Chapter 59: Gifts and the Language of Flowers

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Ever since the strange rumors popped up, the Callum twins have been picking up Nora to and fro her part-time job.
It continued even after the founding ball was over, and there were times when the twins came together; other times, they came separately.

Elias would always eat together with her when he picked her up, but recently, Allan would also do the same and accompany her eating.

This time, Allan had already ordered his favorite fried chicken skin, and didn’t seem to mind even if Flora sat together with them.

“Flora! You’re eating with us today?”

By the way, can I ask you what’s something a prestigious member of the House of Marquis would be pleased to receive?”

“What?” Flora’s random question made Allan momentarily stop eating.

“You mean… as a gift?”

Can you tell me what gift would make you happy to receive from a lady?”

“Let me think…” Allan began pondering over it without asking the reason behind.

He doesn’t easily doubt people, and that’s probably what sets him and Elias apart.

“Let me give you an example.
They carry different meanings when given, right?”

“Ladies would be happy to receive them, but men… perhaps not.
Unless, of course, you get it from someone you like.
But the impression…”

“Oh, I think flowers would suit you quite well.”

Like Elias, Allan also had a charismatic face that could rival even the most beautiful of ladies.
In fact, he looked extremely mesmerizing, almost as if he was surrounded by flowers.
He’s on a different league from Nora, who looked like she was a withering flower from head to toe.

“Since you have yellow eyes, I think sunflowers would look good on you.
And they also bloom seasonally.”

“Then blue flowers for Elias?”

Giving something that matched the color of his eyes might be a good idea.
Flora called for one of the staff and gave them instructions.

“What’s the matter?”

“I just called for the restaurant manager.”

“The manager?”

Seeing Nora and Allan look at her in puzzlement, Flora just smiled.

“What’s the matter, Flora?”

“There’s something I wanted to ask.” Flora urged the restaurant manager, who had just arrived, to sit in her chair.

“I’d like to ask if there’s a blue flower that would suit Elias.”

“Flower, hmm…” The restaurant manager flopped his plump body onto the chair, then placed his hand over his mouth and began pondering over it.

“But why are you asking the restaurant manager?”

“He might look like this but he’s quite familiar with the language of flowers.
I’d like to know which flowers have a good meaning, wouldn’t you think?”

“The language of flowers?” Allan shot an incredulous glance towards the restaurant manager.
He certainly didn’t seem like the type, but it appeared that he was an old man with profound wisdom.

The crafty old crone was indeed knowledgeable in the language of flowers as he had once told Nora of the meaning of blue roses.

“Speaking of which, the peach blossoms that Nora often receives lately means ‘I’m your captive’.”

“Wow, what an avid fan.” Hearing the manager’s words, Flora clapped her hands in amusement.

“Surely, it must be a coincidence.”

“Even so.
But well, if Nora were to give peach blossoms to Elias, he’d surely have a nosebleed, wouldn’t he?”

“A nosebleed would look so out of character…”

His dashing face and a nosebleed were like oil and water; they just didn’t seem to mix together.
And what’s terrifying was, a handsome man like Elias would probably still look as charming even with a bleeding nose.

“Sounds great! If you’re going to do it, might as well go for something more wicked.” Allan laughed mischievously and received a refill of his drink.

“Wicked, huh.
Hmm, how about aster? It means ‘trust’ and “I believe in you but I’m worried.’”

“That’s a good one!” Allan and the manager shared a toast while exchanging meaningful glances.

“But if she said she’s worried, won’t Nora have it more tough?”

“Exactly! The more she’s worried, the closer they’ll be!”

“No, no, not aster!” When they were just temporary lovers, she already had it tough, being so close to each other.
What she wanted was for them to take things more slowly.

“Then how about agapanthus? It means “the arrival of love”, “sincere love” and “a beloved person.”

“That’s also a no…” She wanted to convey her feelings, but if it was a little over the top, she’s afraid it’ll all backfire.

“Is there no flower with a subtle meaning? Or a plant?”

For ladies, it was common to give accessories and such, but what about men?

“I wonder what to give… Perhaps a cufflink? Or a hat?”

“But he’ll probably have his own style preferences.”

“Nevertheless, I feel like it’s still out of my budget…”

“Looks like you have a lot of ideas already.
Well then, I’ll get back to work.” Nora heaved a sigh, watching the restaurant manager share another toast with Allan before leaving.

Then Allan blinked several times, seeming to have realized something.

“Hmm… Are you planning to give him a gift, Nora?”

Why are you asking that now?

They’ve been talking about gifts and even mentioned Elias’ name, so she figured he already knew.

“What exactly do you want to confirm?”

“Nothing, I just thought it was surprising.”

That it was unlikely for Nora to give a present?

“Do I look that heartless?”

“No, that’s not what I mean… Well, I guess that’s just normal.
You’re no longer temporary lovers, after all.”

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