My Groom Ran Away Chapter 14.1

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Seeing the glee in Cheng Yuelin’s eyes, Ruan Zhiyin knew he had gotten addicted to pretending to be in love.

She had asked him previously why he would help her and Cheng Yuelin’s explanation was that since he had agreed to play the role of a model couple, then he would reveal nothing to the outside world.
He also did not want Lin Heng’s stock prices to fall.

Lin Jingfei’s words, from Cheng Yuelin’s viewpoint, could have threatened his stock prices.
So he did not like the other person.

Ruan Zhiyin’s eyes flashed, and her eyelashes trembled slightly.
She silently sighed in her heart, then reached over to grab the man’s extended hand.

The palm was warm and the man’s calloused fingertips rubbed against the back of her hand.
It was a little itchy, but it warmed her often ice-cold hands.

Qin Jue stared at their intertwined hands and his jaw tightened.
His dark pupils were filled with intense emotions.

He clenched his fist tightly and raised his head before he coldly said, “What is the meaning of this, President Cheng?”

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“Can’t you tell?” Cheng Yuelin lightly laughed and arrogantly raised his eyebrows.
His tone was languid as he said, “Of course, I am here to pick up my wife after work.”

The man’s way of saying ‘wife’ was very affectionate.
Added with the taunting tone of his words, Ruan Zhiyin could not help but break out in a cold sweat.

Qin Jue had always acted with moderation and rarely lost his temper.
But at this moment, his face fell and his expression was tense as his eyes were ice cold.

He no longer looked at Cheng Yuelin and he stepped forward and grabbed Ruan Zhiyin’s wrist.
“Zhiyin, I’ll bring you back.”

He gripped her wrist and Ruan Zhiyin had to use all her strength to remove Qin Jue’s hand.
She frowned and looked at him.
“Qin Jue, I’ve already told you.
After you skipped on the wedding, we will have nothing to do with each other.”

After having known Qin Jue for so many years, she had hoped that they would break up peacefully.
But he did not seem to be willing to give her that chance.

Qin Jue’s eyes were dark and his clear voice suppressed his rage.
“You are my fiancee, we have been together for so many years.
How can you say we have nothing to do with each other anymore?”

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Ruan Zhiyin was angered to the point where she could almost laugh at the situation.
She could only blame herself for being too resolute when she decided to invest her emotions.
This had led Qin Jue to believe that she would always stand there, waiting for him, tolerating him, and forgiving him.

But now, it seems that he believed she was just messing with him.

Her eyes were filled with ridicule as she looked at Qin Jue.
She helplessly shook her head and the corners of her mouth rose.
“Fair enough.
There will still be a relationship.”

Then Ruan Zhiyin’s clear voice followed up with, “When you and Lin Jingfei get married, I’ll call you brother-in-law, and you can call me elder sister.”

At the very least, in front of Grandfather.

Brother in law, Elder sister.

Qin Jue was stunned and his eyes were frightened as he stared at her.
He was forcefully trying to prevent his emotional state from collapsing.

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It was time to get off work and aside from the people behind Qin Jue, the space in front of the elevator filled up with quite a few other employees.
Seeing the scene, they all looked at each other and discussed in low voices.

Ruan Zhiyin saw the situation and decided to ignore Qin Jue.

She turned around and glanced at the man who was admiring Qin Jue’s expression.
She tugged the corner of his sleeve and said, “Let’s go.”

Cheng Yuelin gave Qin Jue one last glance.
He then reached out a hand to wrap around Ruan Zhiyin’s shoulder and casually nodded his head.

But as he turned around, he revealed a mischievous smile and his voice was low and melodic as he said, “Goodbye, brother…
in law.”

Qin Jue clenched his hand.
But in the next second, the elevator door slowly closed and he could only watch as the two people’s silhouettes left a deep impression in his eyes.


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The Bentley was carelessly parked downstairs.

Ruan Zhiyin could only relax after she got into the car.

She never expected that Qin Jue would end up coming to the company.

Ruan Zhiyin had always tried to avoid having her personal matters be topics of discussion among her employees.
She never expected that Qin Jue would make a scene in front of so many people.
The situation today had really become a joke.

However, it was still okay.
Lin Cheng had already spread the rumors that Qin Jue did not want to get married because of Lin Jingfei.
Cheng Yuelin also had come to pick her up today after work, which would help improve her situation.

Thinking so, she looked at the man next to her.

After getting into the car, Cheng Yuelin released her and leaned back in his seat in a leisurely manner.
He opened his laptop to work.

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