I’m pretty sure I can now do it at lightning speed.

“Nora, are you all right?” Seeing her fall completely silent, Elias looked at her with an anxious face.

“I was just thinking how much I’d love for time to pass by quickly.”

Nora would be performing twice.
The first song was about wishing for the country’s prosperity, while the second one was a song appreciating the blessings of nature.

“What shall I do until it’s my turn to perform?”

Elias reached out to hold her hand, catching Nora by surprise.

“You just need to have a good time with me.” Her brows wrinkled out of reflex.

She felt weary and exhausted tonight as well.

“Surely… you wouldn’t be swayed by moments like this.”

“What do you mean?”

“Just a life advice.”

As Nora mulled over Flora’s cryptic words of wisdom, a servant approached Elias’ side and whispered something to him.

“I need to go get and check my personal effects.
Would you mind waiting here? Don’t talk to anyone.
Just stay with Allan and Flora.
I’ll be back soon.”

As she saw him leaving, she wondered what those personal effects might be.
She could only think of a coat, but figured that upper-class nobilities probably have other things besides that.

Nora had a more pressing problem.

“It must be tough for you, having those delicious foods before your eyes, but unable to eat any of them.”


The glistening slabs of meat she didn’t recognize, the fruits she’d never seen before, and the cakes that looked unbelievably unreal—all the dishes looked mouth-wateringly delicious.
She probably would never have the chance to eat those foods in her lifetime.

She had already agreed to come and perform, albeit reluctantly, so she had wanted to try those new dishes to commemorate this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

She glanced at Allan for approval, but he shook his head.
It was useless to ask after all.

“I’m sorry but I hardly know about checking for poison and such.
Just wait patiently for Elias to come back.”

It seemed that Allan didn’t have the same taste-testing quirk.

But I suppose that’s normal.

“I get it but why must he make so much fuss over it? It was certainly surprising that she had come to the restaurant herself simply to accuse me of stealing her spot as the singer, but we’re already at the ball and this is the royal castle.
Surely there won’t be any problems?”

“Hopefully not.”

He seemed to be implying something, but she thought it might be something unrelated.

“If I recall correctly… The singer’s name was Rebecca.
Might she be coming too?”

Rebecca would not have been invited because of her status.
But it wouldn’t be surprising to see her come, accompanied by someone else.”

“Is the security that lax?”

Despite not being invited, Nora figured it was probably easy for her to ask someone else to take her to the ball.
After all, she had been the singer for years, so she must have been well-acquainted with everyone.
And if she was accompanied by a high-ranking aristocrat, she would surely be able to enter without problems.

“Is that how it works?”

Is that why they were so wary of her? Even so, she didn’t think she would dare do anything to the dishes at the royal castle.

“That’s why we must be careful.
Sorry about that.”

“Although I’m curious to taste such delectable fancy dishes, it’s still better to eat at the restaurant—it’s easier, the food is tastier, and I’m happier.”

When she voiced out her inner thoughts, Allan laughed.

“That’s right.
I feel the same.”

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