Chapter 17: Conny’s Fear 

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Conny was in the break room with the twins.

The only other person in the room was Nora, who was gargling.
All the other staff were driven away by Flora.

Conny thought he had been busted but being cornered like that made him more anxious.

“How long will you gargle?” One of the twins asked Nora.

Looking at them closely, their eyes had different colors.

Nora sighed as she turned to look at the gentleman with lemon-colored eyes.

“The warm grapes and ketchup didn’t dance in my mouth; they kept fighting.”

After saying those cryptic words, Nora gargled again.

Speaking of which, she seemed to be fine after vomiting blood.

Didn’t she drink what was in that vial? What happened?

Perhaps the content wasn’t poison? If so, then she was just pretending to have drunk poison.

“You look terrible.
It’s better if you lie down a bit.”

“Then excuse me.”

Urged by the gentleman with sky-colored eyes, Nora lay down on the sofa.

Just when Conny thought he was going to help Nora, he removed his jacket and gently placed it on her.

Are these two in a close relationship? Or is this normal behavior for an upper-class nobility?

The man with sky-colored eyes looked gentle but when he turned to look at Connie, any trace of compassion vanished from his face.

“So that’s how it was.
And then you were asked to make sure she drinks it this time.”

The gentleman with the sky-colored eyes examined the contents of the vial and placed it on the table after.

“And so, who asked you to do this?”

Conny shook his head in response to the question of the man with the lemon-colored eyes.

“I can’t answer that or else, I’ll be in trouble.”

” ”

If he gave the name of the duke, Conny will be cast aside for sure.

“But you were quick to admit that you wanted Nora to drink this.”

“Personally, I didn’t want her to drink it.
At first, I was just asked to report her actions.
That’s why I accepted it!”

But then, how did it come to this?

“Report whose actions?”

“The Azure Nightingale’s.”

“Me? Why?” Nora’s complexion was starting to look better.

After returning the jacket to the man with the sky-colored eyes, she sat back down on the sofa.

“I don’t know.
I was just asked to report the actions of the Azure Nightingale.
So I told them about your performance, and how you eat with the Callum twins, who also pick you up.”

“…You also know that, huh”, muttered the man with the lemon-colored eyes as he narrowed his eyes.

“So then, you were told to mix the laxative in her drink.
But well, it was fine as long as you had mixed it even though no one drank it and you secretly threw it away.”

“That’s why it was forgivable.”

” ”

The gentleman with the lemon-colored eyes was right.
However, Conny still had to clarify.
“And then, I was told that as long as I put the contents of this vial into her drink, my job will then be over.
I was sick of this job but wanted the money so I agreed.
But I didn’t think she’d be vomiting blood.
I expected it to be another laxative again.”

“I’m not sure a laxative is any better…”

The gentleman with lemon-colored eyes had a point there.

“After making sure that you’ve drunk it, I’ve achieved my purpose.”

The blue-eyed gentleman picked up the vial and shook it.
Its contents glowed brilliantly and beautifully.

“Purpose was it?”

“It contained something like shards of glass… Nora’s voice would’ve surely been damaged.”

“Moreover, it seems like there were other poisons in it.
If we weren’t here and Nora had drunk it, it would have been dangerous.”

“But even if she drank it in the break room, there were other staff present.
Even if there was a witness, it shouldn’t have been easy to tell that it was because of the juice…”

There was no witness.
Nora damaged her voice… The truth would have been manipulated that way.
For the House of Duke Enroth, it’s easy.”

At the blue-eyed gentleman’s words, Conny felt the blood drain from his face.

“How did you…”

“What? You think I wouldn’t know just because you won’t say anything? Were you threatened by them?”

Conny nodded as his face paled.
“But please don’t say you heard it from me.
Otherwise, they’ll blame me and I’ll be in trouble.”

The middleman didn’t quite specify the name of Duke Enroth.
But after putting two and two together and considering it was a ducal house, it wasn’t difficult to deduce it was no one else but someone from the House of Duke Enroth.

“How convenient.
Do you think you can be pardoned after causing harm to Nora?” The blue-eyed gentleman had been speaking in a relatively gentle tone but his voice suddenly dropped a few octaves lower.

The impact caused him to shudder in fright.

“S-so, you knew it was probably poison.
Then, you didn’t actually drink it, right?” As Conny tried to casually change the topic, the blue-eyed gentleman laughed scornfully.

“The glass shards were strikingly visible.
Furthermore, this poison doesn’t mix well with fruits and so crystals would form.
Considering the size of the crystal, it won’t dissolve well unless you use a mixer.
Since she took it from the break room, I reckoned the culprit would be there waiting to check if the poison worked and I was right.
Besides, if you wanted to mix it well, using black tea would less likely get you caught.
Because crystals would hardly form.”

“When it comes to these things, Elias’ hobby proved to be useful.”

“I didn’t know you had such a hobby, Elias.”

Trying to change to the topic only led to knowing more terrifying information.

The duke was terrifying but these twins weren’t any better.

“Just report that you made her drink it successfully.
Then disappear.
Don’t you think that’s the best ending for you?”

“I-I think so.” Seeing the heartless smile on the blue-eyed gentleman, Conny trembled in fright.

“Then scram.”

“Y-yes!” Conny dashed out of the break room in a hurry.

Actually, he had planned to tell the duke about the twins and about how Nora didn’t drink the contents of the vial.
But Conny decided against it.

Fear reigned over his instincts.
With that in mind, Conny decided to follow what the blue-eyed gentleman said.

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