We broke up today

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Episode 2

A moderately warm, sticky cappuccino was poured over Pedro’s face.


Pedro rubbed his eyes with his sleeve as if it was difficult to open his eyes to the baptism of sticky coffee.

“Did you know how much it cost to do my hair?! Are you really crazy, Ishael?! Did you hear about the plague?”

Dark coffee dripped down Pedro’s cheeks, who still was not grasping the situation.

I’m tired of you, and I don’t want to give you any more money.”

“What, what?”

“You were dumped.”

You were a car.
(tl/n: this was the literal sentence in the raws)

You got dumped.

“Tasty, cost-effective bread.
You eat a lot.”

I’ll get some expensive steaks.

“Pay back the money you borrowed from me.”

I’m going to file a claim for damages for the money you stole soon, so please look forward to it.

“You! How many times have your parents told you to marry me! Don’t do anything you’ll regret!”

Of course, there were some issues that I had to think about right now.

I am going to isolate myself from my family who put an obstacle on this road, and I plan to leave the house.

Then I should live alone.

But I’m broke right now.

“You’ll regret it.”

As he turned, he had an arrogant expression on his face that seemed to say, ‘It’s not too late to come and beg.’

Seeing that, I couldn’t stand it any longer.

I threw the bread the size of a face into the air.

The hard, rough bread made a sound and landed on his cheek.



Nice shot.

“I thought I wouldn’t regret it if I slapped you on the cheek after getting dumped on with coffee.
Well then, bye!”


Now that I’ve dumped my ex-boyfriend, it’s time to say goodbye to my family.

Even if I couldn’t afford my own house right now, I thought it would be quite possible to get out of the house.

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Because I am an administrator working in the Imperial Palace!

Imperial palace workers were entitled to free use of the residences in the Imperial Palace.

Although those residences may leak when it rains, the family cannot go in and out.

‘It is a bit old, but it’s not bad to live in and it’s okay.’

I was going to enter the palace and apply for admission right away!

[Reconstruction in 3 days]

I must have seen it wrong.

I looked at the sign again in front of the residence and rubbed my eyes.

[Reconstruction in 3 days]
– Reconstruction of this building
Has the final approval of His Majesty the Emperor

Yeah, I’m screwed.

But how could it be just this time?

Then I saw a small text next to the sign.

[Only the administrators who works at the palace can live free of charge if the resume and application form are filled out until August 6th]

I could only live in the residence for three days.

I have to somehow find a place to live in!


I died and came back to life, but I can’t even find a corner for myself?


My enthusiasm was extinguished as soon as I entered the Imperial Knights Office, where I was working.

Yesterday, I was robbed of all my salary by my family.

I couldn’t afford my own house.

I took a deep breath, but Henry, who didn’t notice, kept talking to me.

“Oh right.
Fiona is getting married this time.
Did you get a wedding invitation?”

I see.

I’m not very interested.

“Not yet.”

“You will get it soon! But I know that she wasn’t even independent, where did she live?”

At those words, a flash of realization came upon me.

‘By the way, Fiona, didn’t you get your own house?’

In my second life, Fiona succeeded in getting her own home.

To be precise, she won the Newlyweds Special Offer and she moved into Newlyweds Town.

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Newlyweds Town!

It was a system in which expensive townhouses were sold free of charge to newly married couples.

It is also very close to the Imperial Palace.

They even rent out all the furniture!

But unfortunately, there were many people who did not know about the system due to the failure of marketing at the time.

In other words, if you apply, you are unconditionally accepted.

‘If I were a newlywed couple with someone, I could apply right away.
Once I get married, it’s easy to cut ties with my family…’

But that was nonsense.

I just broke up with my ex-boyfriend.

How can I get married in 3 days?

Come to think of it, what special offer does Fiona have? Let me see the flyer too.”


I hurriedly took the paper from Henry.

[Newlyweds Town 1st Sale Started!
Providing Newlywed Couples with a Wagon Station Area Townhouse at a Cheap Price!
– For newlyweds who have been married for less than a year
(However, registration of marriage is required by 8/6)]

August 6th.

Is it a coincidence?

The date is the same as the day for the reconstruction of the official residence

‘I won’t get married, but let’s keep it for now.’

It was when I glanced at the flyer carefully and slipped it into my pocket.

Henry tapped me on the shoulder.

“Ishael? You have to go check on the swords now.”

I was in charge of managing swords and defensive magic tools in the 1st Knight Management Team.

I asked, yawning casually.

“Who is the inspector on the knight side today? I wish they would be a little more generous.”

Henry, looking at the checklist, tilted his head as if puzzled.

The knight’s inspector is Sir Dylan.”


There was no time to worry about who Sir Dylan was.

I roughly got up.

“I don’t know why such a high-ranking knight organizes the warehouse, but don’t you like him?”

“Why should I like him?”

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“Why not?”

He groaned and tapped my shoulder.

“If it’s Sir Dylan, isn’t he the kind of guy every woman likes? He is also an idol for men!”

“Is he?”

I had never thought of Sir Dylan that much before.

Sir Dylan was a commoner and an elite knight in the Knights of the Emperor’s Order.

Of course, ordinary commoners cannot enter the knights directly under the emperor.

But Sir Dylan was different.

Once a year, only those who won the swordsmanship competition held by the emperor himself were given the honor to enter the Order regardless of their status.

Sir Dylan won the very same swordsmanship contest and was assigned to the Knights Templar under the direct control of the Emperor.

He was a knight, so he was tall enough to be over 190cm tall, and fine muscles on his body.

Of course, he wouldn’t have been this famous if it had been that.

One of the real reasons he is famous in the Imperial Palace.

“He’s crazy handsome.
Black hair that looks like it had been cut from the night, and ominous but perfect red eyes!”

…Yes, it was his face.

Sir Dylan was cold-looking and had a blunt expression on his face, but his looks were perfect.

Ellie, who had only seen his smile once, said, ‘It was winter, but it felt like spring flowers were blooming in the world.’

That kind of appearance would be enough for me to see at least one.

‘Ah, is there anything lacking?’

Sir Dylan was like a celebrity.

Rumors about him really spread throughout the Imperial Palace.

The epitome of bluntness with only one expression.

A tremendous amount of FM.

He was not interested in any woman.

Rumors of whether he was playing profligately behind the scenes, or maybe he was enjoying sodomy, were even spreading.

Despite such rumors, the undeniable fact is that he is clearly capable! Of course, suppressing all kinds of terrorism within the Empire…

There was even a story that he has been cutting the supply and demand for black magicians in wars with other countries.

It was a little strange that he, who was the best knight in many ways, was in charge of warehouse maintenance at best.


“Well, I guess he likes to organize his warehouse.”

Right now, with the sweet potato family eradication project, I am in a situation where I have to buy a house where I can live.


Sir Dylan, I, and Henry’s storeroom maintenance time has begun.

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Henry and I were inspecting and Sir Dylan had rapiers right next to us.

Sir Dylan was tidying up the rapiers neatly and meticulously, according to the public opinion that he was the standard of FM.

‘It’s incredibly sharp.’

There was no error in checking the blade, removing rust, and maintaining the speed of maintenance, as well as rearranging the repaired sword.
Read only at pm tl.

Then, Henry suddenly turned to me and whispered.

“Oh, by the way.
No matter how much I thought about it, Pedro, that bastard is weird.
You should break up with him as soon as possible.”

I was about to say that we had already broken up.

By the way…

“Wait a minute.
That reminds me.
Why did you take the Newlyweds Town flyer? To get married? With that bastard? Get a hold of yourself!”

I was really trying to refute it.

I broke up with that bastard, and it was just a coincidence that I got the flyer.

But that was when I was just about to open my mouth.

From the rapier part where Sir Dylan was, there was a cracking sound from the bending of a sword.

It was so sudden and loud that we both looked at it in embarrassment.

I thought there might be a big problem, so I hurried toward Sir Dylan.

“Sir, is there any problem?”

He muttered as he averted my gaze strangely.

“It was a mistake.”

All of a sudden, while cleaning up 900 rapiers, you made a mistake you’ve never made before?

I pointed out dryly.

“The sword is bent.”

“It’s a misunderstanding…”

He grabbed the bent sword with one hand and threw it away…


With that sound, cold eyes looked at me.

He quietly murmured, looking at me frightened like a rabbit in front of a tiger.


Marriage? Suddenly?


When I asked him cheerfully, he clenched and opened his fist.

What is that…

Is it true that you put strength into your fists? But what about my marriage? Why? I really don’t know his intention.

“…Don’t marry that man.”

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