My Groom Ran Away Chapter 16.2

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Lan High School had a high education standard.
When Ruan Zhiyin had just transferred, she could not keep up.
She would always ask him questions about their homework while she laughed and said that the tutor that Lin Cheng had found for her did not explain as well as he did.

The two of them had a marriage contract and she would always follow behind him.
Everyone thought that she liked him, but Qin Jue himself was unsure about this fact.
They had never spoken about this.

Ruan Zhiyin had naturally followed him, and she was very obedient.
He was also able to help her out without offending anyone and also allowed her to avoid a lot of trouble.

There was indeed a marriage contract between the two of them, but he was unsure whether Ruan Zhiyin’s ‘blunt’ like was due to the marriage contract or if it was due to her grandfather’s expectations.

At the end of his freshman year, his relationship with his mother became more and more strained due to his wish to change his major.
It was also then that his relationship with his father also became strained.

Due to Fang Weilan’s severe depression, Qin Jue had been obedient and filial for twenty years.
He had always been tolerant of his mother’s temper and had never gone against her.

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But that day, Mother Qin had torn up his application for changing his major and had ‘patiently persuaded’ him about his second and third uncle’s ambitions.
She had asked him to obediently marry Ruan Zhiyin and take over the Qin Company.

That was the first time Qin Jue had argued with his mother.

Afterward, he somehow accepted Lin Jingfei’s suggestion to pretend that they were in a relationship.
Half of it was due to his wish to rebel against Fang Weilan and the other half was that he wanted to test Ruan Zhiyin’s love.

However, before they dated for long, Grandfather Ruan had delivered a message to Old Master Qin, saying they should either break off the marriage contract or change the marriage candidate to be Lin Jingfei.

It was only when Old Master Qin came to talk to him with a sullen face did Qin Jue find out that Ruan Zhiyin was going to go abroad.

He refused the Ruan family’s request to break off the marriage contract and ‘broke up’ with Lin Jingfei.
Before long, he also went to the United States.

When Qin Jue appeared in front of Ruan Zhiyin again, he could clearly feel the distance between him and Ruan Zhiyin.

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Maybe it was due to the new environment, but her personality had become more open and she had quite a few friends.

She did not ask about Lin Jingfei’s matter and he had chased after her for a year.
It was Christmas when she suddenly agreed to be in a relationship with him.

Being abroad for all those years, without the restrictions from the Qin Family and the marriage contract, their relationship had become a lot more natural.

Even though the two of them were busy due to school and work, and seldom had time to spend on their relationship, Qin Jue was still very happy.
At least he was sure that Ruan Zhiyin truly loved him.

This determination became certain when his parents found out that he had changed his major and cut off his economic connections.
It became even more certain when he built up his business from scratch.

Ruan Zhiyin had accompanied him the entire time.
She had even given up the recommendation of her adviser to continue her studies.
She gave up returning to China and gave him all the support she could.

On the eve before T&D went to the market, he gave her 30% of the shares as a wedding gift.
At that time, he had determined that she would be the only wife he would have in his life.

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Even after they had several disputes after returning from abroad, Qin Jue had always felt that their relationship was stable.

He had always wanted to resolve Ruan Zhiyin’s prejudice against Lin Jingfei.
However, he kept running into problems.

He had previously promised Grandmother Ruan that he would always take care of Lin Jingfei and he couldn’t renege on his promise.
However, he would always argue with Ruan Zhiyin, and Qin Jue could do nothing about it.

That time they had argued about Lin Zhe and her aggressive attitude had weakened his reasoning, causing him to say hurtful words.

It was not until a few days earlier did Qin Jue find out that when Ruan Zhiyin had returned to China, she had immediately dismissed Lin Zhe from the Ruan Company.

In fact, he should have realized that she could not have been mean for no reason.
If she had truly done something like this, then the relationship between her and Lin Zhe must have been very bad.

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Qin Jue was silent for a long time.
Director Xiang also waited for a long time before he asked, “Do you…
want to drive Lin Zhe away?”

“Yes, let the security guards know not to let him in in the future.”

After speaking, Qin Jue hung up the phone.
His eyes were filled with contemplation.
He had even forgotten that he was going to discuss the project plan with Director Xiang.

After a while, he looked at Zhai Xu and said, “Go and find out what Lin Zhe had done before.”

If Ruan Zhiyin was really disappointed, as long as he found out the reason, then they could reconcile.
Qin Jue believed that the feelings between the two of them would not disappear so easily.

“Yes, boss.” Zhai Xu nodded and accepted.

The sound of a phone vibrating again was heard in the office.
Zhai Xu glanced at his pocket and ascertained that it was not his phone before he breathed a sigh of relief.

When he looked up, Qin Jue had already picked up the phone.

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