My Overbearing Young CEO


Jing Mei pulled the two drunkards with her as she stumbled out of the room.

”Im never letting you two drink again. ” She murmured. She looked around for help but couldn find any.

”D*mn it. ”

Jing Mei pulled Su Wan along with one hand and used the other to hold up Song Ran.

”I want to fly….. ” Su Wan sang happily.

”I could push you out the window. ” Jing Mei muttered darkly. She moved forward slowly, pulling the wriggling Su Wan along.

”Stop the car. ” Song Ran kicked up a fuss of her own. ” I said stop! ”

” Urgh! ” Jing Mei stopped moving. Just as she was in a loss, she saw someone who made her eyes lit up. She immediately let go of the two girls, not caring that they slide down to the floor.

”Secretary Lin! ” She hurried after the man.

Secretary Lin looked back when he heard someone calling his name. As soon as he saw who it was, he automatically sped up and hastily tried to run into the private room.

” Running away now? ” Jing Mei scoffed as she watched the tall, thin man wearing a suit running comically down the hallway.

Secretary Lin looked back and laughed uneasily. ” Ha. Why should I? ” He stood still while scratching his head, looking everywhere but at Jing Mei.

”If you say so. ” She said patronizingly. ”Anyway, I need help from you. ”

”WHAT? ” He yelled. He seemed terrified. His eyes flashed beneath his gold rimmed glasses.

”Secretary Lin, if one didn know, they would think I wanted to kill you. ” Jing Mei teased.

” Ha ha. What does Miss Jing need my help for? ” He asked uneasily.

” Just for you to help me bring someone home. ”

” Oh. ” Secretary Lin was relieved. He patted his chest and then adjusted his glasses. ”Thats easy. ”

”Do you think I wanted your life? ” Jing Mei hissed.

It wasn impossible, Secretary Lin thought. This woman was a female devil.

”Let me get her for you. ” Jing Mei went back and soon returned holding someone. Her hair hung over her face, so Secretary Lin was unable to tell how she looked like.

”Here. Hold her carefully. ” Jing Mei passed Su Wan over to the man.

Secretary Lin held the lady carefully. Her hair parted as he did so and he caught a glimpse of her face.

”HAAAA!!! ”

Secretary Lin yelled in fright. He instinctively wanted to let go of Su Wan.

”Thats Old Master Gus favourite grandchild. ” Jing Mei gave a kindly reminder.

Secretary Lin hastily held on to Su Wan. He glanced up at Jing Mei with wet eyes.

” Miss Jing, tell me, how did I really offend you? ”

” Take care of her. ” Jing Mei ignored him and went on ahead, taking Song Ran along with her.

Secretary Lin looked at Su Wan in his arms and wanted to cry. He looked in the direction of the private room and decided to do a clean job. He grabbed Su Wan and fled downstairs. He quickly contacted one of the drivers for the old residence and told him to drive over.

While waiting for the driver, Secretary Lin prayed. Please don let Boss notice my disappearance, please don let Boss notice my disappearance, please don …


”Ha! ” Secretary Lin jumped ten foot up in the air. He fumbled around in his pocket and hastily brought out his phone. He looked at the screen in trepidation. As expected, the caller ID showed Boss.

Secretary Lin wanted to die.

”H.. he.. hello? ” He picked up the call, his voice wobbling.

”Lin Yu. ”

Two words.

Secretary Lin almost fell over. ”B.. bo.. boss. ”

”Three minutes. ”

”Huh? ” Don blame him. Secretary Lin sowre he was noramlly an astute man. But the boss had been in a terrible mood for a week and was unpredictable. Secretary Lin had found himself on the verge of pulling out his hair multiple times this week.

”Get up here. ”

”Huh? Oh! Three minutes to come upstairs? ”

”Two minutes. ” The voice grew colder.

”Huh? ” Secretary Lin was lost again.

” Left. ” The man hung up.

” Two minutes.. left… Is he by my left? ” Secretary Lin looked around. ”Two minutes left. Two minutes left! ” Secretary Lin finally caught on.

” Ha! ” Secretary Lin looked at the woman in his arms. ” What am I supposed to do now? ” He wanted to cry.

With no choice left, he carried Su Wan upstairs with him. He texted the driver before wisely meeting the manager and booking another room. He stuffed Su Wan into the room then warned the manager to make sure no on would go in, before hurrying back to his boss side.

Outside the private room, Secretary Lin hurriedly wiped his sweat and composed himself before striding in. ”Boss. ” He addressed the young man who sat with his back against the light.

”You used five minutes. ” The man spoke calmly but Secretary Lin could feel the murderous aura.

”I ran into some business acquaintances. ” After all, he wasn the mans secretary for nothing. He lied smoothly. He looked around and noticed their partner was gone.

”Where is Mr. Huo? ”

”Hes gone. ” The man said. He flicked the cigarette in his hands and took a slow drag. ” Theres no need for further talks. ” He spoke while blowing out smoke rings.

Secretary Lin shivered. That was another collaboration gone down. ”Sir… we need to find someone fast to partner with. The building project has been left for too long. ”

”Hmm. ” The man spoke. ”Bring me someone capable. ”

So the people who came before weren capable? Secretary Lin imagined the looks those CEOs would have on their faces if they heard his boss.

”Then sir, should we…? ”

Just then a phone rang. Secretary Lin looked down to see it was his phone.

”Hello? ” It was the driver he had called over.

” Sir… I met the manager… but Miss Su… is missing. ”

” What? ” Secretary Lin almost fainted.

” We are checking the CCTVs for her already. ”

Secretary Lin grabbed his hair and yanked on it. ” Im on my way. ”

”Going somewhere? ” The man on the chair asked.

” Hmm. Yes! My little sister is missing! ”

” Lin Yu. ” The man laughed. ” Where did an orphan like you get a sister? ”

Secretary Lin deflated. His mind spun before he said sadly. ” Boss… the truth is that my aunt arranged a blind date for me with one of her friends daughter. The lady saw me here today and threw a tantrum previously, thats why I was late. Now shes missing. My aunt would kill me if anything happens to the lady so….. ”

The man was silent for a long while.

” Boss? ” Secretary Lin asked carefully. He wasn sure his boss believed his story.

”Go on. ” The man waved.

Secretary Lin hastily escaped. As he walked downstairs, he received a call.

”We found her. Miss Su stumbled out on her own but thankfully shes okay. Just a bump in her head from hitting the door. ”

Secretary Lin released a sigh of relief. ”Where are you? ”

”Downstairs. The parking lot. ” The driver sighed and looked at the wriggling woman in his arms. ” Miss Su… is not cooperating. ”

Secretary Lin hurried down. He saw the driver holding a wailing Su Wan.

”Whats wrong? ” Secretary Lin inquired.

The driver quickly pushed Su Wan to Secretary Lin. Startled, he quickly caught her.

”You… ” He glared at the driver who shrugged.

”Miss Su? ” He called out to the woman in his arms.

”It hurts…. ” She whimpered.

What hurts? ” Secretary Lin was instantly terrified. Was she gravely injured?

” My head. ” Su Wan pointed at the small bump on her forehead.

Once again, Secretary Lin felt like weeping.

”Its just a small bump…. ”

”Blow it! ” The lady insisted. ”Blow it. ”

”Miss Su… ”

”Ill tell Grandpa you all are bullying me… ” Tears leaked from her eyes.

Left with no choice, Secretary Lin personally coaxed the little princess for a while before she finally agreed to get into the car. He watched the driver stuff Su Wan into the car and drive off before he could calm down. As he climbed the stairs, he sighed. First it was his boss, now it was his boss…. Whatever she was now. They were all out for his hair.

No! Secretary Lin covered his hair.I must keep my hair safe!

He went back to his boss. ”Sir, its settled. ”

”Call the driver. ” The man leaned against the car and rubbed his head tiredly.

” Yes sir. ” Secretary Lin stepped out and made a call. He followed his boss back home and when the male devil finally left, he sighed and touched his head.

Another day passed safely without him losing all his hair.

Sigh, its wasn easy!

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