After getting in I then walked towards the number buttons on the inner wall. 

“Just press four.”

I held my pounding heart with one hand and stretched out my other and pressed the button.
The door of the elevator closed as a light illuminated the button.
In just a few seconds, we arrived on the fourth floor. 

‘I want to ride it for a bit longer…’

I swallowed a deep sigh of regret.

The Little Bear laughed as if he had noticed my thoughts, and began to walk. 

As I was told before, I had to go to the office.
However, it took a long time to arrive not because it was far away, but because of the people. 

“Hello, Young Master!”

“Young Master, welcome back!”

Everyone smiled brightly and welcomed the Little Bear. 

At the same time, their eyes sparkled as they looked at me. 

“So cute!”

“So this kid is Diamond?”


I casually said hello to each face that approached.


Most people greeted me properly.


“Yes, you too!”

There were people who made fun of me like this, but there was also another kind of reaction.
There were people who looked at my face with complicated eyes. 

It was mainly people in their 40s or older. 

‘What’s wrong? Is it because I look like Marciana?’

I remembered what I saw as soon as I woke up in the morning. 

The tears of pain that flowed from the Duke’s eyes. 

‘I’m glad she could at least smile after that…’

But I also knew that not all her sadness was gone. 

‘I hope I didn’t hurt her more…’

I sighed inwardly and hugged the Little Bear a little tighter. 

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“Were you surprised by the crowd?”

“No, I’m okay.”

After that, the Little Bear only answered with a nod to the people who greeted us and passed by quickly, clearly not believing my answer. 

I observed the people around me. 

‘They’re all officers.’

The soldiers I saw at the third post had slightly different clothes depending on their positions.
The people in the castle were also wearing different clothes. 

Lavigne’s neat style seemed to be worn by maids and servants. 

‘Do the clothes that look more active and strong belong to the servants and soldiers only?’

Most of the people on the 4th floor were wearing more luxurious clothes.
Their bodies and movements were calm, and everyone felt like they were working desk jobs. 

‘But they definitely still do basic training.’

I felt a certain strength from them.
Some of those wearing the officer clothes looked pretty strong too. 

There was also one particularly strong person, who was as big as Big Bear.
I had seen a lot of physiques like that, but I had never seen it on a grandfather in his 60s.

‘Woah! To have muscles like that at that age!’

The grandfather was wearing clothes with a design I had never seen before, it was neat and stylish.
His white hair which was neatly pulled back was also very nice. 

“Young Master, you’ve come back safely.”

The grandfather greeted him in a calm tone. 

Dia, this is Viscount Tolle Gallio, the head butler of our Duchy.”

“Hello! I’m Dia! Nice to meet you!”

I bowed my head. 

Gallio fixed his gaze on my face and nodded his head slightly in silence. 

There was no other reaction, but I could subtly sense something.

He seemed to be both glad and worried. 

“The Lord is waiting.
Shall we?”

Gallio led us to a solemn-looking door. 

The Little Bear knocked. 

Maybe he wasn’t smart because he was strong.
His knock made a loud thump. 

“Come in.”

As soon as the Little Bear heard the answer, he opened the door and went in.
The Duke’s office was quite spacious.
It only had the furniture necessary just like all the other rooms.
One wall was made of completely transparent glass, overlooking the estate. 

The Duke stood in front of the glass with her arms folded. 


When the Little Bear placed me on the floor, I rushed in front of the Duke and greeted her with my hands in front of my stomach.
We had already met earlier but it was still nice to see her. 

“I’m done washing up!”


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The Duke smiled slightly, reached out, and stroked my head.
It was a little slower, but it was the same friendly gesture the two bears often did. 

“Mother, I’m also here.”

Did you have breakfast?”

“No, I haven’t.”

“Go and eat first.”

“I’ll eat later.”

The Duke shook her head and firmly said, “Go now.”


The Little Bear glanced at me as he answered.
He seemed worried about leaving me alone.
In truth, I was a little worried, but I waved my hand anyway. 

“See you later.”

The Little Bear hesitated after receiving my greeting but eventually left. 

Now all that was left in the office were the Duke, Gallio the butler, and me.

“Sit on the sofa.”


As told by the Duke, I ran down to the sofa in front of the desk.
But it was a tad bit too high. 

‘No, am I really so small…?’

I felt a little depressed but I jumped up from the floor with a strong grip on the armrest of the sofa. 


I could not help but shout

Fortunately, I was able to successfully raise my hips onto the sofa.


I swept my forehead with relief. 

When I raised my eyes, I saw both the Duke and Gallio turning their heads to the other side.
Their mouths were shut as if holding back laughter. 

‘What’s wrong with them?’

Soon the Duke coughed quietly and sat on the sofa opposite me.
Gallio stood on the right side of the Duke. 

“Dia, I called you alone to hear your opinion.
I’ve heard a lot about you from Hel.”


“My husband.
I heard that you call him Big Bear and Juliano, Little Bear.”

My eyes shook. 

“As Hel promised, we will take good care of you until you’re an 18-year-old adult.
Stay in the Duke’s castle.
You don’t even have to serve our territory.
All this I promise in the name of the Duke.”

“Oh… Thank you!.”

The Duke paused before speaking again a little later. 

“I don’t know much about the official process but… Hel wants to adopt you.
Adoption is… It means accepting you as a formal family member.
What do you think?”


Edited by: Healing Moon

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