My Groom Ran Away Chapter 14.2

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He was extremely focused.
His attitude was extremely different from the gentle look he had on earlier.

Ruan Zhiyin could not help but think that this man's acting skills were superb.
It really is not without reason that he was able to make such a comeback.

For the stock prices, this person could really become omnipotent.

“Cheng Yuelin.”

She decided to break the silence first.

The man lifted his eyes off the computer screen and turned his head slightly.

Ruan Zhiyin hesitated for a second, but she still said the words that she wanted to say this morning.
“Thank you for picking me up.
Actually, I hope we can get along well in the future.”

When Cheng Yuelin heard this, he looked at her for a few seconds before he smiled.
Then he imperceptibly nodded his head.
It appeared that he was in a pretty good mood.

Seeing his response, Ruan Zhiyin continued.
“So you…
and I should try to avoid unpleasant situations, like yesterday.”

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After speaking, Cheng Yuelin’s hand on the keyboard paused.
He turned his head and questioned.
“We were unhappy with each other yesterday?”

“We didn't?” Ruan Zhiyin asked back.

Yesterday evening, they clearly had an unpleasant interaction.

He furrowed his brows, and he thought for a few seconds before he looked at her.
“Wasn’t it a positive and cheerful conversation?”

Ruan Zhiyin: “…”

Once again, she understood the meaning in the man’s eyes.
He will not waste time for no reason.
She should feel honored that he was willing to talk to her.

Ruan Zhiyin could not help but be speechless.
She breathed a sigh before she agreed.
“Of course not.”

The man furrowed his brows but quickly relaxed them before he continued asking, “So, how do you want to get along?”

How do you want to get along?

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She was frozen by the man’s questions.

Ruan Zhiyin really could not imagine how she and he could get along.

In high school, she had tried to maintain an obedient and dull image.
It was only Cheng Yuelin who could anger her enough to show the cracks in her image.

Cheng Yuelin took advantage of her ‘helpful’ and ‘kind’ image and would force her to help him do homework and tutor him.
On the other hand, she would often try to come up with ways to make him look bad in the presence of teachers and parents.

Growing up, their relationship was really quite bad, and afterward, the amount of interaction they had was also very less.
Ruan Zhiyin really did not know what between the two of them could be considered ‘getting along well’.

After thinking for a while.
Ruan Zhiyin tried.
“I think we should be respectful to each other.
We can also treat each other politely and gently.”

Either way, they should respect each other and communicate in a friendly way.

Even though it would be difficult for Cheng Yuelin’s personality to be gentle, he could always put in some effort and patience.

“Gentle and polite?” Cheng Yuelin repeated slowly and paused.
Then he looked at her with a smile that was not a smile.
“Like Qin Jue?”

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Ruan Zhiyin could feel that there was something wrong with the man’s emotions, but she did not know why.

Cheng Yuelin’s eyes became dark, and he twitched the corner of his mouth before he coldly said, “Ruan Zhiyin, I am not Qin Jue.”

After speaking, he opened the door of the Bentley and got off.

The tall and straight back showed indifference as he walked into the villa alone.

Is he…

Ruan Zhiyin was confused.
She felt his mood was very unstable.
He clearly seemed quite happy when he first got into the car.

She froze there while she thought and frowned.
She lowered her head to think about the reason and even forgot to get out of the car.

After a period of silence, the driver passed the bag in the passenger seat to her and respectfully said, “Madam, President Cheng said to give this to you.”

Ruan Zhiyin returned to her senses and reached out for the bag.

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Then she found out that inside was a brand new, never opened hair-dryer.
It was even the same model as the one she had previously.

So she became even more puzzled.

He had bought a hairdryer, and obviously, he wanted to get along well.
So why did he get angry?


In the Qin family home, even though it was already very late at night, the living room was still filled with light.

At the entrance hall, when the sound of the door opening was heard, Qin Xiang immediately rushed up and greeted him.
The young girl’s voice was sweet and light.
“Brother, you’re back.”

After speaking, she turned back to the living room and gestured at Qin Jue with a conflicted expression, warning him to be careful.

Qin Jue understood his little sister’s gesture.
He nodded at her and passed his jacket to Wang Ma, and then he walked into the living room.

Madam Qin, Fang Weilan, was sitting on the sofa waiting.
Her posture was elegant and dignified, but her expression was as cold as ice.

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