My Groom Ran Away Chapter 16.1

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Zhai Xu was now terrified of his workdays.
After his boss had gone to the Ruan Company to talk about the cooperation, it felt like he had become a completely different person.

Previously, his boss had high expectations, but he was not harsh.
These days, his attitude had been ice cold with no warmth.

The day before yesterday, Manager Lin had made a minor mistake when he was receiving some guests from a partner company.
The boss had directly asked Director Xiang to dismiss the person.

That was Miss Lin’s cousin, and it was even the boss who had arranged for him to enter the company! If even Lin Zhe was fired, then Zhai Xu really did not dare to make any mistakes.
Zhai Xu spent each day trembling in fear.

If he had known the situation would have deteriorated to this extent, he definitely would have said nothing that day.
Not only did his boss completely fail to persuade Miss Ruan, but his boss had also become like this.

He was regretting it now.
He was really, really regretting it.

Looking at his boss’s dark expression, Zhai Xu mentally sweated for Director Xiang who had just handed in a project plan.

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The phone in his pocket vibrated twice.
Zhai Xu dug out his phone and glanced at the familiar caller ID.

Seeing Qin Jue’s displeasure, he quickly dismissed the call.

Qin Jue glared slightly before he retracted his gaze.
His expression was grim and closed the project plan that Director Xiang had submitted about the lakeside project.
He picked up the phone on his desk and dialed an internal number.

“Hello, President Qin.”

Director Xiang’s voice was nervous.

“Whose responsibility was the research…”

Before he finished speaking, he heard loud noises in the background.
Qin Jue took back the demands for an explanation he was about to ask and frowned before asking, “What is going on over there?”

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Director Xiang hesitated for a moment before he carefully said, “Manager Lin does not want to accept that he has been fired and demands to see you.”

Lin Zhe had been airdropped into his department and he was the cousin of President Qin’s close female friend Miss Qin.
Even though there was no way he would have been able to get into the Qin Company through the normal employment methods, no one in their department dared to offend him.

Director Xiang did not like that he would have such a worker under him, but there was nothing he could do when that person had such strong backing.

A few days ago, Lin Zhe had made a mistake when he was receiving guests from the partnering company and was directly told of his dismissal by Director Xiang.

He believed that Director Xiang was deliberately making things difficult for him, so today he had made a fuss at the company.
He had even pulled out Qin Jue’s name to threaten him.

Director Xiang knew clearly that Lin Zhe was dismissed directly by Qin Jue.

Still, the other person did not believe what he said.
After all, Qin Jue was the one who had arranged for him to work under Director Xiang.

Hearing that Lin Zhe had come to the company to make trouble, Qin Jue’s mood turned even worse.

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The words Ruan Zhiyin had said made him understand.
Right now, she was not simply throwing a tantrum.

Qin Jue had been shocked by the heartbreaking words that she had said.
He had also been carefully thinking about the arguments they have had over the past few months after they had returned.

She had always had a good temper and even when it was because of Lin Jingfei that they had quarreled, she had never once completely lost control.

Aside from the time he had arranged for Lin Zhe to join the company, Ruan Zhiyin became hysterical when she was asking him for his reasons.

At that time, in Qin Jue's view, it was a trivial matter that was not worth arguing about.

But that was the first, and only time did they ever have a real argument, and it was because of Lin Zhe.

Qin Jue had never wanted the two of them to say hurtful things to each other when they’ve lost their minds.
But at that time, he had used the harsh relationship between her and Jingfei to criticize her.

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The Qin family and the Ruan family had always gotten along.
The marriage between him and Ruan Zhiyin had been arranged ever since they were young.
However, Ruan Zhiyin was lost when she was roughly three years old.
He only vaguely remembered her as a shy little sister, but as he grew up, that impression became more and more blurry.

Later, Aunt Ruan brought Lin Jingfei back to the Ruan family.
Qin Jue had always been calm as a child and he was also an older brother.
He gradually transferred his regretful love onto Lin Jingfei.

After giving birth to Qin Xiang, Mother Qin had suffered from postpartum depression.
It was so severe, she could not even bear to look at the kids.
So he and Qin Xiang had lived with the Ruan family for about two years.

Grandmother Ruan's pure kindness and care towards Qin Jue and Qin Xiang was something the complicated Qin family did not have.
To Qin Jue, she was the elder he respected the most.

When Grandmother Ruan had passed away, Aunt Ruan had also passed away just a year before.
She could not help but worry about Lin Jingfei.
She held Qin Jue’s hand as she told him to take good care of Lin Jingfei.
He had agreed.

A few years later, Ruan Zhiyin was returned to the Ruan family by Grandfather Ruan.
Qin Jue quickly saw the shadow of the young girl in her and he naturally took good care of her.

Qin Jue did not know when he fell in love with Ruan Zhiyin.
In the beginning, everyone only paid attention to the marriage contract between them.
They would often tease her and he would help her out of uncomfortable situations.

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