My Overbearing Young CEO


”Young Master. ” Secretary Lin called out carefully.

The young man lying indolently on the couch barely twitched. A strong forearm was draped over his face, obscuring his features. The only indication that he heard his title being called out, was a slight twitch of his eyebrows.

”The business here has been completed. We signed the contract with the Jian Group. ”

The young man released a light breath. ”Whats our profit percent? ”

”Forty. The Jian Group insisted on having sixty percent of the profit. ”

” A bunch of thieving tigers. ” Gu Yunsheng, the Gus familys eighth young master, snorted and finally sat up straight. As he did so, his facial features came into view.

This world was filled with many gorgeous people. But those who had seen the Young Master Gu had to admit he was certainly at the top of the chain. With a pair of eyebrows that oozed fierceness and cheekbones as sharp as a razor, he exuded a manly aura.

But what made his looks so outstanding was the lower part of his face. He had full lips that lifted up the edges and seemed to be giving the onlooker a flirtatious smile. His eyes were like the sky at night, dazzling with a myriad of stars embedded in them. Each gaze of his made one feel like they were the center of his attention. This special combination made him the most ostentatious person at every gathering he attended.

At present, his full lips were pulled down in a sneer. ”Give them. Later we will take back twice as much from them. ”

Looking at his boss eyes beaming brightly, Secretary Lin shivered. He really didn understand what those socialites back at home saw in his young master. To him, the young man was like a blood sucking demon. He always ensured he was never taken advantage of. Secretary held a minute of silence for the Jian Group; he was sure later on, his master would make sure to swindle every benefit he could get from them.

”Book the tickets back. ” Gu Yunsheng ordered. He appeared slightly weary as he rubbed his forehead.

”Boss… ” Secretary Lin hesistated to speak.

”Yes? ”

” I received a phone call from Young Master Mo. ”

Gu Yunshengs face contorted. ” What did he want? ”

” He wants to throw a party for you. ” Secretary Lin finally said. As expected, Gu Yunshengs face froze and he gave a short bark of laughter.

”Party? It seems my grandfather is really eager. ” Gu Yunsheng said mildly. When people called Young Master Gu terrifyingly smart, it wasn for show. He leaned back against the sofa as he smiled slightly. ”I never knew he was in such a rush for us to meet. ”

”Boss… ” Secretary Lin called out.

” Decline his invitation. And watch every move each of my aunts makes. ”

Secretary Lin was stunned for a while before he became enlightened. ” Young Master thinks… ”

” Grandpa excels at trickery. Its his strategy to use one ruse to disguise another one. ” Gu Yunsheng clicked his tongue. ”Such a terrible skill. ”

Secretary Lin swallowed. Old Master Gu was a feared man during his days, yet his grandson had no qualms about calling him a paper tiger, he was truly a Gu.

But still…..

”Young Master… you should try to meet up with Young Miss. ”

The temperature around Secretary Lin dropped sharply. He shivered as his boss dark eyes fell on him.

”Oh? ” The man said nonchalantly.

”B.. bo.. boss. ” Secretary Lin stammered. ” You and Young Miss still bear the Gu family name and are known as siblings. It will make the rest of the family feel awkward if you two continue to be estranged. ”

” Lin Yu. ” Gu Yunsheng called.

” Boss. ”

” How many years have you followed after me? ”

” Ten years. ”

” Whats my most forbidden topic? ”

Secretary Lin swallowed. ” Young Miss. ”

” Good. I thought you had forgotten since you could still boldly speak about it to my face. ”

Gu Yunshengs face was cold but surprisingly Secretary Lin wasn discouraged. He took a deep breath and straightened his body. His voice was solemn as he spoke.

” Gu Yunsheng. ”

The man on the sofa raised his eyebrows faintly.

” As your friend of ten years, I ask you not to drag this issue and instead face the thorn in your heart. It would be fine if it were someone else, but Young Miss is a Gu, your elder sister. ”

” Ha.. ” Gu Yunsheng laughed eerily. ” Elder sister? Im not sure any younger brother would have done the things Ive done to my elder sister. ”

Secretary Lins face went red. ” B.. boss! ” He shrieked.

Gu Yunsheng smiled. His tongue poked the inside of his cheek and his starry black eyes burned even more brightly as he remembered the memories of the past.

”Elder sister… ” He spat out. ”Its been so long since Ive seen her. Indeed, we should meet. After all… ” He gave a dark smile. ” She took away something of mine. ”

Secretary Lin cried out in his heart, Young Miss, don worry, Ill burn paper money at your funeral!

Gu Yunsheng stood up. His long lanky legs were encased in black jeans and seemed to extend for miles on end. He strode towards the door. As his fingers touched the doorknob, he paused and turned back to Secretary Lin.

”Lin Yu? ”

Secretary Lin was still mourning for Su Wan and gave a distracted hmph.

”Set a meeting with activist Jing Mei. ” Gu Yunsheng smirked. ”I think you two have a lot to talk about. ”


Secretary Lin collapsed against the table. He shrieked at the back of the departing man. ”Boss! I was wrong! ”

The door slammed, and Secretary Lin swallowed his tears. Silently, he set up another candle in his heart next to Su Wans. It seemed he and his familys young miss shared the same fate.


Gu Corporation.

The Gu family was known throughout the capital. They were not only rich; they

were a true aristocratic family. With more than a hundred years of history, the family was full of heritage. Back in old China, the familys name could be found in historical scrolls. Countless members of the family had their names recorded for one meritorious deed or the other.

In modern times, they were a top tier family that others in the capital had to fawn over. If the Gu family was to stamp its feet down now, the whole Country Z would shudder from the impact.

For such an elite family, their business could only be run by competent hands. The Eldest Young Master of the Gu family was in charge of the family business; Gu Enterprise, but surprisingly the Eighth Young Master of the family had decided to start up his own business.

The Gu Corporation,though only standing for six years, was comparable to most first rate companies. The Eighth Master had thrown his weight into the business and toiled day and night, bringing the company into the top ten in the country. The employees at Gu Corporation therefore were most afraid of this boss. He was like a demon, pushing them to their limit and sucking them dry.

Who knew one day the great demon would also be pushed into a corner?

Gu Yunsheng reclined against the sofa and studied his Second Aunt. He had three aunts but the one he respected the most was naturally this second aunt.

”So my opinion doesn matter? ” He raised a brow.

”No. ” Wang Qiaohui smiled gently. ” Whether you want to or not, you have to meet up with Wanwan today. ”

Gu Yunsheng smirked.

” Don you think this is better? Grandpa came up with different schemes but knowing how smart you are, they would all look like childs play in your eyes. He initially wanted me to trick you into following me to the cafe. Guards are already stationed outside the building to stop you from leaving. ” Wang Qiaohui studied Gu Yunshengs face. ”But I assume you already know this. ”

She saw his smirk and knew she was right. ”So instead of resorting to that, why not let you two meet honestly then? ”

” You call this honestly? ” Gu Yunsheng interrupted.

” Of course. No drugging or scheming involved. Just two young adults meeting to talk. ” Wang Qiaohui paused to take a sip of the tea in front of her. She delicately picked up a piece of cake and placed it in her mouth. ”Frankly, no one knows what transpires between you two, but from you both behavior I conclude it wasn good. ”

” Second Aunt shouldn feel surprised at this situation. ” Gu Yunsheng stared at her with dark eyes. ” After all, you predicted this. ”

Back then, everyone else had been happy when the two of them got together. Only the Second Aunt looked at him with a hint of a frown on her face. She had called him to the study and spoken to him.

”Love between people whose families are closely related should never be indulged in lightly. ” She said, ”If you end up married, its for the best. But if the situation goes south, then it will be the whole family suffering. ”

Back then what had he said? He had been proud, full of love as he promised never to let that happen.

Now? Now even his Grandpa couldn call for a family dinner for fear of triggering something.

”So what do you say? ” Her voice broke his reverie. He looked up at her and smiled. ”Do I have a choice? ”

”Good. Then lets get going. ” Wang Qiaohui stood up. ”And when you see her, don carry that dark face of yours. She would probably be scared off before you two could even exchange greetings. ”

” Not only am I being forced to meet my ex, I even have to greet her with a smile? ” Gu Yunsheng tsked.

Wang Qiaohui threw him a look.

The two exited the CEOs office and took the private elevator down to the carpark. The driver respectfully pulled open the door for them and they got in.

Gu Yunsheng reclined on the back seat and closed his eyes. Behind his pupils, a palm sized face appeared. Her bright eyes were like the moon, guiding him and controlling his every move. Her smile was his sustenance.

He rotated the phone in his palms.

Six years.

He wondered what she looked like now. If her eyes would still widen in surprise and delight when she saw him. His heart gave a lurch and he bit his lips in thought.

What was he feeling? Was it the remnant of that fiery passion? Or was it the normal apprehension and awkwardness of seeing an ex lover? Or was it the resentment of seeing the one who broke you?

He smiled thoughtfully, so many complex emotions. Only when he saw her would he be satisfied.

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