Chapter 29: Let’s Give It A Try

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A few days following Elias’ visit, Nora resumed her part-time job.
She got picked up by either of the twins, but they often both came to the restaurant.
On days when Elias wasn’t there to check for poison, she always went home without eating.
There were a couple of men who would give her strange looks, but as long as she didn’t mind, there was no harm.
Since she also had nothing more to donate, Nora reckoned that they would eventually give up.

That day, she left through the back door after her performance.
Only Allan picked her up; Elias wasn’t there.
Nora felt relieved on days when there’s only Allan because Elias’ meaningful piercing gaze made her quite uncomfortable.
She considered telling him about it but figured that it might make things worse so she kept it to herself.
However, Allan seemed to have noticed it.

“How did you know?”

“I could tell just by looking.”

She asked him as they walked down the street at night, but his answer was curt.
That only meant that it was easy to tell from her behavior.

“Then Elias must have noticed it, too.”

“I’d like to say it’s obvious, but he couldn’t possibly see you on days when he’s not here.
But I think he could feel that you’re wary of him.”

“Since it’s obvious, then there’s no need to hide it.
From now on, I’ll keep my guard up openly.”

“What’s with that defiant attitude?”

She often conversed with Allan like this and she’s gotten more comfortable with him.

But he doesn’t kiss her after all.
That alone was enough to bring her guard down and have a normal conversation.

Allan has since changed from a haughty young master to a humble gentleman—a far cry from the time they first met when he suddenly broke off their engagement in public.

“There’s a rumor going around that I’m a ‘pure-hearted nightingale’.
Do people really believe it?”

“Probably half do.
But if they’ve heard you sing, they’re more inclined to believe it.”

She had expected him to deny it, but was surprised that he acknowledged the rumor.

“But why?”

Allan kicked away a pebble near his feet and glanced at Nora.

“I don’t know if you’re aware of it but your singing voice has a strange charm to it.
It’s soothing and mesmerizing at the same time.
And people might mistakenly interpret it as something else.”

Mistakenly interpret…

Like, I’m going to donate?

“Does that mean I look like a good person when I sing? That sounds like I’m scamming people.
I’m sorry.”

Allan laughed as soon as he heard Nora’s interpretation.

Come to think of it, he wasn’t quite in a good mood at the start.
It made her feel like he was back to his haughty character and didn’t want to get involved with her as much as possible.

But smiling was crucial for effective communication after all, Nora realized.

“That could be the case, but I think it’s more because they found you attractive.”

“Isn’t that worse?”

Allan laughed again.
Since he didn’t refute her, Nora reckoned that he probably didn’t find her attractive either.

It’s the truth, but she somehow felt disheartened.

“Could it be because of the deceptive power of my singing voice that Elias agreed for us to be temporary lovers?”

“What deceptive power are you saying?” Hearing Nora’s sudden flash of inspiration, Allan was dumbfounded.

“Weren’t you the one who proposed to be temporary lovers?”

“That’s right.”

Come to think of it, she wasn’t sure about her feelings so they started dating as temporary lovers.

“Well, whatever.
But don’t tell Elias what you just said.”

“Which one?”

“The part about Elias pursuing you because of the power of your voice.”

“That’s not what I meant… But why?”

Allan shook his head with a dispirited look on his face.

“It’s going to be troublesome.
I don’t want you to get stressed over it.”


She wasn’t sure but she felt that he was worried about her.

“So, what do you think of Elias?”

“Well… he’s my temporary lover.”

“Not that.
I mean, how about when the trial period ends?”


Now that he mentioned it, they haven’t decided when and what they will do when the trial period as temporary lovers is over.
At this rate, would they just continue being temporary lovers? Realizing the situation, Nora found herself in a predicament.

” ”

“Elias’ answer is clear so it all depends on you.
If you don’t like him just say no.”

“I don’t dislike him, though.”

“Then, will you accept him?”

“Well, that somewhat scares me…” As Nora wrinkled her brows, Allan chuckled.

“If I were a woman, I’d hate that guy.”

“What’s with that? Is that a threat?”

When twins had been at odds against each other for years, that screamed danger.

“The only thing left to do is to be aware and prepared for it, right? Neither of which seems to be the case… Well then, let’s give it a try, shall we?”

“Give what a try?”

Allan beckoned her to come closer and he gestured to her to lend him an ear.

Nora did as prompted, and she leaned her face closer to Allan.

“I like you, Nora.” He whispered softly in her ear as their faces inched closer and their cheeks touched.

” ”

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