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[You were supposed to face a brilliant future as the warrior that defeated the Demon Lord, and yet the Cardinal who has lost himself in all types of evil in the world twisted your fate into unhappiness!]

The Lord deeply mourned and then promised me.

You want to get revenge on him with your own hands.
I will help you.
And all this together with the people you love.]

Immediately after hearing this, I reincarnated. 

The first thing I noticed was that my hearing was good, but my eyesight was very weak, perhaps because I was just born.
But there was hope that I would finally be happy.
But still, the reality was harsh. 

“My Lord! Wake up!”

“Use your divine power on the Lord right now! Hurry!”

There was a scream about something urgent before the sound gradually faded away.
The hand holding me had also changed.
The touch was very cautious just now, but not anymore.
It hurt.
It was like I was being carelessly carried around like luggage. 

Soon, something shut my mouth. 

I fell into the water without resistance, it was only after a while that I realized… I was kidnapped as soon as I was born.
I was too shocked and angry to the point where I couldn’t even say “Oh my God…!” But instead of being frustrated, I looked for an opportunity. 

After a while, the kidnapper took me outside without putting me to sleep.
I intuitively realized it was to kill me.
I acted immediately.
Gathering mana, I hurled it into a wind shape and used it to push the kidnapper hard.
Immediately after, they began flying very fast in the opposite direction.

It was hard. 

No matter how brave a baby was, its body was limited. 

I felt like my body was going to break, but only after flying far did I let myself rest.
I thought I wouldn’t be able to land properly because I was so exhausted.
Fortunately, a warm and ripe force wrapped around me and safely lowered me to the floor. 

I couldn’t see it, but I could tell by the sound.


It was a cat. 

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I was embarrassed, but soon realized it was the hand of the Lord. 


The cat cried a sound as long as a sigh and pressed its nose against my forehead as if stamping it.
Soon, something hot enveloped my whole body like a membrane. 

‘Did he put a seal on me?’

The cat cried after it was done.

“Meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow~”

An exact eight times. 

Through my blurred vision, I could see the cat moving away little by little.
I couldn’t even ask where it was going, but I soon heard a door open nearby.
I could hear people talking.

“What was that? I think I heard something.”

Someone must have found me.
I could hear footsteps coming my way before a hand touched my face. 

“You’re not dead?”

Strangely, the woman who was the owner of the hand was not particularly surprised that a baby suddenly appeared.
The way she spoke was irritating though. 

“There’s no insignia or anything.
Clothes are cheap and baggy too… Well, its face is cute.
That’ll be enough.”

She picked me up in her arms and took me inside the warm building.
I thought that I survived, but I couldn’t be relieved due to the ominous feeling of falling into a monster’s den. 

What is that?”

The man’s voice was very curt. 

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“I found it by the door.
I guess a commoner abandoned it to feed fewer mouths.
Her face is good though.
I think I’ll be able to sell it at a high price later.”

“Let’s see… As the Vice-Director said, it indeed looks good.
But isn’t it too young?”

“The staff will take care of that.
Well, if it dies we can always just throw it out.”

“Yeah, put it in the orphanage and name it Silver– No. Diamond. And we’ll see if Diamond will grow pretty enough to sell.”

“Yes. Diamond. What a great name.
I’ll get going then.”

The woman whispered to me as she walked. 

“Don’t die and waste your beauty like this.
I want to own a real diamond someday.”

The tone was gentle but incredibly creepy. 

Later I found out that they were the director and vice-director of the orphanage.
I wanted to get rid of these two disgusting people right away.
But there was only so much a baby could do. 

‘I’m going to grow up here.’ 

Although as a product that will be sold someday. 

‘Ha… Why is my life like this…’

It was amazing.
I was kidnapped and almost killed as soon as I was born, but was simply fortunate enough to survive. 

‘Let’s stay here first.’

I don’t know when they’re going to sell me, but at least until then, they’ll provide me with some food and a bed.
It will help me grow too. 

Let’s do that.’

Just like that.
My second life, again, began in an orphanage. 

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