My Groom Ran Away Chapter 9.2

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In order to resolve the dissatisfaction of the Qin family with Ruan Zhiyin, Qin Jue had been busy placating the Qin family’s emotions.
So much so that he even conceded a lot to the branch families just for her.

Could it be that Ruan Zhiyin was mad at Qin Jue for not showing up and believed that Qin Jue liked her, so she was intentionally making trouble for him?

But what Jiang Anzheng really could not believe was that Cheng Yuelin was actually willing to be a fake groom and was willing to help Ruan Zhiyin.

Thinking of this, Jiang Anzheng looked at the silent Qin Jue.

“What kind of person is Cheng Yuelin? When Yan Mingfeng found a beauty to give him just to apologize, he even asked his assistant to throw that person out.
Wang Xiwei has the looks and the family backing.
Even though the Wang family has hinted at it for so many years, he still ignored it.

When Cheng Yuelin was down on his luck and was covered with debts, there were a lot of people who stepped all over him.
Later, he appeared like a lunatic who cared about nothing but profits.

It was not necessarily a good thing to strike up a relationship with such a person.
Besides, his relationship with Ruan Zhiyin had always been poor.”

Perhaps, because he did not want to see Qin Jue wage a war against Cheng Yuelin, Jiang Anzheng added —

“Didn’t Uncle Lin say that he became a groom for the Bei Cheng project? It has already been given.
You just need to coax Ruan Zhiyin well.
She loves you so much, she won’t be too hard on you.”

Jiang Anzheng flapped his lips for a long time, but Qin Jue only responded with a simple ‘grunt’.

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Fang Weirui walked over and he shook his head and said, “Ah Jue, you were really too much this time.
I am afraid this will not end well.”

On the day of the wedding, the groom did not show up.
Wasn’t this too much? If he dared to do this, with Gu Linlang’s violent temper, she might just dump acid on his face.

When he heard this, Jiang Anzheng could not help but protest.
“Brother Rui, you can’t just say that.
Feifei got attacked because of Ah Jue.
He can’t just watch and ignore it.”

Although Lin Jingfei was not seriously injured, it was a fact that it was due to Qin Jue.
The other person could not meet Qin Jue, but when he found out about the scandal between Lin Jingfei and Qin Jue, he set his sights on Lin Jingfei.

“Getting onto the trending news is also because of him?”

Fang Weirui lightly laughed.

Jiang Anzheng paused.
“Feifei’s fame is currently rising.
If we clear up the scandal now, it will not affect her well.
Besides, she has already said that she and Ah Jue are just friends.
It’s the media’s fault for making all sorts of things up.
She can’t control them.”

Fang Weirui was two years older than them.
Jiang Anzheng had always been respectful towards him.
But after Fang Weirui and Gu Linlang got married, he felt that Fang Weirui was more biased towards Ruan Zhiyin.
It was clearly Lin Jingfei who they grew up together with and had crushes on as kids.

When Fang Weirui heard this, he turned his head and looked at Qin Jue.
“She cannot control it.
Ah Jue, then what about you?”

Qin Jue rubbed his temples and said, “I have already explained it to Zhiyin multiple times.
After she stopped bringing it up, it was just a meaningless scandal.”

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He really did not believe that the relationship between him and Ruan Zhiyin would have problems due to a meaningless scandal.

“Ah Jue, do you still like Jingfei?”

Fang Weirui decided to be direct.

Qin Jue frowned subconsciously and blurted out, “How is that possible? Jingfei and Qin Xiang are the same in my eyes.”

Fang Weirui smiled and looked at him.
“But you guys dated before.
Everyone knows how deeply in love you were with her.”

“That is because—”

Halfway through his sentence, he was interrupted.

“Brother Rui, you are also here? Sister-in-law finally let you come out at night?”

Lin Jingfei looked travel-worn.
She was still wearing the evening gown she had worn to the red carpet event earlier that evening.
She smiled as she greeted Fang Weirui and then she looked at Qin Jue next to him.

“Ah Jue, are you and elder sister good now?”

Qin Jue did not say anything.
He expressionlessly drank a few more sips of alcohol before he silently shook his head.

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Lin Jingfei raised her eyebrows with a slight glance and understandingly said, “If it really does not work, I can help you go explain it to elder sister?”

The way she spoke gave a sense of familiarity, which gave the feeling that this was not the first time she had offered.

Qin Jue sighed.
In the end, he shook his head.
“She’s still angry.
Maybe in the future.”

“Alright then.”

Lin Jingfei smiled and answered.
Then she sat down next to Qin Jue and started to talk to Jiang Anzheng.

Although their area was on the quieter side, there were quite a few artists from Qin Entertainment there.
At this moment, their curious gazes kept glancing over and watching them.

After a while, some could not help but pull out their phones and send them to their friends.

‘Guess what I saw.
Lin Jingfei is drinking with the Qin Company’s young master.’

Lin Jingfei leaned against the sofa and took in everyone’s expressions.
She put down her wineglass and subconsciously looked at the phone in her hand.


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At that moment, Ruan Zhiyin was taking a shower.

She simply blow-dried her hair and finally laid down in bed in exhaustion.

The originally spacious bedroom was now filled with boxes, thus making the space feel cramped.

During the day, Ruan Zhiyin tried to place all the boxes in the living room but there was just too much stuff.
In the end, she could only drag half of them there.

Whatever, since Cheng Yuelin said that she is moving tomorrow, he won’t shamelessly make her move all her stuff herself, right?

Actually, there is a possibility.

With that thought, she picked up her phone from the bedside table and decided she should make an appointment with a moving company, just in case.

She remembered Ye Yanchu had complained to her before about her previous rental and mentioned that the moving company she found was not bad.

Her phone screen lit up and when Ruan Zhiyin opened WeChat to look through her chat records, she found a new message quietly waiting at the top of her contacts.

—It was Lin Jingfei.

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