Chapter 26: Feels Like We’re in Debt

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“I feel relieved to see that we have a good harvest of grapes this year.
We’ve been blessed with excellent weather.”

Nora smiled as she looked at their vineyard from the window of her carriage.
She was visiting their estate with Perre.
As she was busy looking around and listening to everyone’s stories, ten days had passed in the blink of an eye.

She did most of the housework since they didn’t have any servants in the estate manor.
Most of it required physical labor such as fetching water, cooking and washing.
But at least there was no kissing demon with a dashing face who greeted her every morning with sweet honeyed words.
That alone gave her the greatest relief.

“Should I just live in the estate?”

Knowing the implication of what she said, Perre’s face curled into a frown.

“Scratch that thought.
I can’t leave my sister alone here.”

“What a sweet brother.”

“That’s not it.
It’s too dangerous for a young lady to live in a manor alone.”

“But there are hardly any thieves here, possibly because there’s nothing to take.”

Because the Kranz family had been in debt for generations, the estate was far from being prosperous.

If I were a thief, I also wouldn’t think it’d be of any value at all.

“That is one thing, but there’s even greater danger to your body.”

“My body?”

“Your body.”

Oh, so he was referring to that.
I guess it was chastity he meant.

“If you were a girl, that’d surely be a concern, but in my case, I don’t think there’s anything to worry about.”

“That’s sweet of you to say.
But you know, almost everyone in our estate had heard you sing.
Suffice to say, it is far dangerous for you to live here alone.”

Nora furrowed her brows.
She couldn’t understand how those two were connected.

“How can it be dangerous if they simply listened to me sing?”

“When a man gets fascinated by your singing prowess and becomes enamored with you, he might decide to do something untoward to you in a moment of folly.
So it is dangerous for you to live alone.”

He had explained it clearly but Nora still didn’t understand.
Noticing the expression on her face, Perre shrugged.

“Well, think about it.
It’s common sense that women shouldn’t live alone.
And if it’s you, something more dangerous might happen.”

“More dangerous? What might that be?”

I asked because I didn’t know what he meant, but he looked fed up, as though words had failed him.

“…I think it’s better if you discuss it with Elias.”

Hearing his name made Nora more confused.

“You’re changing the topic.”

“I’m not.
It’s just that, I can’t stay by your side all the time.” Perre said as he took out a piece of grapes from the package and popped it in his mouth.

Perre is a goodhearted lad, but lately he’s been saying things I don’t understand. 

Is this puberty or has he entered the rebellious phase? I think it’s too late for that, but it’s the only thing that comes to my mind. 

There was nothing she could do about it so Nora also munched on some grapes.
They were fresh and sweet, which slightly brightened up her mood.

“I heard they’ve become more popular after we have changed the labels and packaging.”


Perre nodded as he wiped his hands.
He had already eaten quite a bunch of grapes in such a short amount of time.

“Even though the contents remained the same, I suppose appearance still plays an important role.
Apparently, the nobilities in the royal capital have taken quite a liking to them.”

Until recently, they’ve only been using a generic glass bottle and a simple label indicating where it originated from.

After considering Elias’ suggestion, they upgraded the bottle to a colored one with light-shielding property, and redesigned the label with trendy and easy-to-understand graphic illustrations.

“The eyes of a Marquis’ son are indeed different.
I ought to express my gratitude next time.”

If their juice sells well, their estate would become richer.
Of course, that included their people who have stuck with them through thick and thin, so to speak.

I want to help improve and make their lives easier.

However, even though it called for a celebration, Perre didn’t look the least bit delighted.

“What’s wrong?”

It’s just that there’s a slight problem… Duke Lindell plans to raise the toll fee.”

“That sure is a problem.”

Before they could market their grape juice in the royal capital, they must pass through Duke Lindell.
If the toll fee increases, the price of the juice along with the cost of transport cargo would naturally increase as well.

Their products have finally become popular, but increasing the price now would surely hurt their business.
When it comes to buying products with the same price, most people would normally go for what’s more popular.
It was a tough battle for them, especially now that their products have only started gaining attention.

“And it’s quite a hefty amount.
We would surely face a deficit.”

“And if we try to make a detour, that will incur more transportation costs.
Besides, the grape juice might spoil faster with prolonged transportation.”

If the price increases and the taste quality decreases, no one would want to buy their products anymore.

“There’s nothing we can do for now so we will shoulder the increase in the toll fee.
In the meantime, I must go talk to Duke Lindell and discuss it further.” Perre said, but he wasn’t exactly sure how to deal with the Duke.

“Thanks to you, we’ve cleared our debts.
But now I feel like we’re in debt again.”

Seeing Perre heave a heavy sigh, Nora also couldn’t help but sigh.

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