Chapter 4 – Chen Ying’s heart suddenly softens into a mess

Chen Ying finally agrees to bring Mi Xi home.

Before leaving, Su Xiaopei prepares a bag of clothes and various daily necessities for Mi Xi, but because she didn’t know Mi Xi’s size beforehand, some of them probably won’t fit well.
She says that she would buy new ones for Mi Xi later and asks her to just use these first.

Chen Ying is very satisfied with what he heard.
Very good.
So it seems that he really just needs to provide a place to live and take care of her three meals.
He watches as Su Xiaopei guides Mi Xi on how to use a toothbrush.

    “This is a toothbrush.
It’s a bit different from what you’re used to but it’s used in the same way.
I already taught you in the house just now, so you can just use it like that.
This is a new one.
Here it is.
We call it a ‘toothbrush’, don’t forget.
‘Dental medicine’ is called ‘toothpaste’ in our place.
If Uncle Chen Ying has it in his home, just use his.
I’ve put cleansing and skin care products in your bag, as well as bath creams.
I’ve written the usage instructions and pasted them on the bottles.
If you can’t remember how to use it, just ask Uncle Chen Ying.”

The toothbrush and toothpaste are returned to the bag, and Chen Ying struggles for the last time, “She doesn’t understand so many new things, why don’t we keep her here for now.”

After he says this, everyone quickly sends them out the door.

Yue Lao 2238 follows them out, saying that he wants to confirm that Mi Xi has successfully moved into her new home.
Chen Ying really wants to roll his eyes at him.
Is he the kind of person who would leave little girls halfway and abandon them? But thinking that this action would damage his image, he holds back.

There is nothing to say along the way, and there are few cars at night, so the three of them arrive at their destination not long after.

Chen Ying leads Mi Xi and Yue Lao into the house. 

As if he’s the owner, Yue Lao takes Mi Xi around to explain things.
This is the bathroom, and this is the guest room.
It’s a big room, and there’s quite a lot of space.
“Ah, Mr.
Chen, this is Mi Xi’s room, right?” Facing south, it has a bed and a cabinet; it looks good.

“Correct.” Obviously he doesn’t know, but still rushes to lead the way.
Chen Ying finally can’t help but roll his eyes a little.

“Look, it’s your room.
The bed is not small.
The room is really big, isn’t it? It’s also close to the bathroom.
Ah, the ‘bathroom’ means the ‘toilet’.
Come on, I’ll teach you first.” Old Mother Yue leads the beauty to the bathroom.
“This is the toilet, just sit on it, and pull this, and then it will be flushed, look, like this,” — complete with demonstration on how to flush.
“Look, this is a faucet.
Turn it this way, and water will come out.
It’s very convenient, isn’t it? There’s no well here, this is how you get water.
Twist this way to get hot water.
By the way, where are the towel and toothbrush that Aunt Su gave you?”

Mi Xi takes them out of the bag.

Old Mother Yue 2238 helps her hang her things on the hook next to the mirrored cabinet above the sink, then runs out and asks, “Mr.
Chen, can you provide Mi Xi with a toothbrush cup?” 

Chen Ying finds a drinking glass and hands it over to him.
Yuelao places Mi Xi’s toothbrush inside, then shows her how to put cup and toothbrush inside the mirrored cabinet.
He then tells her, “Mi Xi, this is your home.” 

Is it your home if you have a towel and a toothbrush? At best, it’s good for taking up space.
Chen Ying originally wanted to tease and ridicule, but seeing Mi Xi’s dazed expression, he finds himself unable to speak.

 Yue Lao enthusiastically takes Mi Xi to see other places.
“This is the study room.
It’s your Uncle Chen Ying’s place.
Don’t go in to disturb him unless it’s really necessary.
I don’t know what kind of room this is… ah, this is a bedroom.
It’s the master’s bedroom.
It’s also your Uncle Chen Ying’s place.
You must not come in, ten million times no!”

The word ‘ten million’1 was used in an emphatic tone, and the corners of Chen Ying’s eyes twitch.
What will happen when she comes in? Will he eat the little girl up? How dare he question and slander his character and morality? It’s a pity that he can’t play a different tune, because he really does mind people entering his bedroom and study.

His territory is his.
Originally, the whole house is his domain.
Fuck and damn it all.
How did it happen, inexplicably, suddenly, a little girl is stuffed into his life.
And he himself actually led the people in!

He must have been hypnotized.

Chen,” Yuelao calls again—what a noisy Yue Lao ah.

“What’s wrong?”

Chen, you use the bathroom in the master bedroom, right? The bathroom outside is for Mi Xi’s exclusive use.
Don’t mess with her things.” Yuelao takes Mi Xi and arranges the bottles and jars of shower gel and shampoo, teaches her how to use the shower faucet, urges Chen Ying to provide new sheets and covers, and the two of them make the bed together.
Mi Xi watches from the side, her eyes a little dazed.

“Okay, okay.” Yuelao checks inside and out again.
“Mi Xi, this is your room, this is the closet, you pack your clothes yourself, ah, these two sets of clothes are certainly not enough, don’t worry, your Uncle Chen Ying will take care of it.
There is no mirror on this table, you just make do with it and use the one in the bathroom first.” Remembering that he hasn’t taught Mi Xi how to turn the lights on and off, he quickly explains how.

Mi Xi nods, her expression still a little dazed, or— at a loss? Chen Ying turns his head aside, pretending not to see it.
Now he’s starting to feel stressed, it won’t be easy to raise this kid, right? She came from ancient times.

Is it too late to regret now?

Yuelao walks around the room again and asks, “Mr.
Chen, is there anything else I missed?”

Chen Ying purses his lips.
Apart from actually taking her away, he hasn’t missed anything.

“Mi Xi, don’t be afraid, I will come to see you.
Your Uncle Cheng and Aunt Su will also come to see you.”

Mi Xi doesn’t speak, only nods.

“Then,” Yue Lao seems reluctant.
He takes a deep breath.
“I have to go.”

Mi Xi seems to have recovered and bows deeply to Yue Lao.
“Thank you, Mr.
Yue Lao.”

He waves his hand, hesitates to speak, and finally squeezes out a sentence, “Mi Xi, you work hard.
Ah, ‘work hard’2 are words of encouragement.”

Mi Xi nods and formally greets him again: “Thank you, Mr.
Yue Lao.”

Yue Lao waves his hand again but doesn’t speak this time.
Chen Ying thinks to himself that if they continue to say thank you, and thank you again, then he would really have to throw this old man out.
Ah, no, both of them need to be thrown out together.

Chen, please send me off.” Yue Lao unexpectedly makes such a request.

Chen Ying doesn’t refuse.
Although most guests would, in fact, protest and say there’s no need to send them out when it’s time to leave, but this Yue Lao 2238 does it the other way, and actually asks to be sent off.
Yuelao really asked him to send him downstairs.

Chen, I want to tell you my reason.”

“What reason?”

“The reason why I chose you to take care of Mi Xi.” Yuelao clears his throat, “There are eighteen people who have a fated encounter with her found in the system.
The meaning of ‘fated relationship’ does not necessarily mean being able to get along well, nor does it necessarily mean the fate of marriage.
I filtered out some inappropriate ones, and you are one of the remaining ones with good fate. 

Chen, you and Mixi are destined to meet, even if I did not arrange for her to be taken care of by you, you will meet her one day and you would be willing to help her.
What I did was to shorten the process and let you go straight to this step.
Because time is very short.
It’s very tight, I already explained this.
You are the oldest and have the most successful career among several suitable people.
You have experience, kindness, and responsibility.
And to be realistic: you can afford it. 

“You are the most capable and accomplished person I can find; the one who is most likely to take good care of Mi Xi.
This is why I chose you.
Of course, you, Cheng Jiangyi, and the others know each other and are considered friends, which makes me more confident in choosing you.” 

Chen Ying does not speak.

Yuelao continues, “I’m telling you this to let you know: please believe that I didn’t just throw Mi Xi over to you.
Everything is the result of careful comparison and thinking.
The Red Thread System really exists, and it has given guidance and directions.
What should happen will always happen, but the results depend on the individual.
You will definitely understand all this in the future, so please be more patient and tolerant towards Mi Xi.” 

After Yue Lao 2238 finishes speaking, he bows, then turns and leaves.

Chen Ying is a little surprised that this man is so serious and earnest all of a sudden.
He feels that he still has questions to ask, but Yue Lao ran so fast that he wasn’t even given a chance. 

Chen Ying wants to ask him, now that Mi Xi has settled her board and lodging, is there any arrangement for her marriage? He took Mi Xi in, so what’s next? What is the plan?

It’s really unreliable to only leave people behind and run away without making arrangements for the key points.

Chen Ying goes back upstairs, opens the door, and the room is quiet, no different from when he lived alone.

Chen Ying sighs inwardly, closes the door, and walks in.
When he passes the bathroom, he sees Mixi standing in front of the sink in a daze.
She’s looking at the mirror, and she looks tired and sad in the reflection. 

Chen Ying turns his head away, pretending not to see, and asks her, “Are you hungry?”

He sees that Mi Xi seems to have just realized that he is back.
She straightens up quickly, and turns her head, shaking it to say ‘no’.

“Well, then, do you know how to use this?” He points to the towel and then to the shower faucet.

Mixi nods.

Chen Ying coughs twice, thinking that this little girl really doesn’t know how to curry favor with others ah3.
“Then, I’m just in the house, call me if you need anything.”

Mi Xi nods again.

Chen Ying turns his head and walks towards the bedroom, taking two steps, only to turn back.
“You can understand what I say, right?”

More nodding.

“If you don’t understand, just say it ah.”

Even more nodding.

Okay, the conversation is boring.
He goes back to his room to take a shower and sleep.

After Chen Ying finishes cleaning up, he lies down on the bed and thinks about it seriously.
It’s really inappropriate for him to adopt a 17-year-old girl, and he is very busy, with a lot of bad habits and a mountain of work.
Besides, there’s no reason for him to be persuaded like this, right? He can take her in temporarily, and then he will arrange her matters later—such as letting his brother who betrayed his family take this responsibility.
Or someone else. 

In fact, if there is really no one, his mother is quite suitable.
She has been clamoring that she has not given birth to a caring daughter in her life.
It’s just that this little girl’s origin is unknown, and he doesn’t know what kind of person she is, so it’s better to observe and pay attention first.

Chen Ying thinks for a while and feels that he seems to have made a decision. 

He listens, but there seems to be no sound outside, and he gets a little worried, so he goes out to have a look.

Mi Xi should have washed up because there are water stains in the bathroom.
The door to her room is open but no one is inside.

“Mi Xi?” Chen Ying calls out and goes to the living room to look for her.
The living room lights are not turned on, but he finds her sitting cross-legged in front of the large french windows in the living room, looking at the sky outside.
She turns when she hears him calling. 

“Go to bed early.” Chen Ying has thought for a long time and could only say this.
He really doesn’t have any experience in dealing with reserved girls, and neither does he have the proper temperament to lower himself just to coax her.
Obviously, right now, he is the one who needs to be coaxed ah.

“Thank you, uncle.” 

He finally hears her speak. 

“Don’t call me uncle; just call me by my name.” It’s too uncomfortable to be called uncle by a seventeen-year-old girl.
He still considers himself quite young.

“Chen Ying,” Mi Xi says.

“Okay, good night.” Chen Ying leaves after their talk, but comes back after walking for a while, “’Good night’ means to let you go to bed early and sleep better.
It is to say ‘hello’ at night.” 

“Good night,” Mi Xi repeats.


“Okay.” Chen Ying really has nothing to say this time and goes back to his room to sleep.

He doesn’t sleep well that night, even though the house is silent, really no different from usual.  This girl Mi Xi is really quiet, but he still doesn’t sleep well.
He wakes up suddenly and looks at the electronic clock on the bedside table.
It’s May 8, 5:52 in the morning. 

Chen Ying gets up and goes to the toilet, thinking about going out to see how the little girl is doing.
It turns out her door is still open but no one is inside.
Chen Ying frowns, walks lightly to the corner of the aisle and peeks inside the living room: Mi Xi is still sitting there.

Chen Ying’s brows furrow even tighter.
Did she sit like that all night?

The early morning light outside reflects on Mi Xi’s face through the floor-to-ceiling windows.
From this angle, Chen Ying can see half of her face: it is streaked with tears.

Chen Ying’s heart suddenly softens into a mess.



1 The phrase used by Yue Lao to say ‘don’t come in’ has the characters for 100 million squeezed inside it.

2 Literally, it reads as ‘add oil.’ But as Yue Lao 2388 said, ‘jai yo’ are words of encouragement. 

3 This refers to how a little girl would act cute or coquettish and ask for help so as to appeal to a guy’s *cough* finer instincts — allow him to be protective and manly and all that jazz.
But Mi Xi is having none of that, and so Chen Ying thinks she’s not good at currying favor at all.
The guy wanted to feel useful by operating the shower lmao.

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