My Friend is The Main Character

Chapter 1: A Drastic Start

I read through my book about werewolves during class, the teacher didn mind too much since my grades were above average. Ive always been in love with fantasy books; I never really know what to read next since theres so much. I just started this famous werewolf book by one of my favorite authors, ”Dylan Dusk, ” or D.D for short. He wrote vampire, mermaid, and his new werewolf book. I already read the first two, they were just as high as the book Im reading now. A finger taps on my book, I bookmark my spot and look up, seeing my friend Addie. She has long blond hair and pretty blue eyes. I only have brown hair, grey eyes, and glasses, somewhat dull if you ask me. Though Addie says my eyes look like a mist which is mysterious, ”Pun intended, ” she said once. ”Sam, ” Addie says with pleading eyes, ”You want me to give you the notes for your next class? ” I say as her eyes brighten up. She always asks when theres a test in her next class. I have two advanced classes, so she always asks for my help. No one else does, Im only really close to Addie. Though Addie is friends with a few other people, she hangs out with me the most.

I go to get my notes, I get them out of my bag and look up to see Addie and the class president glaring at each other, they hate each others guts. Addie was running a few minutes late to class, and the president caught her, she then was 30 minutes late because she had to go to the office. She tried to explain to the teacher what happened, but she got a weeks worth of detention; Id say that was a harsh punishment but since shes been late five times, I can somewhat get it. Addie blames him for causing her to be late, so theyve been at each others throats for a while now. ”Addie, ” I say, bumping the notes into her shoulder, she looks at me and smiles. Thanking me and going to sit down. I looked back at the president and saw him staring at Addie, and this time he didn show any signs of hate. It was softer, but I can tell what. I look away before he can catch me in the act of staring, I open my book and go back to reading.


I packed my bag up as I was in my last class; Addie wasn in this class with me sadly. A figure suddenly approached me, causing me to yelp. Turning to look I see it was the class president, ”Sorry I didn mean to startle you ” he says with a bit of worry. I sigh, I didn even hear him come up. Now that hes close up, I can see how handsome he is. His hair darker than the night with no moon, and his icy blue eyes that could stab you. I clear my throat a bit, ”Yes? ” I ask as I direct my eyes away from him. He was a few inches taller than I was, maybe 61, though I was 56. ”Do you know where Addie is? ” he says, making me look up into his eyes, the look of unsettledness and doubt could easily be seen in his eyes. Whatever he was planning to tell Addie, he was doubting it. ”Why? Are you going to bully her? ” I say, clutching my book to my chest, in case I need to knock a dude unconscious. He shook his head violently, ”No, no, I was just planning on apologizing to her ” he says in defense. I sigh in relief, ”She should be done with class now, usually, shes waiting for me outside at our meet up spot. I could bring you to her. ” I suggest as he nods his head in agreement. I sigh again, this is the most interaction Ive gotten out of this guy since my freshman year.

We walked in silence, well mostly me, the president was just a mumbling mess. I made it outside and saw Addie leaning against a tree, scrolling through her phone. ”Addie! ” I say as she looks up and waves at me, but once she sees whos behind me, a sour look molds onto her face. Once we
e closer Addie pulls me into her chest, ”Watch out Sam ” Addie says, glaring at the class president, ”Theres a rat infestation ” the president and I both sigh at the same time, ”Hes here to talk to you, Addie, ” I say trying to get out of her iron grip. I get out of her grip as I shove them both in one direction, ”Ill be by my jeep ” I say as I walk away, I look back to see both of them walking a bit away before stopping. I made it to my Jeep and hopped in and started my car, looking out of the windshield I can sort of see them talking. I can see the presidents lips move, I chuckle, ”Addie my dear, Im sorry- ” I say in a deep voice, trying to sound like the president, ”-and I love you ” just then Addie starts speaking, ”But class president, we can ! ” I say doing the same to Addie. Addie turns to walk away but the president grabs her forearm. ”But my love, ” I say, cackling a bit, ”I can answer you now, ” I say for Addie as the president makes a face as if hes calculating his next words. ”Then meet me at the edge of the wilting forest tonight, Ill be awaiting your answer ” I mock as Addie sighs. Looks like whatever they were talking about Addie agrees to.

They walk in different directions as Addie comes towards my Jeep. She hops in as I put the Jeep in reverse. ”So, what did you guys talk about? ” I say, trying to keep in my laughter. Addie had a look on her face as if she really had to think about it. ”He was just talking to me about being late and how he was sorry, ” she says, ”anyway, I still can believe you got a car before me, ” she shouts, pinching my shoulder as we drive out of the schools parking lot. I turned 17 two months ago and got my car a week after getting my license. Ive known Addie since 5th grade, she always brags about how her dad said she will get her a car when she gets her license. She has tried five times and given up on it.

”It was the only birthday gift I got for my birthday, somewhat worth only having this ” I laugh as I turn down a street, Addies birthday had already passed a few months ago. Even though she didn drive she wanted a car. Addie turns to her phone and starts texting people. We come to a stop at a red light. The street had no cars in sight, Addie lives on the rich side of town, so her neighbors house is a few minutes away. Though there is also a forest near her house, people at school call it the wilting forest. Rumors went around after a couple was found dead in the forest. The rumors were about the couple and how they still haunt the area, and that if you go there to confess your love the ghost will help to make it a guarantee. It was a stupid rumor, but this was a small town, people did anything to get gossip and action. I started the drive and made it to Addies house in a span of nine minutes. Addie gets out and thanks me, but before leaving she calls for me. ”Um, do you think you can pick me up around 10 pm? ” she says, picking at her nails a bit. A thing she does when shes nervous. ”Sure, why? Are we getting snacks for-“No Sammy! ” she says loudly, calling out my full name. I stop my words and give her a weird look. ”I just need you to pick me up ” I wanted to shout at her and say
o but the look on her face told me she could read my mind and was begging me to say yes. I sigh as she smiles, ”Fine, but don think shouting and interrupting me is okay now. ” She knows perfectly well how much those two things irritate me. Im only doing this because shes a close friend. She nods her head and apologizes. She turns away and runs up to her door, opening it and going in. Sighing, I reverse the car and start my way home.


I look at my wristwatch as the time hits 9:50. I had to lie to my mom about going and hanging out with Addie, she also has to lie to her mom about hanging out with me. I had on short jeans which don fit me anymore, and a dark green hoodie with a random cap. My short brown hair tickled my shoulders a bit, maybe I should cut it again. ”Bye mom, ” I hear Addies voice. I look up to see her waving at her mom. As Addie makes her way to me, I notice how she isn in her usual colorful wear. Shes wearing black jeans with a black long sleeve. Her hair up in a ponytail with a black cap. She looked like she was a spy breaking into a museum to get their finest art. I think I saw a taser strap on her waist. She gets in and I give her a weird look, ”What? ” she asked, I just shook my head and started driving.

We were silent while driving, Addie was looking around in the general area. As if we were being watched and she knew. ”Addie? ” I say as she jumps a bit. I keep my eyes on the dark road, only visible with my car lights. ”Where are we going? I have sort of been driving in one direction for a while. ” I comment as Addie lets out a nervous chuckle. ”To the wilting woods, ” I started to cough. ”What? ” she says in defense. ”Don tell me the president asked you out! ” Was my mocking a future prediction? Addie looks at me weird and then it hits her as if she forgot about the whole tale. ”Yeah, ” she says pausing while looking out of the window, ”He did ” How can she be so calm about this?! I was freaking out. Believe it or not but Addie only had one boyfriend and that was during middle school. Usually, middle school relationships aren too much of a big deal, but they were. Addies parents were relaxed so they allowed her to go and hang out with her boyfriend. Everyone wished they had parents like Addie. They were very serious. The last four years, he broke up with her a few months into freshman year and then suddenly vanished in thin air.

You know how I said this town was boring and nothing really happened. Well rumors spread about her break up and how unlucky and how unfortunate she was that they titled her ”The queen of bad love ” again, stupid name, but people went along with it because they were bored. How this affected her was no guy dared to ask her out, no guy even wanted to be friends with her. Though most girls do, knowing their boyfriends won go after the prettiest girl in school. Sadly, she knows this, and everyone does. Though she plays dumb about it. Thats why Im so happy for her right now. We
e seniors and she hasn dated anyone for three years. Granted I haven dated anyone in my whole life, but she has and understands the feeling of love. So, Im happy for her. ”Why aren you happy right now? ” I ask her as we near the forest. She shrugs, ”I feel as though there are more guys out there. And once I leave th

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