April 4, 1690 (17 century)


~ Vos actions sont exactement vos réflexions et les réflexions apportent les réactions ~

~ Your actions are exactly your reflections and reflections brings the reactions ~


April 4, 1690 (17 century)


~ Vos actions sont exactement vos réflexions et les réflexions apportent les réactions ~

~ Your actions are exactly your reflections and reflections brings the reactions ~


”My prince you just can use your magical powers in the court as the king said ” said Frank.

”Father wants me to stop doing something that is in my nature, in my body, how I am supposed to stop something which is part of my flesh and blood ” he said while crossing his arms.

”But my lord the court… ” Frank tried to say something but he stopped him in the middle.

”Frank, I don care what the court will say about me being different, I can help it, I was born this way, ” he said while looking at himself in the mirror.

”The king wants you to be normal as you are the crown prince and upcoming King, if any of them will know that you are one of those trial executes you never become a king my lord or worse they will kill you ” he said looking concerned.

”How dare you talk about me like that, Frank? I am still a crown prince, aren I? ” he said angrily. Frank bowed to him and said ”I am sorry my lord I did not mean to offend you all I was doing my duty, now if you don offend could we go to the court as everybody is waiting for you ”.

He walked towards the door proudly while Frank stood up from his bowed back and gave him a sigh.

”I hope my lord you will soon understand why I am stopping you from doing magic ”.


The court was full of crowd; all the nobles from the countries and the allied countries were sitting there. He entered the court proudly and sat beside the king. The king had given him a sigh like he was saying ”No magic ” and he started looking away.

”So gentlemen we are gathered here for this wonderful day in order to make an announcement, I fix an engagement between our crown prince Somerzex John Howard and lady hazel of gardenia ” said King Ralph smiling. Somerset, who was not ready for this, looked at his father in disbelief.

Everyone in the court clapped. He sat there because he was forced to. He looked at his mother who was looking at him. After the court meeting was over, he went to his mother.

”Mother, what is happening here? I can marry her, you know why ” he said angrily.

”You are the upcoming king and you know you have to get married, ” she said without looking at him.

”Mother you know what i am, you know I can expose it, do you want me in hiding for eternity? ” He said while looking at himself in the nearby mirror.

This was his mothers favorite mirror, since his childhood he saw this mirror in her room. ”I know your condition Somerset but I can help you, you know why ” she said calmly.

”Mother in all my life you both wanted to hide my true nature and now you betrothed me with someone who should not know what I am ” he said while looking at her mothers reflection. He had the same dark brown hair as hers, but he has his fathers electric blue eyes.

He was angry. ”Mother I have always thought when I am going to marry her. I will tell her what I am, instead of hiding ” he said sadly.

”I can understand you son, but we can help it. You know in order to make our kingdom strong we have to betroth you with a nearby kingdom, she said sadly, as she walked ahead and hugged her son.

”Mother, all I wanted was a normal life, why am I not normal like you and dad? he said sadly. She remained quiet.

”Mother, I have always asked you why I am like this, he asked, ”And I told you we don know, she said calmly.

”Time to go, I have to do something urgent, ” she said and turned to her mirror. He knows there are no further talks so he left.

After he left she turned and looked at the door. ”I am sorry my son, I can tell you that I am sorry, ” she said sadly.


He walked out of the castle and went to the woods. He always goes there when he does not feel well. He was walking inside the jungle and sat behind the tree and watching the stars.

”Hi there, you all are the same, how does it feel to be in the same uniform, unlike me, a different being? he whispered. Suddenly he heard the sounds of fallen leaves, he turned and it was a very beautiful brown cat. It was walking to him. She stopped and sat beside him. He wants to share his thoughts with someone, so he put the cat over his lap.

”Hey little cat, its nice to meet you, at least you got a perfect life instead of hiding yourself and becoming something you are not ” he said while laughing sadly.

”Meow, ” said the cat. It was as if she was bored. He let her jump out of his lap, he thought she would go away, but instead she stayed.

”Why don you go? ” he asked but she stood there. Then he got up and started walking away. But it was following him, he turned to look but she never left ”Never mind ” he walked ahead and lifted it up and brought it to the castle.


He was walking inside the castle with the cat when he passed by the king. He first looked at his son, then the cat.

”Now you started bringing forest wildlife into the castle, you are the future king, so behave like one, ” he said, annoyed.

”Father I am behaving like a king, at least this is one thing I did by my own wish, have a

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