My Overbearing Young CEO


The sunlight poured into the room causing the lady slumbering on the bed to flinch. She buried her head under the pillows, but a knock on the door made her raise it up and groan.

”Young Miss. ” A voice followed after the knock.

Young Miss?

That title got Su Wan jolting up. She glanced around her hurriedly and what came into sight was a sea of pink.

Pink painted walls, chairs, tables, even down to the lamp by the bedside; everything was a shade of pink.

Su Wan had long parted ways with that colour. Nothing in her home had anything to do with that shade. After growing up surrounded by a sea of pink, she had grown tired of it.

But now Im back here again, she thought. Back in my childhood bedroom. How did I get here? She tried to remember what happened. After we drank,how did I get here? Did Jing Mei bring me over? Anyway, it doesn matter. She looked at the room again and sighed. I really need to tell Grandpa to change this horrid colour.

She got up and walked to the door, pulling it open. A maid stood outside.

”Young Miss. ” She bowed. ”Breakfast is ready. The family is waiting for you downstairs. ”

”Okay, thank you. ” Su Wan smiled gently. After shutting the door, she hurriedly ran to the bathroom to clean wash up.

Please don let it be pink… Su Wan thought as she pulled open her closet. Sure enough, most of the dresses were in varying shades of pink. But luckily there were a few other colours there too.

Su Wan pulled out a red cropped hoodie and paired it with some casual jeans. She looked at the shoe rack and it was all pink. Left with no choice, she choose a pink fuzzy slippers and slipped her feet into it.

Su Wan walked out of the room. As she went downstairs, she found everything to still be familiar. The stain on the walls where she and him stuck their sauce covered hands, the chip on the wooden banister….. It all brought back memories.

When she finally went down and into the dining room, the people seated there made tears fall from her eyes.

”First Aunt, Second Aunt, Third Aunt… ” She choked.

The three graceful women stood up from the table and swept her into their embrace.

”Little Wanwan. We have missed you! ” First Aunt gushed.

”I missed you too. ” Su Wan laughed. Her eyes went to the elderly man seated by the table. His full head of white hair shone under the morning sunlight.

That hair used to be a deep black… Su Wan thought, nostalgic. He had his glasses perched on his nose, while he pretended to read the papers in front of him.

His posture was so similar to the one in her memories that Su Wan laughed. It was like a tinkling bell, causing the old mans hand to tremble.

She approached him gently and reached around to hug his shoulders.

”Papa, Im home. ”

Old Master Gus hand clenched, but he said nonchalantly, ”Huh, who is this? Aiyo, Im already getting old, faces can come to me anymore. ”

Su Wan laughed. ”Look at how healthy you are, how can you be called old? ” She held his arm and swung it coquettishly. ”Grandpa, your Xiaxia is back… ”

”Ohhhh, what Xiaxia? ” The old man continued to feign.

” Your favorite grandchild. ” She rubbed her head on his arm.

” Oh, the grandchild that left for six years and couldn be bothered about her old man? ” Old Master Gu said with a tone of grievance.

Su Wan pursed her lips. ”I called… ”

”Hmm. How many times a week? Just two! One week you even went without calling! The other time, on the first of March, you rejected my video call! ” Old Master Gu let out the grudges in his heart.

Su Wan knew the old man was pained and readily accepted the blame. ” Yes, yes, its all my fault, bad Wanwan. ”

” Hmph. Don think acknowledging your mistakes will left you off. ”

” To make up, I will stay with Grandpa for a while, hmm? ” Su Wan looked up and blinked cutely.

” Who cares? ” Old Master Gu flipped his papers.

Seeing he didn want to cave, Su Wan used her ultimate weapon.

”Look at grandpa, he didn even ask how Wanwan has been outside all these years. Look at my hands, Ive got calluses from washing dishes all year round. My leg has several cuts. Even my head hurts, wuuuu! ” Su Wan started to wail.

”Huh? My poor Wanwan! Stop crying, its all grandpas fault. ” He reached out to pull her up. Su Wan sat on the chair next to him and continued shedding tears. ” Bad grandpa. ”

”Yes, yes. ” The sight of those delicate eyes leaking pearl like tears made Old Master Gus heart ache. ”Stop crying. ” He was flustered and immediately shot a harsh look at the three aunts.

The three aunts covered their mouths and laughed.

”Wanwan, its okay. Don let grandpa worry anymore. ” Second aunt, Wang Qiaohui said.

” Hmmm. Okay! ” Su Wan changed faces immediately and began to smile.

”Can I serve breakfast now? ” The old lady who had been standing by the side, asked after the drama was over.

”Serve it! Do you want my Wanwan to starve? ” Old Master Gu slapped the table.

The old lady gave a snort at the old man. ”Who was the one who threw a tantrum and insisted on not eating until Wanwan coaxed him? ” She exposed the old Master.

” You… ” Old Master Gu held his chest.

” Grandpa don argue with Grandma Yu. You will lose. ” Su Wan butted in and also teased the old Master.

”Are you taking her side too Wanwan? ” Old Master Gu was sad. His three daughter-in-laws laughed at him and he glared at them.

”Grandma Yu, I missed you! ” Su Wan ignored the whining old man and focused on the old housekeeper.

”You didn miss me, you missed my food. ” Housekeeper Yu said sarcastically.

Su Wan was exposed and touched her nose guiltily. ” Grandma Yu, you don have to say it so loudly. ”

” Eish. ” Housekeeper Yu tutted and went back into the kitchen. She came back with several dishes.

”Grandma Yu what did you make? ” Third Aunt, Liu Mingzhu peered at the dishes.

” Oh! Grandma Yu is that my favourite braised porks? ” Su Wan saw the first dish and grinned. ”I knew Grandma Yu loves me the most! ”

”Hmm. ” Old Master Gu let out a cough.

”But no one loves me more than Grandpa! ” Su Wan hugged Old Masters arm.

” All you have is a sweet mouth. ” Housekeeper Yu scorned Su Wan.

Their laughter filled the house and reached even the front door.

Butler Li sighed as he stood near the entrance of the house. He really wanted to go and have fun too! But then he remembered the task Old Master Gu assigned him and he froze. Forget food, if he could survive today, he would be very happy!

Sigh, it was hard being a butler.

The sound of reverring engines sounded. Butler Li took a glance outside and saw a car driving up. He took a deep breath and opened the door. He stood at the top of the stairs and bowed as he saw the man walking up.

”Young Master. ”

”Hm. ” The man gave a grunt. Butler Li was already used to this and let him walk pass. They entered the house and the man paused to change his slippers.

The sound of laughter could be heard even from here. The man paused with his hand on the shelf. He turned his inquiring eyes to Butler Li.

”Young Master….. Young Miss is back. ” Butler Li spoke up first.

The man stopped his movements. Calmly, he put back on his shoes.

”Young Master? ”

”Tell Grandfather I will see him another time. ” The man said hoarsely.

”Young Master….. ”

But he had already left.

Butler Li took back his hand and sighed. How did things become like this?Ever since that year….. sigh!

The Young Master and Young Miss who were inseparable suddenly became distant. It affected the whole household and Young Miss even had to go abroad. His old self was bald from worrying about them. Sigh.

Well, the youngsters would settle their own matters, he still had to go eat braised pork!

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