arrive at the Castle, I’ll start to eat better, so naturally, my body will get stronger, right?

‘So, it’s not anything bad.’

I didn’t want to speculate anything bad about these two people.

“Father, Dia really missed you.”

The Little Bear said with a smile. 

“Did you?”

I was so shy that I had to cover my face with my hands before I nodded. 

I heard the Big Bear laughing in his thick voice. 

“I missed you too Dia.”



The Big Bear patted me sweetly on the back. 

“I was worried that you would be in a lot of pain, but… is it alright now?”


“Show me your face.”

I was still embarrassed but I put my hands down. 

If you excluded the three days I was asleep, Big Bear had technically only been away for a day.
But strangely, the Big Bear’s face seemed a little new. 

It was very pleasing.

‘Because he missed me, huh…’

The Big Bear scanned my face with careful eyes. 

“You seem to have lost some weight.
Did you eat breakfast?”

“Yes, we just finished.”

“What about dessert?”

“Not yet.”

“I brought something for you.”

The Big Bear placed me back on my chair, took something out of his subspace, and put it on the table. 

It was a fountain, around the size of a human head, that was divided into four tiers.
Dark brown chocolate flowed from top to bottom as the center pillar spun around. 

“W-What is this?”

“Chocolate Fondue.
They say it’s a new item for the Silver Fork at the Tagus branch.”

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The Big Bear also took out a bowl full of marshmallows. 

“Dip this in the chocolate.”

Wow~ Wow~! Wow~~~!!!”

I lost my composure.

The Big Bear smiled and pointed to the chair. 

“Juliano, eat with us.
There’s enough.”


The Little Bear sat next to me, grabbed a marshmallow with a fork, and dipped it in the chocolate.
He then… stuck it towards me without taking a bite…?

“Now, ah.”

I swallowed it with my mouth open. 

In my mouth, the deep and rich taste of chocolate and the soft yet chewy texture of marshmallows held hands and danced happily. 


My mouth was busy chewing so I cheered inwardly. 

The Little Bear laughed loudly and fed me another marshmallow with chocolate. 

It was the third time I tried one. 


Big Bear stepped out. 

In an instant, he had dipped a marshmallow in chocolate and placed it in front of my mouth. 

“Come on.”

I grinned at the Big Bear with gratitude and swallowed. 

Before I could even turn over my neck, Little Bear already held out another marshmallow soaked in chocolate. 

As soon as I put it in my mouth, Big Bear popped out again. 

The Little Bear joined in.
This time he was holding not one, but two marshmallows dressed in chocolate.
One with each hand. 


The two bears said nothing. 

But it felt like they were both shouting at me with the look in their eyes. 

‘Eat mine! Not anyone else’s.

A cold sweat broke down my back. 

I chewed the marshmallow I currently had in my mouth slowly and began to agonize. 

‘Which one should I eat?’

I ended up in desperate agony. 

Even though I tried to chew as slowly as possible, the marshmallow in my mouth soon disappeared.
It was time to make a choice. 

‘Yes, yes!’

I decided. 

“I will eat by myself!” 

The two bears looked both disappointed and not at the same time. 

It was a relief. 

I started eating the marshmallows at ease.
The Little Bear also began to take some into his mouth and talked to the Big Bear. 

“I guess the situation was quite good seeing that you even had time to get this.”

The magicians of Tagus are quite outstanding.
It was the first time that two hydras had appeared at the same time, so there were several casualties in the beginning, but they were soon able to keep some line of defense behind them.”

“But they couldn’t attack right?”

“Yeah, they were just defending.
The Hydras were taken care of by me.
It was weird to see two of them in the city, so I also took the time to look around.”

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The Big Bear caressed my hair gently. 

“I’m sorry I was late.”

“No, it’s fine.”

I happened to have a new marshmallow in my mouth.
So when I opened my mouth to talk, chocolate dripped down my lips. 

The Big Bear took a handkerchief out of his subspace and wiped my mouth.
As usual, my heart warmed.
It was the familiar friendly touch.

I wanted to wipe it off for her.”

The Little Bear grumbled.

I continued eating the marshmallows as if I was unaware. 

“Do you know why the Hydra suddenly appeared then?”

“I don’t know yet.
But it’s definitely strange.
Two Hydras suddenly appearing and attacking people.”

“Isn’t a mutant then? One appears from time to time.”

“It might be.
It’s not like the Demon Lord has been re-appointed.”

I tried to ask lightly. 

“Isn’t the Demon Lord dead?”

“Yes, he is.
The great warrior killed him! The Demon Lord is an existence that appears when there’s a lot of accumulated evil in the world.
The Demon Lord, who comes out every few hundred years, can’t come back for the next 16 years.”

“Juliano is right.
I don’t think the Demon Lord has returned just yet.
Even after the warrior defeated the Demon Lord, mutants still sometimes appeared.”

‘As expected, it was like that.’

But it didn’t feel very good.
I ended up frowning. 

The Big Bear asked anxiously, “Are you feeling sick?”

“No, I’m all better! Let’s go!”

The Big Bear only continued after putting his hand on my forehead and confirming that I had no fever. 

“Yes, let’s go.”

“Wait, Father.
I’ll go buy the pudding at the Silver Fork here.
It’s something Dia likes.
It might take a while, so please wait here.”

“Okay, go ahead.
Dia, if you’re done eating, brush your teeth.”


After I brushed my teeth, the Big Bear hugged me, took me to the sofa, and sat down. 

“I have something to tell you before we reach the Duchy.”

The Big Bear patted my hair and said, “When we reach the territory, I’ll be very busy and we’ll probably end up spending less time together.”

The Big Bear whispered affectionately, but before a deep regret close to sadness pressed me, he followed.

“But I’ll come running whenever you call me.
I promise.”


“Of course.
I promise.”

The Big Bear hugged me with warm arms.
It was the safest feeling in the world. 

Suddenly, I had this thought. 

‘Is this what a Father’s embrace is?’

I didn’t know if it was a question I could ever answer in the future. 

I held in a heavy sigh and asked the Big Bear. 

“Why are you so nice to me?”

No matter how clueless I was about relationships between people, I knew this. 

The two bears were endlessly kind to me. 

‘It’s true that my talents are something to covet.
It should be because they think I, no- my talent is something they must have.’

But they didn’t have to be this nice if it were just for that. 

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