Chapter 38: You Left Out The ‘Temporary’

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“You look so lovely, Nora.”

On the day of the founding ball, Flora had come to the Kranz manor to help Nora prepare.
Looking at Nora standing in front of the mirror, she nodded satisfactorily at her appearance.

Her lapis lazuli-colored dress was lined with beads on the edges of its loose frills, sparkling with her every move.
The same beads were adorned at the ends of the thin ribbons that decorated her coiffure.
The beads were transparent, so they didn’t stand out at first glance, but when illuminated, they glittered beautifully.
The frills ran diagonally across her dress, making it look like a river of stars flowing across the night sky.

Looking at the dress that was simple yet gorgeously exquisite with its high-quality fabric and sparkling beaded design, Flora let out a sigh.
“This dress suits you quite well.
Have you gotten used to receiving dresses? Or was this your choice?”

“In this case, the final decision was up to me.
Though, really I only had to choose between two options, because the modiste had already prepared them well beforehand.”

“In other words, Elias had chosen it, hadn’t he?”

“Had he?”

“Of course, he had!”

Indeed, Elias had narrowed down the assortment of fabrics into a couple of choices himself.
Nora was asked to make the final choice when the modiste had pressed for more details from her, but it wouldn’t be incorrect to say that Elias had arranged everything.
In fact, everything might have gone according to his preference.

“I suppose so…”

” ”

“And you’re fine with that?” Doubt flashed across Flora’s face.

“Well, I’m getting paid, after all.
Had the dress been provocative or extravagant, I’d surely air out my complaints, but it wasn’t so all is well.
Besides, I wouldn’t know what to wear for a royal ball anyway.”

Hearing her friend’s dilemma, Flora couldn’t help but empathize.

“You better not tell that to Elias.”


She hadn’t planned on telling him, but was curious to know why Flora had to say so.

“If you say things like provocative and whatnot, you’ll give him ideas.
You must not indulge him at any cost.”

Flora was used to dealing with dressmakers, so she probably knew what she was saying.

“I don’t fully catch your meaning but I’ll do as you say.”

The modiste might have other ideas, unbeknownst to Nora.

Seeing her nodding innocently, Flora heaved a sigh.
“You might be level-headed and pragmatic, but you’re definitely ignorant on certain matters.
And you could easily be swept away.”

“Am I?”

“Yes, and you should be more self-aware.
After all, the other party is immensely assertive.”

Now that she had mentioned it, Nora remembered how easily she was subjugated by the thrice-a-day kisses.
That matter must soon be settled.

Flora had been wearing an orange dress.
Despite the copious amount of ribbons, it looked good on Flora.

“Nora, Flora, they’ve come to pick you up.
Shall I bring them in?”


Moments after Perre disappeared, the handsome twins arrived.

Nora stiffened at the sight of Elias.
Not because he was strikingly handsome; it was a fact after all.
That wasn’t what caught her by surprise.
It was because Elias’ suit was also the shade of lapis lazuli.
Which meant that it was the same color as her dress.

What’s happening? Aren’t we just temporary lovers?

“Why is it the same color?” Nora shot a piercing glare at Elias, whose lips simply curled up in a smile.

“Because it’s a bright day for lovers.”

“Temporary lovers.
You left out the ‘temporary’.” She hated the easygoing Elias.
What she really hated was how well the suit looked on him.

“Handsome men are frightening.”



“Oh? Anyway, you look lovely, Nora.
I might fall in love again.” He said with his usual air of countenance.

Nora felt her cheeks burning as she furrowed her brows.

This must be what Flora meant with “the other party is immensely assertive”.
I must not be defeated.

“Why, you also look positively dashing, Elias!” She teased as though she was in combat mode, full of fighting spirit, but Elias’ eyes widened in surprise.

“…I didn’t expect you to praise me.
Thank you!”

Seeing him so delighted, Nora realized her attempt had failed.

“I thought I’d fight back and not let myself be swept away but I made a mistake instead…” She muttered.
Next to her, Flora bit back her laugh.

She knew she made a mistake, but how else should she fight back? He seemed pleased when she praised him, and it wasn’t as though she could be angry or ignore him over it.
Besides, it was Elias who had given her the dress, she ought not to be rude against him.

“Flora, where do you think I should go?”

“Shouldn’t you go to the ball alongside your lover, Lord Elias?” Despite knowing that what Nora really meant was how she should go about Elias’ assertiveness, Flora simply smiled at her.

“What a lovely dress, Flora.
It suits you well.”

“Thank you, Lord Elias.
Thank you for coming all the way here, Lord Allan.”

When she looked at him, she noticed that there was an orange rose on Allan’s chest.
It was the same color as Flora’s dress, his partner for the ball.

“Weren’t you like that as well, Elias? Even now, in fact.”

“Now, don’t say that, Nora.
I don’t like that.
We’re lovers, not to mention friends.
There’s a world of difference.”

“Temporary lovers.
You left out the ‘temporary’.” Despite Nora glaring at him with a scowl, Elias’ smiling face remained undeterred.

I must say, Nora trying to outwit Elias and consequently mulling her failure is so funny.

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