“If my third child was alive… Would she look like Dia?”

Obdolisa let out a sigh of pain, then said, “No, don’t answer me.
That was a silly question.”

Gallio, as always, replied calmly, “Yes, it was a silly question.”

The Gallio-like answer made Obdolisa laugh. 

She suddenly felt much lighter. 

“Yes, it was a silly question.
I’ll ask you properly.
What do you think of Dia.”

“She was lovely.
I understand why Helladius and Juliano brought her and why they want to welcome her as family.


“Something is off.”

Obdolisa felt that her mind which had relaxed for a while suddenly pulled tight. 

Gallio was more than just a butler.
He was the head of the secret intelligence organization “Black” run by the Leocardia family.
His other abilities were also great, but especially so in the field of observation and analysis.

He was very accurate in judging people from years of experience. 

That was also the reason why Gallio was present at the meeting with Dia. 

“Looking back at history, a smart genius with strong magic is indeed sometimes born regardless of blood.
Helladius for example.
I don’t know exactly what they are, but Dia is exactly that kind of genius.
But I can’t get rid of the idea that something’s wrong.
Her mental age isn’t appropriate for her age either.
She’s clearly young, but I feel like I’m dealing with an adult.”

“I agree.
I also think she’s like an adult.
But it seems like she doesn’t know much of the basics, and is a little bit of a troublemaker.”

Obdolisa recalled her argument with Dia earlier. 

“Arguing with a five-year-old…”

She felt a little depressed.

“I don’t think she’s lying, but she’s definitely hiding something.”

“Of course she is.”


It seemed like abuse was a prominent part of what the orphan experienced, so it was only natural to be wary of others.

‘But it’s weird that she followed Hel and Juliano sincerely.’

It was the same with Juliano and Helladius.
The two were never so quick to give their hearts to others. 

‘Of course, Dia is very lovely and cute.’

Whenever one sees a small child walking around and blinking with her big eyes, one couldn’t help but feel their heart melting.

However, Helladius and Juliana had only met Dia a little over two weeks ago. 

‘It’s amazing for sure.’

Obdolisa had a strange feeling. 

She didn’t know why but she felt distant but pure happiness.
Her heart also felt strangely thrilled.

“Even if she is hiding something, the circumstances suggest that Dia is not a spy..”

Obdolisa shook her head.

“What kind of a spy is a 5-year-old.”


“Maybe she’s not actually five.
I found out that her teeth had fallen out a while ago.
Dia has lost all her front teeth, and the ones that had fallen suggest that she is around six or seven years old.”

“Really? I didn’t know.”

Both Marciana and Juliano were direct descendants of Leocardia, so they grew very fast compared to the average person.
The two had lost all their baby teeth before they were even four years old.

Six or seven-year-olds are that small…? Even for a five-year-old isn’t she already very short?”

Even for a five-year-old, she is too small and too thin.”

“If she’s actually six or seven then, it’s a serious matter.”

Obdolisa was devastated. 

“I thought it was okay since she was an orphan and just five years old.
What do you mean she might be older? Maybe she’s sick? How could this be? She probably only weighs around 10 kilograms.”

“I don’t think she’s sick.
However, I’ll tell Ruth to examine her very closely.”

I should’ve told you to do a check-up as soon as she got here yesterday.
Well, maybe Dia doesn’t actually know her exact age? She’s from the orphanage.
I don’t think the orphanage workers are people who will tell you your age.”

“I don’t think Dia herself knows.
Five, six, or seven years old aren’t much different in the eyes of the staff.
So, there’s no reason to lie.”

“Yes, I also don’t think Dia will lie to us.
Oh no.”

Obdolisa confessed what she had just noticed. 

“I keep thinking positively of Dia.”

Gallio nodded and confessed his honest feelings.

“In fact, so do I.
She’s such a cute and lovely child and even looks very similar to Marciana in her childhood… Even so, I feel like my vigilance is breaking down too quickly.
So I’m being more careful.”

Obdolisa understood Gallio’s feelings. 

She gave out her orders after a moment of consideration. 

“Just in case, let’s have some investigations on Dia.
Send Agent Black to Spania.
Find out who whipped Dia.
Be sure to find out what kind of son of a bitch did that to a child.”

Opdolisa’s eyes boiled with anger before it slowly dissipated.

As you wish, my Lord.”

Gallio said as his eyes glistened with determination. 

“I think we need to find a teacher for Dia as well.”

“I’ll do it.
I can also observe her while I’m at it.
Etiquette doesn’t require anything in-depth, so I think you can leave it to Lavigne.
Lavigne is also very observant, so she can take good care at Dia.
Let’s make her Dia’s maid.”

“Do it.”

“I’ll go ahead now.
I’ll tell Ruth to do the checkup first.”

Gallio’s steps to the treatment room in search of his son Ruth were quick.
Since he had a grandson of similar age, Gallio was well aware of just how bad Dia’s growth was. 

It was simply abnormal. 

As much as he wanted to deny it, Gallio was so worried about Dia that his heart hurt. 

‘…What’s wrong with me.’

Of course, she was lovely and cute, but his concern felt a little too over the top.
It was very strange.
Throughout his 60 years of life, except for his family, there were only three people that made him feel this way. 

His master, Opdolisa Leocardia.

The heir to his master, Marciana Leocardia.

The son of his master, Juliano Leocardia.

‘…No way!’

Edited by: Healing Moon

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