“Your lives are in your own hands.”

Tang Guo spread her hands helplessly and said to the two trembling orcs beside her,

“Oh, I forgot to tell you just now.
If you’re going to harm us, the seed will sprout.”

Therefore, from the moment they had been forced to eat this seed, they were destined to pledge their loyalty to her.
It was not as simple as explaining the plan of the Black Wolf tribe this time.

The two of them suddenly felt like they were on a pirate ship, but they had no chance of getting off.

After saying this, Tang Guo leisurely went to pick cotton.
She had already seen a small patch of cotton-like plants on the other side of the cave.
For the time being, they would be called cotton.

They were in their mature stage.
She picked a cotton and held it in her hand to look at it carefully.
She realized that it was about the same quality as cotton.
It might even be better than the cotton seeds of later generations.

She pinched the cotton, lost in thought.

Winter in the Beast World was very cold.
If they could wear quilted jackets or cover themselves with cotton blankets, the tribe would not freeze to death every winter.

She calmly took out an animal skin bag and stuffed it with cotton.
She needed it to make sanitary napkins, and quilts!

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So, she’d have to pick this whole section back, clear out all the cotton seeds, and then sow them next spring.

The two orcs were still begging Tang Guo and Bai Ye to let them live.

But Bai Ye already understood what Tang Guo meant.
He said to them expressionlessly, “As long as you don’t say it yourself, no one will know that you’re already one of us.”

“Go back.
If the Black Wolves make any moves, you have to report back at any time.”

“Remember, your lives are in your own hands.”

In the end, the two male Black Wolves returned dejectedly.
No matter how unwilling they were, they could only follow orders.
Otherwise, they would die.

They wanted to cry.
Why did they have to be the unlucky ones?

After they left, Wind and the others surrounded Tang Guo with admiration and praised, “Tang Guo, you’re really amazing! Your method not only revealed the plan of the Black Wolf Tribe, but also successfully developed two spies! You’re simply awesome!”

“That’s why Tang Guo is the Star of Wisdom!”

“That’s right, that’s right.
That vicious Hua Yu just now actually thought that she was more powerful than Tang Guo.
Hahaha, I’m dying of laughter!”

The few of them surrounded Tang Guo and flattered her.
Tang Guo listened happily and expressed that she was very happy.

They chatted until they felt the pressure around them decrease.
When they turned around, they saw Bai Ye standing at the side with a long face.
Only then did they realize that Tang Guo was now Bai Ye’s partner.
They should keep their distance from her! Especially the few male beasts that had yet to form a contract and have a mate.

They were afraid of being beaten up by Bai Ye, so they dispersed quickly.
Only when Tang Guo was alone did Bai Ye feel much better.

He saw that she had been picking these white flowers.
Even when she had been talking to the brats, she had not stopped what she was doing.
He asked curiously,

“What is this? Is it edible too?”

Now that there was no one around, Tang Guo seemed to continue throwing the cotton into the animal skin bag.
In fact, it had all been packed into the vine basket in the space.

She picked faster and faster as she said, “This is called cotton.
It’s not edible, but it can be used to make clothes and blankets.
You can wear it in winter.
It’s very warm.
That way, everyone won’t freeze to death!”

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Tang Guo said it very simply.
If he still didn’t understand, she could just make some finished products.
He would know what they could be used for at a glance!

But Bai Ye was smart.
He understood almost as soon as she finished.

He was agitated.
“Are you serious? This cotton can withstand the winter? Will no one else in the tribe die from the winter?”


Tang Guo nodded, then corrected herself rigorously.
“There’s too little cotton now.
That’s all there is.
It might not even be enough for a family.
However, when spring comes tomorrow, I can try to plant it.
I can plant a lot of it.
I’ll try to get everyone in the tribe to wear quilts in the winter!”

In fact, after her greenhouse was built, the females and cubs in the tribe would like it very much.

She believed that as long as she was given two or three years, she would definitely be able to lead a good life with the people of the tribe!

In the future, things like freezing to death in the cold winter would definitely not happen again!


Bai Ye hugged her.
“Thank you, Tang Guo!”

“Thank you for awakening the Wisdom Star to help the Back Cliff Tribe!”

Then he helped her pick the cotton.

Tang Guo finished picking all the cotton in the area and used her superpower to check her surroundings again.
After making sure that there was really nothing left, she walked back.

On the way, she asked Bai Ye, “Do you know where else to find this cotton?”

Before Bai Ye could speak, they walked over to where the heating room was being built.
Tang Guo glanced casually at the place where the bricks were stacked, and then her face darkened.

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