y hair.
It was similar to before, but there was a feeling of patting.
Consolation, even. 


‘What the hell?’


I stared at the Little Bear, then turned and faced the Big Bear.


“I can tell why you brought me here.”


“Let’s eat dinner first.”


He responded with this.
And with solemn eyes, he scanned me from head to toe. 


“You have to eat well.”


“Yes! You’re too small!”


The word ‘small’ pierced me.
I glared at the Little Bear.


The Little Bear then grinned and pulled a cushion out of a subspace. 


“Sit down here for a second.
I’ll prepare a meal for you.”


“It’s cold in the woods, so put this on.”


The Big Bear put me on the cushion and wrapped me in a thick, fluffy blanket.
It was a careful and meticulous touch, contrary to his rugged body.
Little Bear then asked, 


“Dia, what kind of food do you like?”


“You’re going to give me food?”


‘Can I really eat it? Don’t tell me it’s poisoned.’


Even if it was poisoned, it wouldn’t work on me because I’m a warrior. 


‘If it’s food for a princess, the food would be good right?’


I thought it would be alright to eat. 






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The Little Bear quickly put his hand over his mouth.
It was an act to cover up his laughter. 


I turned my head at the annoying sight, only to see Big Bear pulling this and that out of a subspace.
He had the ends of his lips slightly raised as before. 




I observed the two bears cooking with my mouth closed. 


‘…I think they’re good people…’

It is said that generation by generation, the Pope has been handed down [The Book of The Brave].
A book filled with all knowledge known of the power the Warriors bore.


In my previous life, the Cardinal never allowed me to see [The Book of The Brave] for myself.
He only explained that he already knew everything and that I needed not to worry.
He said that in the book that there were three main powers the spirit of the warrior held. 


[Rejuvenation] that restores the body’s state quickly. 


[Battle Ability] such as offense and defense. 


[Intuition] that was the instinct to feel crisis, see through the essence of actions and judge the truth. 


The Cardinal also placed emphasis on the fact that the warrior’s [Intuition] only worked on monsters. 


However, I now knew that it was a lie.
Intuition also worked when looking at people.
And I could feel that these two had no bad intentions at all.
It was warm and felt good.
There was an unknown friendliness. 


Cardinal, who I was afraid of from the beginning, and the adults at the orphanage who were horrible.
I could feel that Little Bear and Big Bear were different from them.


‘But just in case, don’t believe it!’ 


I glanced at Little Bear who was scooping some soup into a bowl.
It seemed very hot with steam rising from it. 


The Little Bear looked at me, looked at the soup, and used some magic. 


The white steam that had risen above the soup was slightly reduced. 


‘Why is he cooling it down?’


I soon found out why. 


“It’s hot, so be careful.
All right?”


The Little Bear gently placed the bowl in my hand. 


He was big and had a scary face, of course, terrible energy flowed from him.


But he was sweet. 

His voice, his eyes, his gestures. 


‘I feel like my face is… burning up.’


After confirming that there was nothing wrong with the soup using detection magic, I swallowed a spoonful of the soup. 


“How is it?”


“It’s good!” 


Big Bear then approached and held out a plate of meat. 


“Have this too.”


Overall, the meat was nearly the size of my entire face, but it was cut into about 30 small square bites. 


‘….He must be good at fencing.’


“Dad, isn’t this too small?”


“Dia is small and young so it might get stuck in her throat.
Chew it well.”


The Big Bear said with emphasis. 


At first glance, it sounded like a threat to kill me if I didn’t.
However, there was no such thing and the atmosphere was very friendly even when Little Bear was considering the meaning of the words. 


“Yes Dia, you don’t have front teeth, so make sure to chew using the sides.”

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The Little Bear smiled brightly as he said those words.
He was definitely young. 


‘Is he really 13 with that body?’


It was a bit of a shock.
The Little Bear looked at least 20 years old and at most 23. 


‘Doesn’t that mean he’s seven or ten years younger?’


I’m going to retaliate for being teased earlier. 


“Very old!”


I’m old-fashioned, but it’s amazing that you know that word! You’re so smart! Great!” 


The Little Bear smiled brightly again. 


The attack missed heroically. 




“The Duke’s family is special in the way that all the children grow really fast.
The fact that I’ve grown up so fast since I was young is also the reason why I’m old-fashioned.“


“Then doesn’t that mean you’ll age quickly?”


After obtaining the body of a 20-year-old on my twelfth birthday I’ve been aging slowly.” 


“I see.”


I heard that the people of the Duchy were special, but it was still so fascinating. 


“Dia, how old are you really?”


I really didn’t want to answer.
I frowned silently. 


“Three years old?”




“Or four years old?”


I ignored him again. 


The Big Bear who was eating quietly intervened. 


“She’ll be five years old.
At least that’s how tall she is.
Dia, you’re five years old right?”


I wanted to tell them that I was already seven, but I thought that if I did they would make fun of me for being small.
So, I shut my mouth. 


The two bears, however, seemed to think my silence was a sign of agreement. 


“You’re definitely five years old! Yeah, it’s because you’re young that you’re so small.
Eat a lot of meat.
That’s how one grows.”


I wanted to throw the bowl right away at the face of the little bear, but I held it in.
I couldn’t throw away such precious and delicious meat. 


I ate hard and I tried to finish it all, but the amount was so large that I could only succeed in eating half. 


“I’m good.”


I stroked my full stomach.
The Big Bear and Little Bear then looked at my stomach with serious eyes.
Somehow, I felt ashamed and grabbed the loose, old hem of my dress and covered my bulging belly. 


“Your clothes are a little… But we only have men’s clothes…”


The Little Bear looked at my clothes with disapproving eyes. 


“Father, why don’t you fix her coat.”


“It would be better to buy new ones at a clothing store.” 


“I’ll be right back.”


The Little Bear sprang up from his seat.
I said in a hurry.


“The price for new clothes is high.
Hey! Why are you bringing me here?”

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