Chapter 5: Revoking the Engagement Cancellation?!

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“Um, you’re the son of the Marquis Callum, right?”

“Don’t ask what you already know.”

The gentleman with lemon-colored eyes who looked like Elias gave off a very different vibe.
This was exactly the attitude of the annoying spoiled young master Nora had envisioned in her mind.

“What brings you here? Um…” What’s your name again?

People don’t remember things they aren’t interested in.

At least to Nora, she didn’t remember the young man’s name.

“It’s Allan, Nora.”


A gentle help came to Nora who couldn’t remember his name.

“Are you an idiot?”

I’m not an idiot.

Nora was convinced that another troublesome person appeared.

After scowling at Nora, Allan moved his gaze to Elias.

“I heard that you’ve been going out together lately.
However, that ends today.”

While Nora was pondering over what he meant, Allan suddenly pointed his fingers in front of Nora’s eyes.

“Nora Kranz, I’m revoking our engagement cancellation.”

“No way.
That would be troublesome.”


“In the first place, what happened to the lady with you?”

Allan was with a beautiful blonde lady at the evening party.
Nora was sure he would marry her.

“Don’t get me wrong.
Of course, Sophia is still my first wife.”

Seems like her name is Sophia.

Another useless information was thrust into her.

“But you may rejoice.
I can take you as my second wife.”

“I don’t get what you’re saying, so I’m taking my leave.”

It was said that upper class nobilities can take multiple wives but as a poor Baron’s daughter, Nora wasn’t familiar with it.

In the first place, what is there to rejoice about?

Although there was something to get mad over, there was definitely nothing to be pleased about.

As Nora was leaving immediately, Allan rushed over and chased after her.

“Wait! You’ll be the second wife of the Marquis, you know!” Chasing after Nora who was walking rapidly, Allan was furious.

I’m the one who should be mad here!

Even though she was walking as fast as she could, he caught up to her in no time.

Not only does he look like Elias, he also has long legs.
How unfair!

They were blessed with good looks, long legs and wealth.
Nora would be happy if she had at least one.

“If you have any complaints, say it.” Hearing those words, Nora stopped walking.

Since it was easy for him to catch up to her, she decided not to waste any more of her energy.

“I only have one complaint.
I don’t want to be forced to be your wife.”

Leaving behind a flabbergasted Allan, Nora started walking again.

I have to go to my part-time job.

She had no time to waste there.

“I’m sorry, Nora.”

For some reason, Elias had followed after her and apologized.

“About what?”

“Since childhood, there’s a strong rivalry between me and Allan.
I knew he was coming to see you but I should’ve told you about it.”

No wonder.
Would Allan lose the bet if I accepted Elias’ engagement proposal so he came to stop it?

Nora wondered how long the bet would last.
It was becoming even more troublesome and annoying.

“But if the engagement cancellation was revoked through the power of the Marquis, I would surely become his second wife, won’t I?”

It would be difficult for the poor Baron Kranz to refuse the wishes of the prestigious House of Marquis.

If they anger the Marquis, their humble home would surely be blown to smithereens.
They’re already in a dire financial situation, if they were forced to flee, they probably wouldn’t be able to survive.

Even if they receive the compensation money, they still would be short of funds.

It was nothing but a mere bet among the children of nobility, but what a destructive effect it has.

“If I enter the convent, I wonder if my family will be spared…”

“It will be fine, Nora.” Seeing the troubled Nora, Elias laughed.

“What is?” Hold on, as part of the bet, this also happened because of you.

As she opened her mouth to say those words, Allan suddenly caught up from behind.

I wasn’t done talking.”

“Allan, I need to go to my part-time job.
Please keep it brief.”

Allan laughed scornfully at Nora’s rather rude response.
“If you’re engaged to me, you don’t have to work part-time.”

He was even more pleased to revoke the engagement cancellation, but Nora found it stupid.

Although she was also working for the money, it made her happy doing it.
No matter how much he says he didn’t like it, she wouldn’t quit her job.

“That’s impossible.”

“What do you mean by that, Elias?”

Two handsome gentleman with grayish brown hair faced each other across Nora.

“You can’t revoke it because the cancellation has already been processed.”

“What?! Indeed I have submitted the documents to the royal palace but I haven’t received the approval from the King.”

I have already submitted the documents to the royal palace and have received His Majesty’s approval.
The engagement between you and Nora has been officially cancelled.”

In this country, marriage between nobilities require the King’s approval.
The same case also applies to cancelling an engagement.
However, it isn’t encouraged because it troubles the King whose hearing hasn’t been in good shape.

“The Marquis have asked His Majesty to get engaged only have to have it cancelled.
It won’t be easy for him to ask His Majesty to revoke it and I won’t let you do so.
Nora, you can be rest assured.”

To the smiling Elias, Allan raised his brows.

“Processing at the royal palace normally takes a month.
What did you do, Elias?”

“I simply helped my brother who wanted to break his engagement.
Didn’t you want to marry Sophia Brandt, the daughter of the Viscount?”

Being able to process it directly at the royal palace, the House of Marquis sure is scary powerful.

Talking to Nora with a gentle smile on his face, Elias was without a doubt an upper class nobility.

Just how did I get involved in the bet between these two? Even though I hardly socialize, how did they single me out? As a poor Baron’s daughter, there’s nothing special about me.

Even worse, Nora’s reputation had been ruined as she was inconsiderately thrown aside when they cancelled the engagement in public.

She didn’t have a very favorable reputation to begin with, but it was now completely negative.

It won’t bring her any good if she continues to be involved with them.

“I’m pressed for time, so excuse me as I’ll be on my way to my part-time job.” She bid them goodbye but both have followed her for some reason.

“What part-time job? Why are you doing something maids do?”

It was a bother to answer Allan’s question as she had no time.

“If you’re curious about it, why don’t you enter the restaurant? But the bill won’t be on me.
You have to pay for yourself.” Pushing Allan towards Elias, Nora headed for the entrance.

Perhaps neither of them have entered such a commoner restaurant before, but they should be able to order for themselves and pay, right?

Nora turned back and headed for the back door.

The moment she enters the door, she will no longer be Nora Kranz the Baron’s daughter.

It was an extremely precious time to Nora.

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