My Devil System Desires of a Sword Saint

Frantic Message: Danger Inbound

[The Devil System is currently idle]

[Waiting for conditions to fully activate…]



[Progress Towards Activation: 27%]

”Do you really not know about Misery. ”

”I know you
e talking about the number one esper, but what about him? ”

”Did you know that he has a different type of Realiser? ”

”What…? What do you mean a different type…? ”

”Before the current Type-III Realisers, there were two other prototypes. ”

”I know that, but how can he possibly use one of the older variants? ”

”He was the test subject for the first-ever Realiser. ”

She leaned forwards and looked into my eyes.

”But… how do you know all this? ” she asked.

”Because I was the test subject for the second Realiser prototype. ”

All of a sudden, we were interrupted by a waiter who was holding a large tray with various different sauces and ice creams on it. He gently placed it in the middle of our table before telling us to enjoy our dessert.

I decided to end that line of conversation there.

I didn want to reveal too much about myself either.

”Anyways, howd you decide to join Spectrum-Judgement? ”

”Um, I guess I just felt like it. ”

Ah, looks like Im going to have to push this conversation.

”You do a really good job at being the leader. ”

”Do I? ”

”Yeah, honestly, I could never do what you do. ”

”Eh, its nothing really, I just talk and people listen. ”

”Ah, just the fact that you can say that means you
e really someone impressive. ”

She twirled her hair around her finger. This was finally going somewhere. We were both enjoying our ice cream as we talked. The cold bitter taste in my mouth was better than expected, it was genuinely quite refreshing.

I decided to stay quiet for a little and see if shed initiate a conversation.

There was a pretty uncomfortably long period of silence, but thankfully, she ended up breaking it.

”I was pretty surprised when you joined our regiment, are you a prodigy?

”A prodigy? I wouldn call myself that, in fact, Im the opposite. ”

”What do you mean? ”

I guess Id just come out with it. Hopefully, itll make her more inclined to open up to me.

”My esper powers are what you would call… dysfunctional. ”

”Huh? ”

”Youve never seen my powers have you? ”

”Now that I think about it, I haven actually seen you use your abilities, what are they? ”

”I guess youll have to find out next time we fight together. ”

”Eh…? ”

Now time to change the conversation.

”Are you happy? ”

”Huh? ”

”With the dessert, of course. ”

”Ah, it was pretty good, although its a bit early still. ”

Oh well.

I gestured for the waiter to come back over. He brought us a bill and the two of us made our way to the counter. I noticed that she was pulling out her wallet, seemingly with the intention of paying.

The headmaster didn give me all of this funding for no reason.

I swiftly pulled out my phone and tapped it on the EFTPOS machine.

My action seemed to have caught her off-guard.

I guess society really has progressed.

”Come lets go, Aiko. ”

Somewhat timidly, she followed behind me once again. At the current pace, the date was going alright, but I needed to make more progress and fast. Luckily, Ive got a few more tricks up my sleeve. Honestly, it felt a little weird leading a girl on like this just for the sake of a mission, but Ive never really been someone to care about… morality.

The mall was starting to fill up with people since it was getting a little bit later into the day. I predicted that the lunch rush was about to occur in about an hour or two, so Id need to get a move on.

As we continued to walk along, I noticed that Aiko was looking at something.

”I didn know you were the type of girl to like plushies. ”

She didn seem very interested in flowers, I guess this was where her interest lay. It seemed to be a somewhat cliche development but I needed to work with whatever I could get.

”Hey, what do you mean you didn think that I was that type of girl! ”

”Ah, never mind, you want to go inside and have a look. ”

”Um, no, Im actually fine. ”


I had two choices here, the first was to drag her inside and the second was to listen to her. If I were any logical person, Id pick the second option. However, I was on an irrational mission with nothing to lose and everything to gain.

I grabbed her wrist and pulled her toward the store.

Her wrist was really soft, like a cloud. It felt unexpectedly fragile like I might break it if I pulled too hard. Seeing her as the soldier that she was, I completely forgot that in the end, she was a normal high school girl.

”Hey, what are you doi— ”

I put my finger on her lips.

It was quite embarrassing but I had to show some initiative.

”Come on, is it that bad to show your soft side? ”

Pulling her a little harder, I dragged her inside the store.

It was a very childishly-designed store, with a plethora of different plushies, from animals to cartoon characters, it was the quintessential toy store. She reluctantly walked around alongside me, having a look at the different soft toys on display.

”Come on, pick any one, its on me. ”

”Are you sure…? ”

”Think of it as a gift, don worry. ”

She had a quick glance at the stuffed bear section. She still didn seem to open herself up to me, hiding behind her persona. I tried to urge her but I decided to stop after seeing that she was starting to get uncomfortable. Instead, I just watched from the side as she decided on the plushie she wanted.

”Ill just take this one… I guess. ”

It was a small green turtle with a pretty standard face. I felt like she was somewhat copping out but there wasn much I could do.

With that, I took it to the counter and paid for it.

”Here, its yours. ”

”Thanks, ” she whispered in a quiet tone.

I passed her the little green plushie.

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