My Prince through the reflection

Chapter No 3 21st century

”Ahhhhhhh! ” He screamed too.

”Who are you? What are you doing here in my room and why are you in my bed? ” she said. She was scared.

Her parents were at work and Andy was at school.

”I came out? ” he said, astonished.

”What? ” she said shocked.

”I came out oh my God; I am out ” he got out of the bed and screamed with happiness. ” I came out I came out, where I am? ”

She got up and looked at him like he was some crazy man. ”Excuse me? Are you crazy or drunk? I am asking what on the planet you are doing in my bed ” she said angrily but he was not answering, instead he stood in front of Aunts mirror.

”Wow I never changed a bit ” he said to himself. Then he looked around.

”Sparkles? Sparkles are you out too? Sparkles? ” he started looking for his cat.

”Oh no, he did not come out ” he said worried.

”Why are you shouting? ” said a voice from under the bed.

”Sparkles ? ” he said, astonished.

”I am not Sparkles, my name is Julius, ” said the cat.

Kylie, who was not ready for this surprise, had a panic attack and fainted.

”Lady, Are you okay? Lady? ” he said, worried.

”Maybe she had not seen a talking cat, ” said the cat.

”I never saw the one either, ” he said while crossing his arms.

”I will tell you everything, but first we have to take care of this girl, ” said Julius.

He lifted her up and put her on the bed. After a while she got up. She took a deep yawn.

”It was a strange and very bad dream. I mean a talking cat, ” she said while smiling but when she saw the chair in front of her. He was sitting there and smiling at her.

”Oh no It was real? ” she said.

”Yeah of course, ” said the cat.

”How come you are in my room intruder? ” she said angrily.

”Intruder? I have never felt this much insult in my entire life ” he said angrily.

”Why are you talking like you are some kind of King? ” she said angrily. He gave her an angry sigh. ”An arrogant King, ” she added.

He got up from his chair and turned his face towards the wall. ”I hate it, Sparkles tell her, ” he said angrily.

”My Prince ” said Julius. ”With respect I am Julius, I tried to talk and tell you about my name but I was unable to talk at that time ” he said.

”We have been trapped inside this mirror for a year, Somerzex said.

”Ah my Prince I think it was not a year, it was a century ” Julius said while looking at the calendar. It was showing 4 April 2021.

”What I have been trapped inside this mirror for 310 years? ” said Somerzex astonished.

”Wait will someone tell me what is happening? ” said Kylie, mortified.

”Oh sorry where are my manners? My name is John Somerzex John Howard duke of Jaime land. He said while bowing to her, this gesture was entirely new for her, she walked a few steps back.

”Why are you bowing at me? ” she said awkwardly.

”Maybe the time here is very different, in our time its our gesture ” he said calmly.

”Your time? ” she asked.

”Yeah I came from the 16th century, my mother had somehow put me inside this mirror, when I showed my magical abilities and I don know what happened to her after I got trapped ” he said sadly.

She was looking at him like she was watching a fantasy movie. ”Okay you are telling me you were in that mirror? ” she said.

”Yeah I am speaking English my lady ” he said while moving his finger in his long hair.

”Where are the cameras? she said.

”What is the camera? ” he asked.

”Listen, get out of my house or else I will scream, she said angrily.

”Listen I am telling the truth I remember mothers words, her enchantment, she said I will be only out when needed, may it is because of you, this mirror had many owners, but nobody was able to summon me, but you did somehow, I am telling the truth, you need proof then listen how I know you were ending your life last night, then I stopped you remember I said young lady stop? ” he said to assuring her.

”How you know that? ” she said, astonished.

”Because I was in the mirror and you were the first person I was able to see from the other side for the first time ” he said.

”But how? ” she asked.

”You have to believe me, he said and turned.

He snapped his finger and the table lamp had levitated in the air.

”Wow, how do you do that? she said, surprised.

”Yeah Ive been able to do this since I was a kid ” he said.

”Its fascinating, she whispered.

”You like it? ” he said while nodding. ”No one had said this to me before, everyone wanted me to hide, he said while thinking.

He turned towards the mirror. ”I want to ask many questions, why my mother was able to do magic and why she hid it from me, he said sadly.

”She hid it because she was a witch ” said Julius.

”What? My mother is a witch? ” he was shocked.

”Yeah she was a witch, so do I ” Julius said while climbing up on the nearby table.

”You are a witch too? ” asked Somerzex.

”A wizard! ” snap Julius.

”Yeah I am a wizard and your mother Diana was my elder sister, I turned myself into cat, since Salem witch trial, but somehow it became permanent, I had very bad habit to speak a lot, so one day Diana put a charm on me, locking my human voice, she break the charm when she had sent me with you in the mirror ” said Julius.

”You are my uncle? ” said Julius while half laughing.

”Wow a cat Uncle said Kylie while putting hand over her head.

”Uncle Julius what happened to mother after we left? ” he said.

”How I was supposed to know that nephew but I am damn sure its not good news ” said Julius.

”How will we know that? he said sadly.

”We can find some stuff in a historic book ” said Kylie; she spoke for the first time in a while.

”Thats a good Idea take me there, ” said Somerzex.

”No you can , first we have to change your looks, you look like an Alien in this dress ” she said while looking at him from top to bottom.

”Alien? Pathetic! It is one of the best dresses worn by the prince ” said Somerzex.

”In your time, in your time ” said Kylie, exhausted.

”I have to call Carl for a little help. She said while touching his long hair, he felt embraced.

”Hey, don he said while taking a few steps back, he was clearly shy.

”What happened? ” she asked, shocked.

”Good ladies don touch unknown mens hair like that, ” he said and she laughed.

”Now you are not unknown, we are friends she said laughing. Just then her Phone rang, it was near to Somerzex so he grabbed it ”What kind of thing is this? he asked looking at the Phone.

”Its a Phone I will tell you later about it, now give it to me ” she took the phone from him. It was Andy ”Yeah Andy I am fine now, don worry, wow you have won a one week football scholarship to another school? Yeah sure don worry about me I will manage school, you should go, see you after a week ” she said and hung up the phone.

Somerset was checking upon every technology in the room. ”Whoa this crazy ” he said looking at the fairy music box.

”Okay I will help you to adjust here in this century and to find out what happened to your mother, but you have to do what I am telling you to do she said smiling.

”Where is a stew house? ” he asked.

”What? ” she said.

”A stew house? ” he repeated.

”I am sorry I don understand, she said awkwardly. ”So you are from the medieval period and you have a different accent and words, but I can speak British English, so sorry again ” she said awkwardly.

”I need to take a bath, ” he said, smiling.

”Oh now I understand, let go and you might need new clothes, I will provide you with my brothers then we go and bring you new clothes ” she said while looking inside his deep blue eyes. She turned to leave.


”Here are your clothes ” she said while putting clothes on a nearby bed. He was taking a bath in Andys bathroom. She left to call Carl.

”Hello Carl, ” she said. ”Hi Kylie, long time no see, ” said Carl on the other side.

”Yeah I was a bit busy, listen Carl need help, and can I get an appointment for today? ” she said.

”Yeah, why did you ask? You can come anytime? We have been friends since childhood, ” he said happily. She smiled ”Okay I will see you after an hour ” she said and hung up the phone.

Just then he got out of Andys room. She had given him his grey hood and black jeans; he looked so much handsome in those clothes. His tall build was so divine. She stared at him for a while, but when she felt he noticed she started looking away.

”Lets go, I have talked to my friend ” she said.

”Where are we going and why? ” he said.

”You will know ” she said, ”Will anyone give some food to poor cat I have never ate, for years ” said Julius.

”Oops my bad ” she said and she had put milk in a bowl and placed it in front of Julius, ”Blessed ” said Julius, ”How about me? ” said Somerzex.

”Sorry, whats your name again? ” she asked.

”Prince Somerzex john Howard duke of Jamie land ” he said proudly.

”Okay I prefer to call you john and now to onwards you are john ” she said.

”But John is my maiden name ” he said annoyed,

”John is not mouthful and second you will not tell anyone who you are and where you from, you are John! You have come from different town, and now no one will knows you live here okay? ” she said content.

”But why can I tell? ” he said amazed.

”Because if you tell this anyone! Your ass is going to be toast, they will think you are mad and they will put you inside asylum ” she said exhausted.

He stared at her.

”What? ” she asked.

”Woman don talk like that, ” he said.

She rolled her eyes.

”And why is that, ” she asked.

”Well, if they talk like that, no one marry hers, ” he said while crossing his arms around his chest.

”Geez, I am only 17, who marry at this age? ” she asked.

”17, not 7, you should get marry soon, ” he said.

She stared at him with his one eyes brow raised.

He turned towards the mirror and touches its surface.

”Well, it was quite lonely there, ” he said.

”I am still surprised, how did you managed to get in there, ” she asked.

”Not me, but my mums magic, indeed I came to know that my mom can do it, ” he said. He looked sad and more precisely, sad.

She felt pity.

”Life has its reasons John, ” she said.

He remained quiet, she took a deep breath and walked towards the door ”Julius we will be back after a few hours, if you heard my parents go up in my room straight, lets go John! ” she and left while he followed her.

”But where we are going? ” he asked.

”I said, you will find, ” she said.

”Well I hate surprises, ” he said.

She walked towards the door and smiled. She liked to tease him.

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