girl? ” he asked, now he was looking at her, he had the same cold expression, she nodded.

”Yeah that girl, ” she said. ”Because she was throwing herself to me and I hate that, I hate every girl in this century, wearing shamelessly and throwing themselves over men ” he said his eyes were cold.

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