Chapter 48: Seems Like I Want Him to Lend His Hand

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“Thor— I mean, Your Majesty.
Thank you very much.” Nora bowed, and King Thorvard gave her a more gentle smile than earlier.

“No need to thank me.
You might not be aware, but it’s actually all my fault.
I’d like to apologize, but I’ll just make it up to you next time… Your performance earlier was marvelous! Will you perform for me again?”

“Of course, I’ll be honored to.” She was momentarily stunned, hearing him say it was all his fault, but she was not against singing again anyway.

“Wonderful! I’m looking forward to it.” He then waved goodbye and headed to the back of the hall.

Since the king had left, everyone in their vicinity dispersed away, making Nora feel a little less tense.
After all, “Thor” and “Thorvard” were two different people.
She knew, of course, that they were indeed the same person, but the aura they gave was miles apart.
It made her realize that the king was a god-like existence that’s out of her league, and that she didn’t really want to get involved with him.

“You have my deepest gratitude, Duke Enroth.” Nora bowed and the duke nodded in acknowledgement.

What the duke said was a complete and utter lie.
She didn’t know why he did it, but she knew that it was for her sake.
His daughter, Viola, had previously tried to poison Nora, so perhaps helping her was his way of taking responsibility for his daughter’s wrongdoing.

“It’s nothing.
In fact, I should be apologizing… Was that all right, Elias?” Halfway through speaking, his tone turned serious, but Elias didn’t seem to mind.

“Thank you for your cooperation.” Elias expressed his gratitude with a complicated expression, and the duke left thereafter.

Considering the duke’s demeanor, Elias might have done something to do with it.
If so, then it might have been related to Viola, in which case, it would involve Nora as well.
She wanted to ask him about it, but Nora wasn’t sure if it was appropriate to discuss it here.

Just as she was mulling over it, a servant came over and told her it was time for her performance.

“Thank goodness.
Seems like the piano was repaired in time.” She smiled at Flora, who looked relieved.

“But the score was nowhere to be found.
It’d be difficult to play your original song of choice… What would you sing instead?”

Only one song came to Nora’s mind.

The melodious sound of Flora’s piano reverberated throughout the hall, and everyone’s attention focused on Nora.
She no longer had the mixed emotion of anger and excitement she felt when she sang alone earlier.
Her heart was strangely calm.

It was a love song passed down through generations in the region.
It was a popular old song, with lyrics that spell out feelings for a distant lover.
Nora had no lover, but she thought about what would happen if her temporary lover, Elias, would go far away.

Would I be lonely? Or would I stop him from leaving?

The song didn’t mention why the lover had to leave.
It also didn’t say if it’s the man or the woman who went far away or got left behind.
That ambiguity made the song resonate with everyone, and it has been beloved since then, her father told her.

The song ended with lyrics about how the person went to see their lover.
After singing the final phrase, “Find me and lend me your hand,” Nora thanked the audience.

A ripple of applause poured down like a waterfall.
Its magnitude was nothing like when she performed at the restaurant, primarily because of the large crowd and enormous size of the hall.
She once again realized how out of place she was in such a huge stage.
For a moment, she was caught in a trance, enjoying the applause, but it was then that she noticed him.

Everyone was smiling and applauding her, but her gaze zoned in on him.


Somehow, Nora wanted Elias to find her.
She wanted him to lend his hand.

She knew that his hand wasn’t meant for her, but she decided she’ll express her feelings just once.

If it doesn’t work, so be it.
If he wants to play both ways, I don’t want it.

But if…

If Elias tells her he only had eyes for her…


“Elias, I need to talk to you.” After receiving all the compliments from everyone for her performance, she cut to the chase and asked him.
Elias gave her a silent nod.

“I also have something to tell you.”

It must be about Andrea.
Nora felt a knot in her heart, but there were other things to worry about, and she had to talk to him in order to resolve them.

Elias spoke with Allan, and quickly arranged a carriage for their return.

“Best of luck, Nora.” Flora seemed to have guessed something, and cheered her on in a whisper.
But from the expression on her face, Nora figured that she must have misunderstood.
She just let her be because this matter was between Elias and her.

After bidding goodbye to Allan and Flora, Nora and Elias also got on their carriage.
Even though he must’ve arranged for it in a hurry, the carriage held the coat of arms of Marquis Callum.

Did it come straight from their manor since he wasn’t able to prepare one ahead?

Considering the enormous distance, it must have travelled with exceptional speed.
The prestigious House of Marquis sure was on a different level even when it came to carriage arrangements.
Even the interior was lovely; the chair was covered with red fabric, whereas the carriage was in deep blue color.

She didn’t know how many carriages they had, but she’d only be able to ride one such luxurious carriage this night, so she relished the experience and sat down comfortably.
As she enjoyed the soft touch of the chair’s fabric in her hand, Elias smiled at her.

“Why are you happily caressing the chair?”

“Um, it was comfortable to touch.”

“I see.” Elias smiled.
He looked as dashing as ever and she was once again mesmerized.

“In that case, if I wore clothes made from this very fabric, will you caress me, too?”

“…Knowing that the prestigious son of the marquis actually wears a chair is an interesting fact.” Although she had said that, she was sure that he’d still look attractive even if he really wore such clothes.
With his handsome face, he could pull off any look.

Nora wondered if she was enamored by his face.

No, I’ve been looking at his face since the first time we’ve met, and he didn’t leave a favorable first impression on me.

Did that mean she was attracted to him and not just his face?

Oh no, this is bad…

” ”

She thought she would go home dejected once he tells her she doesn’t matter to him, but this realization shook her.

I need to brace myself for that too.

“Why did Duke Enroth help? Did you do anything? I also thought that His Majesty’s arrival was rather timely.
What was the antidote you used? Why was I poisoned?” Once she started talking about the things that intrigued her, Elias had a troubled look on his face.

“Let me explain everything.”

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