My Overbearing Young CEO


”Why are you here? ”

The girl pouted angrily.

” Didn I tell you not to pick me up anymore? ”

” Whats with your face? ” The boy snorted. ” Is this how you should be greeting your boyfriend whom you haven seen for three days? ”

” I would have been happier if you didn show up here at all. ”

The boy held his bicycle handle. ” Why? Whats wrong Beibei? Youve been avoiding me recently. ”

The girls eyes flickered and she turned away.

The boy looked down depreciatingly. ”Are you….. ashamed of me? ”

” You keep showing up around my school, how do you expect me to acknowledge you? ” The girl finally said. ” All my friends keep laughing at me whenever you are here. ”

” Ha. ” The boy raised his head and laughed. ” So thats it. ”

”And must you show up in your uniform? ” The girl looked at her boyfriends high school uniform. ”Its so out of place here. Do you want everyone to know a freshman like me is dating a high schooler? ”

”What? Do you regret it now? ”

” I don . Don just pick me up anymore. You
e embarrassing me. ”

” Ha. ” The boy lowered his head, his eyes hidden by the hair that hung over his forehead. ”You should have thought of this before agreeing to date me. ”

”Don be so long-winded. ” The girl said. ” Just go. My friends will soon come out. Shoo. ”

The shop behind them opened and a group of chattering girls rushed out.

” Beibei! ”

”Go home now. ” The girl patted the boys shoulder and then turned around and ran to her friends.

”Oh. Its that handsome brother of yours again. ” One of the girls said loudly. ”What did he want this time? ”

”Just came to pass a message. ”

”Why didn he do it over the phone? Seriously, those high schoolers are so annoying. ”

The girls walked off laughing.

The boy was left standing under the tree. His shoulders shook as he laughed lowly, then picked up his bike.

”Wanwan? ”

Su Wan blinked gently as she came back to her senses. Her eyes darted to the boy walking off. Even his back was hunched with pain.

”Sigh. That poor boy. ” Jing Mei pursed her lips. ”What wrong with youngsters of these days? Look how sad the kid is. ”

Su Wan smiled. ” What? Does it hurt your advocate heart? ”

” Its injustice! ” Jing Mei said righteously.

” Pfft….. ” Su Wan laughed. ” What is our activist going to do, huh? ”

Jing Mei frowned. ” Theres nothing I can do, sigh. ” She patted her chest unhappily. ” Come on lets go get dinner. Sigh, my mood has been ruined. ”

Su Wan laughed as she followed her friend into her car. They drove off from the university.

”The usual? ” Jing Mei inquired.

”Yep. ” Su Wan leaned back as she scrolled through her Weibo.

They arrived at their favourite restaurant and headed in.

”Miss Jing, Miss Su. ” The manager came forward beaming.

” Manager Han, its surprising you still remember me. ” Su Wan smiled gently.

” I served you for nineteen years, theres no way I would forget you. ” The man beamed. ” Luckily, your room is open now. Come, come. ”

They went into the private room and ordered. After the manager left, Jing Mei raised a brow.

” Seems you are still as popular as ever, Miss Su. ”

” Not as popular as you. ” Su Wan teased. ” Activist Mei. ”

” Stop teasing me. ” Jing Mei waved unhurriedly. ” To be honest, Im surprised you came back. ”

” Ive stayed away far too long. Its only appropriate I return. ” Su Wan said.

” Are you sure thats the reason…..Or is it because of him? ”

Su Wan paused. She lowered her eyes, smiling gracefully. ” Of course not. Thats all in the past. ”

”It should be. Don make things awkward now. ” Jing Mei reminded her.

”Hmmm. ”

A knock came on the door and the manager led some waiters in.

After making sure they were alright, he left, leaving them to their meal.

”All done. ” Jing Mei came back from paying the bill. ”Where are we going now? ”

”Song Ran called. She gathered some of our old friends. They are at a KTV. ”

” Come on. Lets go then. ” Jing Mei perked up immediately.

They got into the car and sped to the KTV. They parked and got down from the car.

”What room are they in? ”

”Sixteen. ” Su Wan took a glance at her phone and responded.

They went into the KTV and came to the room. As soon as they opened the door, loud cheers sounded.

”Welcome back Su Wanxia! ”

Su Wan grinned as she went in. A red ball darted at her.

”Wanwan! ”

The two collided and fell to the ground.

”Ranran, get up. ” Su Wan laughed.

”Nope. Let me hug you! Ive missed you! ”

”Alright. Hug as much as you want. ”

” Okay! ” Immediately, Song Rans hand became naughty and reached for the two large buns on Su Wans chest.

”Ranran! ” Su Wans face heated up.

”Ha ha. You gave me permission. ” Song Ran chuckled and squeezed to her hearts content. Thankfully, the people in the room were all ladies, otherwise Su Wan won know where to hide her face.

”Cut it out. ” Jing Mei attacked and tickled Song Ran. The lady let go in a fit of laughter and Su Wan quickly stood up. In revenge, she joined hands with Jing Mei and tickled Song Ran.

”Ive learnt my lesson, let me off! ” Song Ran yelled.

The three best friends laid on the floor laughing and gasping for breath. The people in the room gathered around and pulled them up.

”Today, we are going to sing, eat and get drunk! ” Song Ran yelled.

” Yay! ”

Su Wan was pulled into the crowd. She was forced to sing, dance and take multiple shots.

” No more. ” She waved her hand when someone came up to her holding a bottle of wine. ” If not Ill pee pee. ”

”Pee pee! ” Song Ran laughed. ”She wants to pee pee. ”

”You two are wasted. ” Jing Mei sneered at them.

Su Wan held Jing Meis hand. ”Our loyal and upright Miss Jing. ” She slide down until she was lying on the womans lap. ”Youll take care of me, right? ”

”Get up, you drunkard. ” Jing Mei pinched her face.

”Ouch. ” Su Wans eyes were red from drinking. She glared at Jing Mei pitifully, looking like a wronged puppy.

Jing Mei pinched harder.

”Bad Meimei. ” Su Wan waved unsteadily. ”Bad, bad, baddie. ”

”Yes, yes, Im bad. ” Jing Mei rubbed Su Wans head dotingly. ”Look at how you are. I can even let you out alone to drink. ”

Su Wan purred as Jing Mei rubbed her head. She really looked like a dog.

By the time the party was over, half the ladies were drunk. The sober ones led their friends away after saying their goodbyes.

Now Jing Mei was left with a problem.

How could she get those two drunkards home?

”Wanwan? ”

”Hmm? ” Su Wan raised her head, her hair sticking up. ”Are we home? ” She tried to stand.

”Home? ” Jing Mei laughed, depressed. ”I have no idea how we are going to get home. ”

”I know! ” Su Wan raised her hand. ” By cab….. ”

Jing Mei looked at the proud Su Wan, who looked like she wanted to be praised and sighed.

Her eyes went on to the drunk Song Ran who was snoring happily on the couch.

”Why is my life so hard? ”

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