My Prince through the reflection

Chapter No 2 The Magical Prince from the Mirror


”Oh no I am late again ” she said and got up in a rush; she went to the bathroom and got ready in 10 minutes. She went down to the Kitchen. Her Brother Andy was eating a sandwich. She sat down and filled the glass with milk.

”You are late again, lazy bump, he said while biting into a sandwich.

”Stop calling me that Andy ” she said angrily. He gave her a mischievous smile. ”Where are mom and dad? ” she asked.

”Fighting as usual, I sometimes wonder how I was born . They spend more than half of the day fighting, he said calmly.

”Paul? how many times I have told you kids are not only my responsibilities, its yours too, if Kylie is being unsuitable and unorganized at school, then you should also pay proper attention to her her mother Linda said angrily, they were so a loud that the siblings could hear them.

”She is nothing like Andy, I am afraid the creep of your family has this gene ” said Linda. ”Oh stop blaming me ” he said while screaming.

”What have you done again? ” asked Andy. ”I had a fight with a cheerleader, actually she was bullying me. I was done with her shit so I answered her with a gesture but she had gone to the teacher. she said while showing him middle finger.

”Whoa thats positive, at last you took steps for your progress ” he said smiling. ”But look, my parents are still not happy, it seems like its the same she said.

”Oh come on sister, they always are the same, its not your fault, and you are perfect in any way Kylie and trust me you look better ” he said smiling.

”If some girl like me had a crush on you and she secretly admires you, will you accept her? she asked. He gave her a sigh.

”Listen sister if you are talking about Luke, you just can be with him, he is not the perfect one for you, and I am damn sure there is someone good for you somewhere ” he said calmly.

”Yeah and all I need is to be changed and thats the problem I don know what to change she said angrily. She took a deep breath and got up.

”I am done with the drama Andy ” she said and turned to leave. ”Wait Kylie, lets go together today ” he said smiling, she nodded. It has been a while since they went together as Andy has been busy with his own personal commitments.


They entered the school, ”Well Well look who is it a loser ” said Emilia. ”A loser and the laziest person on the planet, she is late again, ” said Oscar.

”Hey Andy how you never felt ashamed that she is your sister as you are the 2nd coolest boy at school ” said William who was standing next to Luke who didn looked up, he was typing over his phone. Kylie felt really embarrassed as they were bullying her in front of Luke who happens to be her crush. Andy walked ahead to beat Williams ass but Kylie had put her hand over his shoulder to stop him,

”No Andy I don want any drama here, let them ” she said softly.

”Thats your fault sister, why don you let me speak for you if you can ” he said angrily, there were tears in her eyes and Andy always hated to see her sister cry.

She walked away slowly. Andy turned and punched William really hard over his face. ”This one you deserve to be a jerk, ” he said and walked out. No one can beat or say anything to Andy as he was an infamous school guy.

She went to the Library; it was a place where she felt calm. She had grabbed her favorite book by William Shakespeare Hamlet, She was reading it, but she was unable to concentrate on the book. She was thinking about herself. She was indeed good looking, but the miserable life and sadness has made her so dull. She was not taking proper care of her.


After half an hour after her class her Phone rang. She had grabbed her Phone and picked it up, ”Yes mom? ” she said. ”I need you both at home ASAP. Our distant relative Aunt Lana has passed away ” She heard Lindas voice from the other side.

”Okay mom ” she said and hung up the Phone. She went to look for Andy when she came across Luke; he was with his cheerleader girlfriend Emilia. She whispered something in his ear and he left.

Kylie walked forward towards her locker without looking at Emilia. Emilia gave a very nasty and mischievous smile. Kylie had opened her locker and locked away her stuff in it. She had walked to find her brother. Luckily she had found him in the fields.

”Andy Mom called and said she wanted us to go to the funeral ” she said aloud. Andy turned. He had a lot of features like hers, he was tall, and he had green eyes and brown hairs just like Kylies.

”What is it? Everything okay? ” he asked. She nods in yes. ”Give me a one second ”, he turned and kissed his girlfriend goodbye.

”Lets go ” he said.

They were walking home when she asked ”So are you serious with Lydia ” he laughed very hard.

”No she just a fling nothing more ” he said, while she rolled her eyes. ”You and your playboy abilities ” she said while he laughed.

Aunt Lana died at the age of 88, she died of natural causes. She was her relative from her fathers side.

”Excuse me, as you are the last remaining relatives of the deceased, so she had left a will for you ” said Lawyer Patrick to Linda.

”We already have everything and she was so poor. What she had left for us? ” said Linda nastily.

”I am afraid, Miss Allen, you have to take it or else we have to auction it off ” he said professionally.

”You can au…. ” Linda was about to say but Kylie had stopped her in the middle ”I am interested to see what it is ” she said.

Linda opened her mouth to say something but Andy stopped her by pressing her hand ”Let her mom, its her free will if she wants it, plus its fathers ancestors stuff he doesn care at all so he never came, but she wants it so let her take this ” He whispered.

”Anyways, I don care, what she takes or what not ” said Linda apathetic. Kylie had gone inside the house with Patrick.

”Here it is ” he said, it was something big hidden by huge curtains. He walked ahead and put off the curtains. It was a huge mirror.

”Whoa, its fascinating, ” she said. The mirror was not looking old; it had no date on it. It was golden and it had seashells around it.

She walked ahead and touched its surface. ”Its beautiful Mr. Patrick ” she whispered.

”You are the owner of this mirror, Miss Kylie, ” he said, smiling.

”Me? ” she asked. ”Yeah, your relative had made a will for you not your father ” he said, smiled and left.


She got up early in the morning, she got ready and went to the Kitchen, and Andy was also there.

”Whoa on time finally ” said smiling, she smiled back.

”Want go with me to school? ” she asked.

”Sorry I have to take Jane with me ” he said while apologizing.

”Its okay, next time ” she said smiling and went to the main door.

She opened the locker, it was usually a boring day, but something strange happened today, there was a letter in her locker. She opened it, ”Hi Kylie! you are the most beautiful girl I ever see, Are you coming prom with me Luke, if yes then you know where to find me ” she read the letter again and again, and then again.

”Is this a dream Luke is asking me? ” she said excitedly, she was so happy she forgot he is Emilias boyfriend. She went to the field, today was the match, and Andy was also in the football team, the match started.

After the match she decided to talk to Luke. Luke was tall dark curly haired and tan guy with black eyes. He and the team were celebrating when she went ahead and said ”Luke its yes ”.

”What yes? ” he asked, confused.

”Your question about the prom, I am ready to go to prom with you ” she said excitedly. Andy was also shocked. ”No No what she is doing ” he whispered and left Jane to stop his sister.

”I am going at prom with you? ” he said while half laughing. Her smile faded away.

Emilia also came and stood beside him with an evil smile over her face. ”But you said in a letter that you are coming with me, ” she said, disbelieving.

Andy had come and stood beside her ”Kylie what are you saying? ” he whispered but she did not answer.

”Listen I don know what you are talking about but I am going with my girlfriend ” he said while pulling Emilia closer.

Kylie never had felt this bad in her entire life. There were clearly tears in her eyes. Andy looked at his younger sister, she looked back at him and he knew it was the last nail in the coffin.

She was broken completely and he was afraid of this. She turned and ran out of the field. She threw the letter there, He took it and read it, he went ahead to beat Luke ”You little dumb head how dare you to break my sisters heart ” he said and punch him over his face, Luke got up and punch Andy and they had very rough fight.


She went to her room and locked herself inside the room. She slowly sat down and started crying, “why does this always happen to me? ” she said while putting her fingers in hairs. ”I hate myself, ” she said, crying. Just then she got up and grabbed her sharp nail trimmer ”I will end this ” she said and almost cut off her vein, when she heard a very strange whisper.

”Hey don young Lady killing yourself is a sin ” she turned and the nail trimmer fell off her hand.

”Who is it? ” she said but the voice did not come back, she looked inside the mirror she brought from her deceased relative. She watched her eyes, it was like her own reflection was looking at her, just than she felt her green eyes turning to electric blue, she got startled, then she turned and walked towards her bed, ”Its like I am having hallucinations, can die properly even ” she said to herself and went to her bed.


In the middle of night, Andy came to her room, but she had already fallen asleep. He looked at her sadly and said ”I am sorry sister ” and left.

After he left the whole room illuminated with white light, everything was so light, like angel lightning.


She got up late in the morning; she didn want to go to school. She turned to the other side of her bed. Still eyes closed she looked for a pillow but instead her hand touched something very hard, it was like a human arm, the manly odor was surrounding, first she thought she was dreaming, She hold him softly and hugged him. He was snoring faintly. She opened her eyes instantly, it was some unknown man on her bed and he was sleeping peacefully beside her, she narrowed her eyes to confirm it was indeed what she was seeing, she got up a bit while putting pressure over her arm. His light brown hair were fallen over his forehead, His broad chest was moving up and down as he breaths, when she realized that it was not dream, she got up and screamed. ”Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh ”.

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