My Groom Ran Away Chapter 13.2

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“How did we suddenly end up cooperating with Lin Heng for the Bei Cheng project?”

“Vice President Ruan married the president of Lin Heng, so cooperation is normal.
Resting under the shade of a big tree will definitely be refreshing.”

“How did they end up getting married? What about Vice President Ruan and President Qin?”

“President Qin skipped out on the wedding because of Miss Lin.
It was such an enormous embarrassment.
How could Vice President Ruan still agree to the marriage?”

“Vice President Ruan is so good.
Whenever Miss Lin comes to the company, she’s always so arrogant.
What in the world is President Qin thinking?”

“They were childhood sweethearts.
They can’t separate themselves from that kind of affection.
You should keep these words to yourself.
The company can basically be called the Lin Company now.”

These words gradually faded away and Ruan Zhiyin paused there for a while.
She decided against going over and turned around to head back.
She informed the administrator to change the water in the water dispenser in her office.

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Before she came to the company, she knew she would not be able to stop the employees from gossiping.
Lin Cheng would most likely have spread rumors anyway, and she did not want to make things difficult for normal employees.

She had already blocked Qin Jue’s phone number.
But he would still send flowers every day to her apartment, but they were all entrusted to the delivery person to dispose of.

Ruan Zhiyin did not deny that she was a bit impulsive when she changed the groom.
But she was definitely not being impulsive in her decision to break up with Qin Jue.

When they were abroad, there were definitely feelings between her and Qin Jue.
But at that time, they did not have a Lin Jingfei between them.
There was no Lin family, and she did not have to deal with the Qin family.

In the six months after they had returned from abroad, her feelings for Qin Jue had already been almost exhausted.
Once she decided, she would not give herself a way back.

Besides, there were always people reminding her about what she had just experienced.


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Qin Company, President’s Office.

Jiang Anzheng currently had a massive headache.
His brows were tightly furrowed, and he looked at Lin Jingfei, who was sitting on the sofa.
“Feifei, how did you end up provoking Cheng Yuelin?”

Today was supposed to be the announcement for the movie ‘The Hanging’.
But last night, Jiang Anzheng had received a call from the assistant director and had learned that Director Liang was planning to recast the role.

Although Liang Xiao was a new director, his last work had not only swept up all the domestic film awards, but he had even won the Sina Film Festival’s Gold Award.

Although the main character for his new movie ‘Hanging’ is a male and the female lead role wasn’t significant, it is still a role everyone wanted.

Jiang Anzheng had spent a lot of effort to help Lin Jingfei get the role instead of the actress Shen Rong.

Now filming was about to start, but Director Liang wanted to recast the role! After hearing this, he finally found out that Lin Heng had invested in the movie and they were dissatisfied with Lin Jingfei.

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Lin Jingfei’s expression was terrible.
She looked at Qin Jue and bit her lips before she said, “I ran into elder sister when I went shopping.
I tried to convince her to carefully consider her marriage.
I did not expect to run into President Cheng.
I did not expect he would take my words very seriously.”

These words sounded fine on the surface, but depending on who was listening, the meaning could be very different.

Right now, she had lost her lead role in Director Liang’s movie because she wanted to help Qin Jue persuade Ruan Zhiyin to change her mind.

“Ah Jue, Director Liang said that they wanted to recast the role.
Look…” Jiang Anzheng had come here because he did not have any other options.
He could only beg Qin Jue for help.

However, when he looked at him, he realized his friend was lost in thought.

Qin Jue could not reach Ruan Zhiyin, and after a while, he realized he had been blocked.

She had never lost her temper like this before, and Qin Jue did not know how to coax people.
So every day, he asked someone to send flowers, but there was no response at all.

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He was in a bad mood and he did not want to worry about such trivial matters.
He rubbed his brows and said, “Tell Director Liang, if Lin Heng wants to withdraw their investment, the Qin Company will invest.”

After saying those words, Lin Jingfei and Jiang Anzheng’s expressions looked a lot better and their gloominess was swept away.

Zhai Xu was holding a document and waiting at the side.
Jiang Anzheng knew that Qin Jue probably had other matters to attend to and after getting a response, he got ready to leave with Lin Jingfei.

“Wait.” Qin Jue suddenly spoke out and looked at Lin Jingfei with a frown.
“Jingfei, the necklace I won at auction last time.
Zhai Xu said that you took it?”

Lin Jingfei startled slightly before she smiled as she nodded.
“Sister Ling took it and I wore it once at an event.”

Sister Ling was Lin Jingfei’s manager and had a good relationship with Jiang Anzheng, the CEO of Qin Entertainment.
So Lin Jingfei’s manager never had to worry about her resources.
Sister Ling would occasionally do some miscellaneous tasks.

Lin Jingfei needed a lot of jewelry to attend events and she would sometimes borrow from Qin Jue’s collection if she was not satisfied with the options from her partner brands.

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