Chapter 19: Viola Enroth’s Nightmare 

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“Lady Viola, I have something to tell you.
Can you spare me a moment?”

The voice came from behind and she felt her heart tremble.

Viola had invited his grace, Lord Elias Callum to today’s evening party hosted by Duke Enroth.

He came to see me.

She fell in love with Elias and had offered an engagement proposal but was distraught when his twin brother took the offer at her parents’ intervention.
To make it worse, hearing that Elias already had a woman in his heart made her fume in anger.

When she heard that Elias had submitted the engagement documents, Viola had ordered someone to alter it.

And then Allan Callum had become engaged with a woman named Nora Kranz.
That would leave Elias no choice but to accept the proposal of the Enroth family and be betrothed to her.

She felt relieved when she thought of that.
But her parents withdrew the engagement proposal immediately and in the end, things didn’t happen as she had hoped for.

Still, she didn’t give up.

She went to every evening party Elias was likely to attend and kept reaching out to him.

Although their conversations weren’t particularly engaging, she was still able to dance with him at times.

I’m sure he’d eventually forget that woman Nora.
I must gradually make him fall for me.

That was what Viola thought until she heard of the fiasco between the Callum twins at a certain evening party and she went livid with anger.
She hadn’t gotten that mad in a long time.

Nora kept getting in her way.
She got her engagement with Allan cancelled and that irritated her even more.

Viola heard that something happened at the restaurant where Nora was working at and since then the Callum twins frequently visited the restaurant.
When she heard that they came to eat together, she stomped her feet in anger.

She had ordered to add a laxative in her drinks, but that plan failed.
When she heard that Elias had been coming to pick up Nora, she was wrought with hatred and jealousy.

She had confessed to Elias at the evening party but he didn’t reciprocate her feelings and now her self-restraint had left her.

She instructed someone to prepare a poison that would cause inflammation of the mucous membrane in the throat.
She also asked to add some shards of glass so her throat would definitely be damaged.

Nora wouldn’t be able to sing for a while and worse, she might lose her voice.
She had been dubbed as the “Azure Nightingale”, but it would lose its meaning once she loses her voice.

Viola was told that the poison had been successfully given to Nora and her performance the day before had also been cancelled.
Hearing such results, she was elated.

If Elias couldn’t come to the restaurant, he’d have more time to attend evening parties.
That’s what she thought and so she had sent over an invitation to the soiree hosted by the House of Duke Enroth.

All her efforts finally paid off.
But when her eyes landed on Elias, she couldn’t help but frown.
Alongside him was a woman whose arms were linked with him.
She eyed her from head to toe.

The woman had beautiful bluish black hair and was probably Nora Kranz whom she hated so much.
Based on the report, her hair was beautiful but her face wasn’t remarkable.
How could this be? She’s not even half as pretty as Viola.

She heard that the person who was hired to monitor Nora was useless because not even one laxative was used successfully but the report might have been inaccurate.
His only achievement was that he gave her the poison.

She heard that the poison could cause one to be unable to sing for a few days.
It’s also probably difficult for her to even speak considering it’s only been two days since the report was made.

I don’t know why you’re here but I won’t let you prevent me from talking to Elias.

She thought so and calmed herself.

“Lord Elias, this way please.”

She gestured to Elias who gave her a smile.
But Nora followed alongside him.

Viola glared at her but she still kept her arms linked with Elias.
Nora was about to stumble and fall but when Elias hugged her, Viola almost lost it.
Seeing Nora also joined them, she finally couldn’t hold it in.

“Before we talk, may I ask who this person is?” As they arrived in the garden, she gestured beside Elias.

“She’s originally supposed to be my fiancee… I reckon you already know that.” He squeezed Nora’s shoulders and Viola clenched her fist instinctively.

“I’m not sure I’m following what you’re saying.
After all, I have nothing to do with her.”

She heard of how Elias had been looking into what happened with the engagement papers.
However, she was confident that the official who altered it wouldn’t dare reveal that it was under the House of Duke’s instructions.
She was sure of it but she still felt uneasy.

She felt sad that he was suspicious of her but since the truth won’t be revealed, she had to continue acting like she was oblivious to it.
Elias let out a sigh as he watched the high and mighty Viola not even bat an eyelash.

“First off, why don’t we sit down.”

“It’s better for Nora not to drink, right?” Although Viola was livid that Nora was sitting with them, hearing Elias say that as she served the tea brightened up her mood.

As expected, Nora drank that poison after all.
She should be unable to drink hot tea because the inflammation won’t subside for a couple of days.
Moreover, Nora hadn’t uttered a word.
It was probably hard for her to sing, let alone talk.

She could’ve just stayed home but she had the nerve to follow Elias here.
She must not be underestimated.

Even though Viola was frustrated by her presence, thinking of the ruined voice of her rival, she sipped a bit of her tea in silence.

“That reminds me, this is a high quality product from the neighboring country.
What a shame.
I hoped you could enjoy it as well.”

You won’t be able to speak, you lowly woman.
You can’t even drink tea with such a damaged throat.

Viola knew that her words were rather mean.
But looking at Nora sitting beside Elias, she couldn’t help but boil with anger.
Jealousy was surely eating away at her.
It was unbearably excruciating to be jealous of a lowly unremarkable woman.

“Nora’s throat isn’t well.” Elias noted as he ran his fingers from Nora’s cheeks to her collarbone.

Viola took a deep breath seeing such a sweet gesture.
Staring at Elias with a startled look, Nora seemed like she wasn’t accustomed to it at all.
Still, Viola’s heart was in a terrible state.

“I’ll just drink in her stead.” He held the cup and took a sip.
He wondered if Nora was mad at what he did but reckoned that Viola must be reeling in anger.

I knew it.
This woman is in the way.
She was already lenient in just giving her poison to damage her voice.

Elias smiled bitterly as he saw Viola send a piercing glare to Nora without realizing it.
Viola’s shattered heart revived from that smile.

“First off, let me hear your excuses.”


What was he talking about? What excuses?

“Regarding the falsification of documents and poisoning Nora.
I’m not willing to forgive you for either case but let me first hear your excuses.”

Elias knows.

She felt her skin crawl up.
Even if she tried to feign ignorance, Elias was already convinced that it was her doing.
But she couldn’t give in.

“I’m not sure what you’re talking about.”

“Really?” Elias gave him a wide smile.

“Falsification of documents submitted to His Majesty is equivalent to perjury against His Majesty.
Even a duke’s family won’t escape unharmed.”

What does this have to do with me—“

“The official who altered the documents had already testified and gave the name of Duke Enroth.”

Did the official betray the Duke? But he used to go after me.
He should know who is more powerful between Marquis Callum and Duke Enroth.

“The duke himself has denied involvement and suggested that you may have been the one who made the instructions… In fact, it had to be no one else but you.”

Don’t tell me father and Elias were friends? 

It seemed plausible since he wanted Viola to marry into the royal family but how cruel of him.

“I don’t believe you.
How can you look into the documents submitted to His Majesty.
Don’t trick me with your speculations.”

“When did I say I looked into the documents?”


Elias was still smiling.
But it was by no means friendly.
It’s a smile with a tinge of mockery.

“His Majesty reviewed the documents himself and hence he was able to confirm that it was tampered with.
His Majesty was very angry.
Duke Enroth couldn’t forgive his daughter’s misdeed.”

“H-His Majesty?”

How can that be? Why would he bother checking the engagement papers of one nobility?


For what?

“That’s right.
He helped me on the basis of our true friendship.
It’s a great blessing to have a dependable friend, don’t you think?”

“No way.”

“And he got mad when he learned of Nora’s poisoning.
He’s a fan of the Azure Nightingale, you know.
It was actually him who took me to that restaurant.”

“No way.
You’re lying.”

She heard that the restaurant was frequented by commoners and had been puzzled why the son of a marquis would go there.
Who would’ve thought it was actually the King who brought him there.

If the King was Nora’s fan…

If he knew Nora won’t be able to sing…

If he knew it was Viola’s fault…

Viola suddenly realized her back had been sweating profusely.

“Well, let me ask you again.
What are your excuses?”

She had always loved Elias and his smile.
But not this time.

For the first time, Viola felt frightened by Elias’ smile.

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