We broke up today

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Episode 5

I’m reminded of the dark history from before

But he was looking at me with a sad expression.

He seemed unwilling to walk away unless he heard an answer.

People’s eyes were also on me.

What are those bangs and glasses? You dare to stand next to Sir Dylan? What are you talking about? 

It was those expressions.


Can’t someone like me have glasses be next to a great guy like Sir Dylan?

I was suddenly irritated by the influence of alcohol.

‘Oh, yes.
The bangs and glasses will disappear quickly.’

I didn’t have time to talk any more with Sir Dylan anyway.

I had to get out of this place quickly and then go to Sir Toby to propose to him.

I replied lightly.

“It doesn’t have to be Sir Toby.
I just want to get married.”


For a moment, Sir Dylan hardened his lips.

“Does it matter who your marriage partner is?”

He slowly blinked his eyes.

When I saw Sir Dylan’s smile, my heart raced.

It felt like my drinking power was rising with time.

Unable to speak, I stared blankly at his beautiful eyes.

That was then.

A voice of criticism was heard from afar.

Mostly, ‘Why is the bangs and glasses that don’t understand the subject attached to Sir Dylan?’ ‘She must be crazy.’ It was the same thing again.

At that moment, I became aware of this reality.

Yes, come to your senses!

Now we just look like handsome and the beast!

You shouldn’t be excited about Sir Dylan right now! Read only at pm tl.

I tried to ignore the voice and answered Sir Dylan’s question.

“…It doesn’t matter who I marry.
Unless there is a reason for disqualification.”

I only glossed over the fact that I wanted to avoid this position quickly.

“Then, do you mind me?”


Am I having auditory hallucinations again?

Is it because Sir Dylan is so expressionless?

I was confused about what exactly I was hearing.

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“I asked if you didn’t mind.”

I instinctively recalled the situation when Sir Dylan offered himself.

Sir Dylan’s identity was guaranteed.

Although rumors abound, he didn’t seem like a bad person.

“It doesn’t matter, Sir Dylan, so uh, not really.”

“Is that so?”

So, would you like to marry me?”

As soon as I said those words, I became sober.

‘Wow, no matter how drunk I am, I sure should separate things to say and not to say.’

I’m crazy.

I’m truly crazy.

No matter how much I misunderstood…

Proposing to this man was overkill! Right?!

I quickly glanced at him.

His neck moved.

His rib cage was bulging out.

I quickly cleared my throat and shouted.

“It’s a joke, if you don’t like it, I apologize!”


“…If you don’t like it, I’ll go with Henry.”


“Henry and I will marry.

Although it was already a failure with Henry, he might not know.

There is no tree that cannot be cut down ten times.

If I ask Henry a hundred times tomorrow, maybe he will accept it.

But the moment I said that, his bright red eyes fluttered wildly.

Maybe a hallucination again?

Then, Sir Dylan whispered.

“Let’s get married soon.”


“Not Henry, but me.”

The moment I heard those words, my vision blurred.

It was black out.


(3rd person pov)

Dylan’s day was like an elaborately crafted pocket watch.

It flowed the same way every day.

7 am, wake up.

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7:30 am, read the newspaper.

8 am, breakfast.

8:27 a.m, smelting swords and armor.

The smelting of swords and armor took about 1 hour and 7 minutes.

After that, at 9:34 am, he started moving from an official residence dedicated to the Knights staying at the Imperial Palace to the training area.

The travel time was only 16 minutes at his stride.

So at 9:50 am, he arrived and checked the other knights for 10 minutes.

And he had lunch after battling with the knights for about an hour and a half.

That was Dylan’s morning schedule.

But today was different.

“S-Sir Dylan? You’re not supposed to be here right now.”

He passed by a knight with a face that looked like he had seen a ghost.

He held on to what was in his hand even tighter.

Today, he went to work an hour earlier than usual.

And in his hand was something amazing.

“Is that a high-attack type magic tool?”

It was a ‘secret weapon’ that would take responsibility for an unprecedented situation that suddenly occurred in his life.


We Got Married

(Ishael’s pov)

Just after leaping out of a worn-out spring bed in an official residence.

I muttered, grabbing my aching head from a hangover.

“Oh, I had a really strange dream.”

I would dream that Sir Dylan asked me to marry him.

It’s crazy.

Does this make sense?

No matter how much I wanted a house… 

It was at that time when I was thinking about the future with my thick hair wrapped around me.

The servant, the officer in charge, quickly entered.

“Ishael? A guest has come.”


“He said he would wait for you in the reception room!”

What? Who is it?

It’s not like my ex-boyfriend or my family came all the way to the residence.

I paused as I crept into the leaky parlor of the residence.

Fortunately, it wasn’t my family.

It was someone even more surprising.

“That… Sir Dylan?”

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Sir Dylan’s condition was very bizarre.

‘What? Why are you wearing a fancy suit…?’

I looked at Dylan with a questioning look.

He held a large bouquet of flowers in his hand.

‘What? What’s that big othing? A weapon that looks like a bouquet of flowers?’

More perplexed, I hesitated and sat across from him.

“You’re here.”

It was awkward.

“Ah, yes.”

Very awkward.

‘I guess what I did yesterday wasn’t a dream.’

It was when I couldn’t keep my mouth shut and rolled my eyes.

Fortunately, Sir Dylan spoke up first.

“I’m here to officially propose.
I learned that that is the rule of marriage.”

No, to be precise, a detonated bomb was thrown.

“Huh? What?”

He got down on one knee and spoke politely to me.

“I came here because it seems like you haven’t been officially proposed to.”

In an instant, a clear silence passed.

“Please marry me.”

I opened and closed my mouth wide at the nonsensical talk.

At that moment, yesterday’s events began to replay vividly in my mind.

Yes, I proposed yesterday…

“Let’s get married!”

“Will you really marry me?”

“Oh, of course! Just register the marriage first! I can’t let you go!”

“You said you wanted to buy a house after you reported your marriage.”

“Yes, there’s a really great house.
If you just go in here and live, it becomes my house.
You’re going to go, right?”

“Now, the government office must have been opened… Should I register for marriage right away?”

“Yes! You say you’re working overtime! No, there must be unmanned magic tools for marriage registration? Go ahead and do it! Apply for Newlyweds Town right away!”

I remembered that his face was red from embarrassment the whole time he registered for marriage.

No matter how old I am, am I really crazy?

Why didn’t Sir Dylan run away when he heard that?

‘Is this person crazy too?’

I don’t know if it’s fortunate or unfortunate that the marriage cannot be canceled after registration.

Thanks to all the memories that were rushing back after I lost to alcohol last night, I licked my lips, becoming very awkward.


His red eyes were like a burning fire.

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He seemed to understand why the knights were afraid of him, considering his expressionless face as if he was a grim reaper.

When I got close to him, I got a little scared, but I couldn’t help it.

‘I don’t know why, but let’s put out the fire first.’

Right now, my mother says she’s going to use the debt tomorrow.

It’s not like I’m being sarcastic, and Sir Dylan is the perfect match for me.

We are getting married.”

In a very, very, very, very awkward way, our marriage was confirmed.

Sir Dylan carefully handed me the bouquet.

It was a bouquet of peony and lisianthus mixed well.

I thought with a grain of salt.

To think I didn’t know the future of human life.

I did not know that I would receive the first bouquet of my life from Sir Dylan, the most handsome man in the Knight Order.

“I have also organized the documents necessary for the wedding.”

“You’re fast.”

He handed the papers from his hand.

There were a total of two documents he presented: a marriage report and a national registration card.

I watched Sir Dylan with a probing gaze.

“That… As I said yesterday, I am going to make a contract.”

Please give it to me.
I will sign it.”

Surprisingly, this man didn’t even check properly.

It looked like he was going to sign the contract like this.

It also seems like he’s going to get scammed somewhere.

“Here, the contract!”

A crumpled contract was lifted out of my pocket.

I am crazy about marriage now.

In fact, I was fully prepared.

“The contents of the contract have been notarized by the lawyer, and all you need to do is sign it.”

He took the contract seriously.

It seemed that strength had entered the sharp jawline.

Really handsome, handsome!

I recalled the contents of the contract he was reading.

In fact, the contents of the marriage contract were simpler than expected.

How to divide property in case of divorce.

It was written to guarantee each other’s privacy.

Of course, it is also written about the time of the divorce.

Sir Dylan, who was handing over the contract, soon fixed his eyes on the <5.

“Here, there is a section called divorce.”

I replied cheerfully.

“Ah, yes.
We can divorce after a year!”

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