We broke up today

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Episode 1

“Let’s break up.”

My boyfriend Pedro dropped the fork he was holding in his hand, giving me an absurd look.

“What? Why did you say that at a bakery?”

Like he said, this was a cheap bakery in front of the children’s academy.

It was also a pretty shabby place where my boyfriend of five years brought me, saying, “You gave me 10 million gold, so I’ll buy for the first time today!”

“Are you really curious as to why?”

“Yeah, I’m curious.”

I glanced at Pedro up and down.

He had pomade hair that was polished and well groomed, and he wore a gleaming watch.

He even wore a custom suit made to fit his body shape, giving him a neat and handsome appearance.

‘It’s a trap that everything was decorated with the money I gave you.’

On the other hand, what about me?

I was wearing banged glasses and worn-out sleeves, with my hair covering parts of my face.

After realizing all these facts, my affection has already run out.

“I don’t want to say why.
Let’s just break up.”

As I was about to get up, Pedro looked at me with a puzzled expression on his face.

“What’s wrong with you all of a sudden? Oh, is that it? The jealousy-causing tactics that are popular these days?

Are you crazy?

Well, I’ve been paying him to go out with me until now.

I might be mistaken.

“Do you really want to hear the reason why we’re breaking up?”

Pedro frowned and said.

“Yeah, it’s obvious that you’re jealous, but I’ll listen.”

“If so.”

I put my hand in my chest pocket and pressed the record button on the recording magic tool.
Read only at pm tl.

Then I spoke in a monotonous, quick tone.

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You cheat too much.
People like you are called bastards who are crazy about women.”

He flirted with Lisa, an academy classmate, his successor, Meryl, and even my sister Soldica.

He acted like I was stupid one.

“As long as you live, you can look away for a moment.
If you were so good, would I have had an affair?”

Originally, I would have been angry.

But I have been immune to such words for a long time.

I just raised the corners of my mouth, thinking of the magic tool that was running in my arms.

‘Okay, it seems that I have secured evidence of cheating.’

Then, let’s start dissing again as much as I want.

You are too cheeky.
You’re a three-circle wizard at best.
I know the subject.”

Pedro replied hotly at the sudden factual diss.

“…What? Even if I’m a 3rd circle, I’m going to be granted the title of nobility soon.”

“Okay? Then who wrote the thesis you submitted for the title of nobility?”

In order to receive the title of nobility for 3rd circle or higher wizards, they had to submit a thesis proving their magical and intellectual abilities.

However, Pedro had no knowledge of magic.

So I, who was an expert in magic, had written his thesis.

“That…! You-”

“And, I’m not done talking yet.
Third, the level of extorting money from me is very artistic.
Bed bugs suck less blood than you.”

Regardless of whether Pedro’s face turned red or not, I continued to speak calmly.

“Fourth, you actually smell bad.
Fifth, you are so unlucky.
Sixth, you have the talent to piss people off.
Seventh, you are too selfish and think only about you.
Eighth, pretending to be the most handsome in the world and criticizing other people’s looks is ridiculous.
You’re not like that.
And the ninth…”

Pedro’s eyes slowly moved.

“…Next, 499th.
You look like a mantis.
A well decorated mantis.
500th, I just hate you.
Everything from your head to your toes is bad.”

Pedro, who was holding only the fork with his soul drained, glanced at me.

“Ha! I can’t believe this.
Did you go crazy? Are you crazy? A timid, gentle girl.
Why are you suddenly going crazy? Did you eat something wrong?”

“I am perfectly normal.”

“Then why are you acting like a person who died and survived?”

I stared at him with my legs crossed and shook my head.

Yeah, it’s hard to believe, but it was just what he said.

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I died a while ago and came back to life.

To be precise, I should say this is my third life.


I was a stupid girl who gave money to my family and lover.

As a descendant of a fallen aristocrat, my destiny was decided from the beginning.

Living as a money-making machine between an authoritative father, a lavish mother, and a beautiful younger sister.

“Sister, can you give me some money? I need it to buy a dress.”

“Yes! Here…”

My hair was droopy, and I wore

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