My Prince through the reflection

Chapter No 4 Prince in the school

They were on the street and he was behaving oddly by looking at the city, people and the dress they were wearing. `

`Why on the earth would a woman wear such short clothes? ” he said shocked.

”Will you please be quiet and put aside your 16 century patriarchy? You can point out people like that John, its so inappropriate so please ” she said while crossing her arms.

The bus stopped and they climbed up. ”So where are we actually going? ” he asked.

”To my friend ” she said shortly.

”Why? ” he asked again, he asked questions like kids.

”Because he will change you to blunt in the new world ” she said while looking at the people who were staring at them. But she knew they were staring at John. He was looking like some Greek hero with his long hair and tall build.

He was 17; everyone could tell that he was from Britain. He didn asked questions anymore. After 15 minutes they were outside of some very huge Salons building.

There was a board on it written ”Carls fashion and new looks. If this is your passion then you are at the correct place for the reason ” he read it aloud.

”Whoa your accent is so good? she said.

”I am a royal and we have special education for princes he said calmly.

”Lets go, she said, they walked inside the building. It was beautiful and it had portraits of models on the walls. ”There is one thing I hate about this new era and thats inappropriate dressing ” he said, while she rolled her eyes.

”Don worry you are going to get used to it, she said calmly and walked ahead.

”Carl She called out to a man who was talking to the receptionist.

”Kylie, long time no sees ” he said and walked ahead and the both hugged.

”Wow! So here in this century a man and woman hug each other publically ” he muttered.

”Carl I have a client for you and I personally want you to assist him ” she said.

”Anything for you sweetie, who is it by the way? ” he asked smiling.

”John come here ” she said to him.

”Carl this is john, John its Carl, you have to change him throughout like the modern looks ” she said while smiling.

”Whoa Kylie I would like to say that this friend of yours is extremely hot, I can refuse him ” he said.

”Excuse me sir, are you into man? ” said John awkwardly, ”No of course not, the girl behind you is my girlfriend and If I am saying that you are hot then it means you are one of those faces ” he said smiling.

”Lets go, lets give you more glow ” he said and took him inside one of those rooms, he turned to look back at Kylie, and she smiled.

”Have fun ” she said smiling.

She sat nearby and started reading the magazine. She always has liked those models and their hairstyles, but she was not willing to change her hair, as she thought that might make her worse. She was insecure about her looks. But indeed she was beautiful.

It took an hour. After an hour he came out with Carl. At first she thought it was all a dream, how can someone be this much attractive and handsome as he was. Carl gave him a taper haircut. He was looking more handsome than his previous looks.

”Wow great job Carl, you have magic in your hands ” she said shocked, while on the name of magic John coughed.

”My long hair, you made me cut them off, ” he said, annoyed.

”Oh come on, stop being a dramatic bitch here, we have to make you blend in society ” she said, annoyed.

”What do you mean by blend? ” said Carl.

”Oh nothing, long hair out of fashion you know ” she said trying to cover.

”Thanks Carl you did a big Job ” she said.

”Anything for you, ” he said, smiling. She went to the table counter and had to pay the bill from her credit card.

”Lets go, John! ” she said to him. ”Now where are we heading to? ” he asked.

”For lunch, You need to eat something John! ” she said and took him to a nearby restaurant. They sat on table number 10 and she ordered her favorite extra cheese pizza.

”Can I ask something? ” he said. She nodded.

”Why are you doing this much for me? I mean I am just an unknown person to you, who came out of mirror ” he asked while looking inside her green eyes. She remained quite but answered after a while ”Don make me regret this ” she said.

The food was served. ”Now eat ” she said.

”What is this? ” he asked.

”Its a Pizza! Eat you are going to like it ” she said and he took a bite with a fork.

”Yeah this thing is nice ” he ate it in few minutes, she felt embraced, he was hungry for centuries and she did not asked him for food at first place.

”Do you want more? ” she asked softly.

”No thats enough for now ” he said smiling. He looked so innocent to her at that moment, she felt like her heart beat a little faster. He got up.

”Can you show me this new city? ” he asked smiling while she nodded.

”A day out with me ” he said smiling. She got up and left with him. First they went to the mall and she brought him a lot of new clothes.

”I don know how I am gonna pay you back ” he said looking embraced.

”By remaining quite ” she said calmly.

”And by the way you look cool in modern dresses ” she said smiling. He smiled back. She took him to Ice-cream shop ”Wow its so delicious ” he said. ”A real magic ” he said.

”So you do magic from childhood? ” she asked him.

”Yeah since I was four I remember ” he said.

”It is cool to be different? I mean that something I had always wished for ” she said sadly.

”Trust me you never gonna like it, if you were a wizard like me and born in a Salem era where its forbidden| ” he chuckled.

”I read a lot of books about that ” she said.

”I remember I saw you reading some book from the mirror the other days ” he said while looking inside her eyes. She blushed.

”Tell me a thing ” he said suddenly.

”What? ” She asked. ”Why you tried to kill yourself the other day? ” he asked.

She started looking on the side, ”Its complicated ” she said shortly. ”You can share ” he said. ”Maybe I will someday, well did you like this new world? ” she asked to change the topic.

”Yeah it is good, especially the ice-cream ” he said smiling, she smiled back at him. ”So where am I going to live? ” he asked.

”Thats a very good question, she said, smiling. ”What? ” he said shocked. ”Please don say it, he said, shocked. ” Yeah, you are going to live at my place for a while and you have to hide from my family too, she said calmly.

”Why do I always have to hide, he said, annoyed.

”Its temporary, ” she said assuredly. He looked so sad. ”Hey don be sad, I will arrange a house for you, but from now its not safe for you to wander around the world, and trust me you will look like a mad man ” she said and chuckled.

She walked ahead ”Mad man? ” he whispered.

”Come on don get your ass lost in the city ” she cried out loud to him. They sat on the nearby bench on the bridge; the moon was so full and youthful.

”Its beautiful Kylie ” he said looking at the moon. ”I know I often come here when I get upset. ”Why do you get upset? ” he asked curiously while looking inside her eyes.

”I always wanted to blend in the other people, but I have always felt odd, they never had let it happen, like I was some kind of creep, whenever I got attached they push me away, and it was always painful like a piece of my heart broke apart ” she said there was a kind of sadness in her voice.

He really wanted to hug her, but he was afraid because from where he came from it was the very last fine thing to do.

”You know in my time, when I was born different, my parents always wanted me to blend in, they had always made me to stop doing magic, but deep inside I knew I can stop doing it as it was part of my spirit my body and how can we stop something thats inside us? so that difference made me estranged from my parents. I didn have friends from the beginning as my father was afraid if I told them who I was, it might be dangerous so I lived my life all alone ” he said while looking at the moon.

She smiled at him, ”Don worry here it is all about your life John, no one will tell you what to do ” she smiled, he smiled at her back.

”So blending here in this world it might be a bit tough ” he said while looking at the woman who was passing by. She was wearing a short skirt and blue top. She laughs ”You know I already have told you that you are going to accept it ” she said smiling. She got up ”Lets go home, I have to think of another plan ” she said.

”What plan? ” he asked curiously.

”I have to let you in school somehow but the problem is you don have documents to be at school what I am gonna say? ” she said worriedly and he sighed.


At 9 Oclock they were standing in front of Kylies house.

”Oh no my Parents are home how I will take you in? ” she said, worried. He smiled and looked up.

”Don be worry, tell me one thing whose window is this? ” he asked looking up at the window.

”Its my brothers room ” she said.

”Is he home? ” he asked. ”No he went out of town, she said.

”Thats what we need he said and in a blink of an eye he disappeared and in a next second he was in the window.

”What the ** ” said Kylie looking up in the mirror. ”Of course you are the wizard ” she said while raising her hands and went inside the house.

Her Parents were having lunch. She does not want to start another war with them so she was going to her room when her mother called her.

”Where have you been? ” she asked in sarcasm.

”I was with a friend, ” she said. ”I don think you have friends? ” she said, smiling devilishly.

”I have few friends of mine if you had guts to know your daughter you might long knows about her friends, mother, now excuse me I have a lot other things to do instead of standing her and listening to your bitching ” she said angrily, her parents were shocked it was first time she spoke like that, she left in anger

”She act out? Or Am I dreaming? said Paul. Her mother was still in shock. She went inside her room angrily. He was already lying on her bed. He was eating an apple.

”Where did you bring that? ” she said. ”From your mothers dinner table ” he said while taking a bite of the apple. She gave him sigh ”How? ” she asked.

”When you were talking to your mother, I used my magical powers and made myself disappear and took an apple, he said. She took a deep breath ”Listen John, your magical abilities are so cool, but we can tell this to someone that you are magical, okay? So be careful to use them, she said calmly.

”Why I always have to hide them? ” he asked, he looked slightly annoyed.

She took a deep breath.

She smiled at him and turned on the music.

It was song by Marivin Gaye

Oh, baby now lets get down tonight (ba-ba-ba, bum)

Ooh baby, Im hot just like an oven (heal me my darling, heal me my darling)

I need some lovin

And baby, I can hold it much longer (heal me my darling, heal me my darling)

Its getting stronger and stronger

When I get that feeling

I want sexual healing

Sexual healing, oh baby

Makes me feel so fine

Helps to relieve my mind

Sexual healing baby, is good for me

Sexual healing is something thats good for me

Whenever blue teardrops are fallin

And my emotional stability is leaving me

There is something I can do

I can get on the telephone and call you up, baby

And honey I know youll be there to relieve me

The love you give to me will free me

If you don know the thing you
e dealing

Oh I can tell you, darling, that its sexual healing

Lets make love tonight

(Wake up, wake up, wake up, wake up)

Cause you do it right

Baby, I got sick this mornin (heal me my darling, heal me my darling)

A sea was stormin inside of me

Baby, I think Im capsizin(heal me my darling, heal me my darling)

The waves are risin and risin

Baby, I got sick this mornin (heal me my darling, heal me my darling)

A sea was stormin inside of me

Baby, I think Im capsizin(heal me my darling, heal me my darling)

The waves are risin and risin

(Wake up, wake up, wake up, wake up)

(Wake up, wake up, wake up, wake up)

(Wake up, wake up, wake up, wake up)

”What an appropriate song is this? ” he said while rolling his eyes.

She looked at him and smiled, ”Well you seemed a bit colder, ” she said and turned off the music and walked towards the window.

”Hey what do you mean by that? ” he asked while raising his hand.

”Nada, ” she said.

”You are complicated, ” he said while rolling his eyes.

”Unlike a prince from the mirror, ” she said.

He looked at her and took the book from the nearby table.

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